Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
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If you would like to SEND OUR ANIMALS stuff (a card, dog toys, cat toys, beds, rescue equipment or a check donation), it would be amazing!!! They LOVE it!!!

Our address:
Hope For Paws
8950 W. Olympic Blvd #525
Los Angeles, CA 90211

We couldn't do this work without your support! Please join us as a monthly donor of $5 and help us save many more lives this year: www.HopeForPaws.org

The less time we have to spend on fundraising for these animals, the more time we have to actually go out there and get them off the streets. Veterinary care is extremely expensive, and you are making it all possible when you support our efforts! If you haven't done so yet, I hope you will join us today.

Please follow our social media for regular updates on rescues & adoptions.

Facebook: facebook.com/hopeforpawscalifornia
Twitter: twitter.com/hopeforpaws
Instagram: instagram.com/hopeforpawsrescue/

Thanks :-)

emily morrison
emily morrison 12 timmar sedan
As a Canadian I am so surprise that with so many people watching that their their easing more people donation.
Dion St. Michael
Dion St. Michael 12 timmar sedan
Beautiful Mom and beautiful litter of puppies. Surely shouldn’t take long to find them the homes they deserve.
Allison Tjaden
Allison Tjaden 12 timmar sedan
You go honey pot. God I miss having kittens so much
Derex Oakenfold DaHousecat
Fuckin beautiful video, I love you
coolmum47 12 timmar sedan
I've watched this before and still can't stop the tears !!
James Nguyen
James Nguyen 12 timmar sedan
Hope for paws
Dion St. Michael
Dion St. Michael 12 timmar sedan
Awww, her little one was so adorable. Lol
Maria Torres
Maria Torres 12 timmar sedan
Angel's on Earth ..Definitely I will cancel my Netflix and donate to Hope For Paws every month instead.. .
James Nguyen
James Nguyen 13 timmar sedan
James Nguyen
James Nguyen 13 timmar sedan
Casper 15
James Nguyen
James Nguyen 13 timmar sedan
Dwight Turner
Dwight Turner 13 timmar sedan
Bring back the guillotine for people who abuse pets.
lost_at_ ssea
lost_at_ ssea 13 timmar sedan
I always wonder if cats that get TNR tell stories of how aliens abducted them, probed them, then dropped them off. 🤣
James Nguyen
James Nguyen 13 timmar sedan
Hope for paws happy dog
taylormxrie 13 timmar sedan
She’s adorable
ARAN020412 13 timmar sedan
sally ride
sally ride 13 timmar sedan
With such a kind dog, and people loving dog...you went too far. You didn't need to trap it.
eloha pires correia
eloha pires correia 13 timmar sedan
Que fofurinhasssss ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
eloha pires correia
eloha pires correia 13 timmar sedan
Que fofurinha ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ruthie Dawson
Ruthie Dawson 13 timmar sedan
Elaine Culbert
Elaine Culbert 13 timmar sedan
A huge thank you, Eldad and staff for all your wonderful work! 🇨🇦
Anne 14 timmar sedan
That was hilarious. When you put Larry in the cage with the kittens, he had the best "what the Heck" expression (it seemed) on his face.
Gregarious Antithesis
Gregarious Antithesis 14 timmar sedan
Oh i got the answer what you do with ferrel cats, fix and release them. Anyone that supports releasing ferrel cats is no rescue who deserves any funding. You either euthanize them or try to tame them. Ferrel cats have no business loose in communities. Absolutely ridiculous!
AJ Llewellyn
AJ Llewellyn 14 timmar sedan
OMG Honey-Pot started lactating again to feed the babies...typing this through tears
rita elena
rita elena 14 timmar sedan
bikinifetish 14 timmar sedan
He looks just like this jindo mix I used to walk 🥺
rita elena
rita elena 14 timmar sedan
ele.esta.com.medo..afinal.vai.tirar. ele.ond
DJ Jones
DJ Jones 14 timmar sedan
Random question, but I don't have debit or credit cards. But I do have some cash, American US Dollars. Is there a way I can donate some cash to your organization?? I'd absolutely love to help out and contribute what I can, but my problem is I only have cash... CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW I CAN SEND THEM IT?!? thank you!! Sending you guys so much love from Seattle Washington! 💯🖤🧶🐱🐾😻
Mark Burton
Mark Burton 14 timmar sedan
Heart breaking
Dianne Sargent
Dianne Sargent 14 timmar sedan
He is real.
Niels Henrik Sander
Niels Henrik Sander 14 timmar sedan
What a fantastic job you people did!!! It's something, you almost should offer to Walt Disney Studios!! So loving, so caring for these poor animals. I wish you really feel proud, for -by God-, you really have deserved being proud of your work and humanity. I know, I am PROUD ON YOUR BEHALF! How I wish the world would listen to your song of enlightenment and from me, and my cats Houdina and Lillebror, comes a warm hug.... wish the Danish people would learn from your efforts, believing in the value of animal and human friendship and understanding.
Glitter Bitter
Glitter Bitter 14 timmar sedan
They sooooooo are cute who Would abandon them!?
Zach xon
Zach xon 14 timmar sedan
いm そ さd
Zach xon
Zach xon 14 timmar sedan
Christiane Driesen
Christiane Driesen 14 timmar sedan
Gregarious Antithesis
Gregarious Antithesis 14 timmar sedan
What do you do with ferrel cats?
Ian Suazo
Ian Suazo 15 timmar sedan
R.I.P Dennis🥺😢😭
Linda Kranz
Linda Kranz 15 timmar sedan
Del ce
Del ce 15 timmar sedan
great rescue but aldo: americans cant build houses :)
zoey1811954 15 timmar sedan
Thank you for saving him! ❤️
maria das graças Silva
maria das graças Silva 15 timmar sedan
Gracias angeles 💕🐶😘😇👼😂
The Dingo
The Dingo 15 timmar sedan
Whoa. Tough climb with a dog. In ya arms sista You have all our admiration if I may be so presumptive
Liz Greenspan
Liz Greenspan 15 timmar sedan
I wonder what happened to his owner💙💛🙏
Stephanie Rosson
Stephanie Rosson 15 timmar sedan
Beautiful beautiful babies and such a beautiful Momma!!
Acke 15 timmar sedan
A BIG WARMING!!! Do not watch, like or subscribe to the SElosk channel Animal Hope Shelter! In many of their videos dogs are poisoned with rat poison. Their back legs are paralyzed due to neurological disorders caused by the poison. They sometimes use "before pictures" that actually are taken before the animals are injured. The dogs are either killed or dies from the injuries. Also be aware of videos containing animals stuck in tar etc they're staged. Spread my word! There are many other channels that are faking animal rescues. Animal rescue videos often gets millions of views and generates a lot of money. This attracts criminals often in poor countries to make fake animal rescue videos. Be aware, spread my word.
Dion St. Michael
Dion St. Michael 16 timmar sedan
Poor wee soul 😢
Catherine ferguson
Catherine ferguson 16 timmar sedan
Just wanted some love, so sweet 💕💕💕❤️❤️
Derex Oakenfold DaHousecat
Loretta looks beautiful in this video
Joe Pizza
Joe Pizza 16 timmar sedan
JoAnn needs to grow her hair traditionally so that she can get respect.
Theresa Griffin Kennedy
Theresa Griffin Kennedy 16 timmar sedan
This is soooo wonderful. Thank you!!
Michael White
Michael White 16 timmar sedan
You people do such an amazing thing for these poor animals. God bless you all..😢😇
Anki King
Anki King 16 timmar sedan
Such a yoga dog :)
dogpatch 16 timmar sedan
you can hear that shes screaming "dont hurt me!" its so sad that so many animals are still being abused today.
O A.
O A. 16 timmar sedan
There should be more people like you! God Bless!
D N 16 timmar sedan
What kind of human could dump these beautiful babies!
瑛太朗 坂
瑛太朗 坂 16 timmar sedan
Darrell Roeters
Darrell Roeters 16 timmar sedan
Who wouldn’t follow that woman home.
Tracey T
Tracey T 16 timmar sedan
Not sure why it didn’t occur to these people to feed the kitties themselves, but okay. I’m glad they knew who to call, at least.
Robert Matthews
Robert Matthews 16 timmar sedan
That was a beautiful rescue..!
Anaderol 16 timmar sedan
AAARGH... no no no....KOALAS are NOT bears......they are marsupials. They are in no way related to the Ursidae (bears).
hjander 09
hjander 09 16 timmar sedan
Indi Fashion
Indi Fashion 16 timmar sedan
She has lot of personalities
rita elena
rita elena 16 timmar sedan
rita elena
rita elena 16 timmar sedan
Niner 17 timmar sedan
We cant thank you enough
Ali Muradi
Ali Muradi 17 timmar sedan
Ich leba dich
Elaine Ferry
Elaine Ferry 17 timmar sedan
Beautiful soul
Beautiful soul 17 timmar sedan
Awww What a beautiful girl ❤️ Im so Happy for her recovery and a new home! Namaste
Kimmie Koury
Kimmie Koury 17 timmar sedan
So sweet I love hope 4 paws!
Mr.stone 17 timmar sedan
One thing i dont understand about dog owners... Like at my job you are allowed to take your animals into the hotel rooms. But still some guests ( dog owners )are like... Nah nah... Imma tie him up next to the car in a dark garage where he will sit alone in the dark for 18 hours. The puppy i met was soo scared it wanted to attack... Well me, the cars, the stone pylons, the garbage can, the garage door, the air outside the garage door... And for crying out loud... is it soo hard to pick up after your dogs? I have been doing it for 6 years everyday cause... Well since dog owners refuse to pick after their own dog... I guess i have to. Like cig butts and vomit and razorblades i can understand that they are on the streets. But ffs pick up after your dogs. Its your responsibility...
Alicia Doldán
Alicia Doldán 17 timmar sedan
Que bien.
Martha Kit Moody
Martha Kit Moody 17 timmar sedan
Where's the cheeseburger?
USNCBSLIXXX 17 timmar sedan
Ravenous Ruby
Ravenous Ruby 17 timmar sedan
I have never seen this one! Your very first rescue… I don’t know how I missed it, because I’ve seen loads of your rescue videos… This was quite successful and endearing.
Annalise Alexa
Annalise Alexa 17 timmar sedan
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