A cat with a broken bone sticking out of his skin needed our help! 

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So many animals wouldn't have received the medical care they need without your support! I can't imagine living with this pain and I am so happy JoAnn Wiltz responded to this call.

If you can, please join us with a small donation here: www.HopeForPaws.org

If you would like to adopt Apple, please contact:

Thank you so much for liking, sharing and for subscribing to our channel... we are SO CLOSE to 5 MILLION!!!


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3 feb 2021



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Ruthie Dawson
Ruthie Dawson 2 dagar sedan
Molybdomancer 4 dagar sedan
I think the injury was at the HOCK not the hawk. I think the subtitling didn’t take the vet’s accent into account
Michael Williamson
Michael Williamson 7 dagar sedan
Heaven On The Seventh Floor all the WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zaravassem Ahmad
Zaravassem Ahmad 7 dagar sedan
Ohhh my god love you good people 🥰
Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin 12 dagar sedan
Oh, what a good looking boy.❤️😻❤️
anish 13 dagar sedan
I think it's not a cat it's a baby jaguar or a black panther
Leslie Meeks
Leslie Meeks 13 dagar sedan
Sweet kitty! Great rescue! 😊
Meli Jem
Meli Jem 17 dagar sedan
Poor little kitty🍎
59 thanks
59 thanks 18 dagar sedan
He's beautiful I love his eyes.
Mike Mendola
Mike Mendola 18 dagar sedan
Update please!
Sophia Bright
Sophia Bright 19 dagar sedan
Beautiful sweet baby kitty! So sweet. Obviously pain meds help but this baby has so much love flowing from his eyes and little beans. I miss my sweet Sheba girl. Small black FEISTY, loving fur baby. I was so lucky she graced my life and so many others...
Tricia Somogyi
Tricia Somogyi 24 dagar sedan
Why didn’t you just take him in the box ? You knew he was badly injured.
Ohlee Creates
Ohlee Creates 25 dagar sedan
My cat hates her belly rubbed!
Whistle Blower
Whistle Blower 28 dagar sedan
*Thanks, Hope For Paws, and may God bless you for all you did, you do and you will do!* Best wishes and GOOD LUCK from Germany!
Julie Tremble
Julie Tremble Månad sedan
Black cats are so special! 💜💜💜 THEM!
Maria Torres
Maria Torres Månad sedan
Outstanding performance.. Hope For Paws is Amazing!!! Please help with a Small Donation..
C Boyle
C Boyle Månad sedan
These rescuers are the BEST. The woman with the blue hair has such excellent instincts. Thank you.
Me Joe
Me Joe Månad sedan
Should be named Lucky!
The SRK Månad sedan
Black cat squad where you at
Candace Hagan
Candace Hagan Månad sedan
I'm just curious... why couldn't he just ride in the box until he got to the hospital?
William Felton
William Felton Månad sedan
Apple's eyes look beautiful oh my Gosh I have seen a cat and a dog have a blue eye and a brown eyes and both of them have one blue eye and one brown eye and they're both White
William Felton
William Felton Månad sedan
I guess they are one in a million
Bakhtawar Hussain
Bakhtawar Hussain Månad sedan
5:10 cute 😭
Voya Ristika
Voya Ristika Månad sedan
I can't imagine the cost of this surgery. Yes, I will continue donating to PAWS. Apple is so cute. A black kittie who likes belly rubs. Perfect!
Halle Landry
Halle Landry Månad sedan
Aww he looks happy in the end ;)
Felnik1990 P.
Felnik1990 P. Månad sedan
I thank God for all of you.
KCBkotastrophie -
KCBkotastrophie - Månad sedan
If only humans showed this type of care for other humans this world would be great
Canuckmom1958 Månad sedan
Poor Panther...must have been SO painful. Glad HFP was able to rescue Apple, and Kudos to the Girls who found him and JoAnne ( the Cat Whisperer).
Andrea Waterstreet
Andrea Waterstreet Månad sedan
Aww-that first day after surgery, he was sweet tempered enough to make air biscuits with his front paw. Black cats are so amazing.
Steven Dunn
Steven Dunn 2 månader sedan
Yeah my cat that I used to have didn't like belly rubs it would bite but it wouldn't bite hard it would hold you in its claws and you would play heck getting your hand out.
laus lora
laus lora 2 månader sedan
'I dont want him to travel in a box' ermmm but your putting it into another box?
Melanie - Synnful Charms & Curios
I enjoy watching all your videos but as a cat person (& owner) I especially love that you're posting more cat rescues. Apple is such a sweetheart, and the vet did an incredible job saving his leg! He's a beautiful cat, and his eyes, wow! He's stunning. I hope he finds his forever home soon 😍
Rob Incog
Rob Incog 2 månader sedan
My heart was breaking but so look forward to an update video!
Sarah Kriteman
Sarah Kriteman 2 månader sedan
Aaaaw... Apple started making biscuits!
kitiri Hopuare-Blan
kitiri Hopuare-Blan 2 månader sedan
I know there I little chance of you seeing this comment but I live in the UK and I’m currently trying to rescue a very skittish stray cat with a badly broken front leg but I can’t get anywhere near it without it running away even though it’s causing it more pain. Is there any suggestions anyone has to help? It’s been broken for 5 days now and it desperately needs medical help xx any suggestions would be massively appreciated!
RiPPER 2 månader sedan
One day our cat disappeared, 3 days later we finally called Animal hospital (he had been gone for a day or two before no biggie he always came back) and Boom our cat was there, had been run over, both back legs broken and bone sticking out,the police took him to the vet, and they were hours away from euthanize him (according to them) they posted all kinds of info / message online looking for the owners. Which no one in our family sees on a regular bases.. it cost us over 2.5k (us dollars or 300 thousand Icelandic krónur) to fix him. He is doing fine to day with Steel/or some sort of metal in his legs, Walks kinda funny but is doing great.
Pavloz Kapeliz
Pavloz Kapeliz 2 månader sedan
Among other things, watching these wonderful people saving all kind of animals, is also educational. Pay attention to the methods they use to approach in order not to make anybody feel threatened and the results are exceptional! I suggest you make another channel where you're gonna explain what, how, how much and when. The rest of us, we still need a lot of education about animals.
Sinister Silence
Sinister Silence 2 månader sedan
I have a guinea pig called Apple
Eduardo Losa
Eduardo Losa 3 månader sedan
What was the problem with the box??
Suzanne Q Espen
Suzanne Q Espen 3 månader sedan
Thank you to all who helped him. My ginger 11 yr male 😻 loves chest rubs and drools like crazy!!! God Bless you all.😻😻😻💞
Lorna MacNeil
Lorna MacNeil 3 månader sedan
Darkstar 1999
Darkstar 1999 3 månader sedan
Why risk hurting the cat by transferring it? Just leave it in the box until you get to the vet.
Konlin Kuykendall
Konlin Kuykendall 3 månader sedan
Hopefully this is not staged and real
дмитрий рейсфельд
Низкий вам поклон.
Daniel Flipper
Daniel Flipper 3 månader sedan
nice the cat must be scared at the first place but not any more
Watcher 3 månader sedan
Tsk. . . poor lil guy. I wish C.N.R. was adopted by every part of the world via some special bill. We need to end situations like these and many others. . .
follow me !
follow me ! 3 månader sedan
Thank you!!!!
follow me !
follow me ! 3 månader sedan
Thank you!!!!
John Holliday
John Holliday 3 månader sedan
3:55 -- _Belly scratches!!_ (Love the flexing paw!)
Mary Sanchez
Mary Sanchez 3 månader sedan
Your subtitles... it's HOCK, not HAWK. The HOCK of the leg.
이인옥 3 månader sedan
🐱😹😹😹😻😻😻🙌🍀☘🙏👍👏👏👏😄😄😄''감사 합니다.!!^♡^
MICHELLE HARPER 3 månader sedan
Cats be hoping everyday and a miracle just happens you save pets life and I like that you can be so nice and so famous ❤️
M M 3 månader sedan
In awe of Pedraza. Bet many other vets would have just amputated.
M M 3 månader sedan
I wonder why Joanne took the cat out of the box, instead of just taking the box into her car... Hmmm
Janice 3 månader sedan
awwww thank gawd Apple's legs were saved...incredible rescue
Denise Jeronimo
Denise Jeronimo 3 månader sedan
Dave Blane
Dave Blane 3 månader sedan
BLUE hair! SOOO sexy.
Dave Blane
Dave Blane 3 månader sedan
SKITTISH !! not skiddish, duh
Li Wang
Li Wang 3 månader sedan
Why not just brought the box with the cat in it to the vet ??
dawnmccarthy1 3 månader sedan
heehee Every cat I ever had loved belly rubs.
てぃゆ・てぃこ 3 månader sedan
アップルなでなでされて嬉しそう! 早く良くなってね! いつも素敵なレスキューありがとう!
Nancy Grissett
Nancy Grissett 3 månader sedan
What a cutie. Thankyou for getting him help.
Wolvie 3 månader sedan
Thanks to everyone who helped this little house Panther, he is so happy looking.
Esmeralda Flores
Esmeralda Flores 3 månader sedan
Por favor nunca dejen de hacer esta labor tan Hermosa y tan Humana que Dios y la Virgencita de Guadalupe se los recompensarán por Muchas Más Bendiciones. Así sea por siempre y para siempre. AMÉN.🙌✨🙏💙
Ronda Meier
Ronda Meier 3 månader sedan
Nice seeing a veterinarian actually not taking the easy route.... Too many just go straight to amputation.... Good luck Apple!!!
Kevers _
Kevers _ 3 månader sedan
3:25 Our boy is packing
Minecraft Madison
Minecraft Madison 3 månader sedan
You should do birds too they can’t live without there owners unlike some dogs and cats ;)
Azucena Felix
Azucena Felix 3 månader sedan
When I am grown up I will work there
Yvonne Camacho
Yvonne Camacho 3 månader sedan
Why didn't you just take him in the box?
Candy Schattmann
Candy Schattmann 4 månader sedan
The grotesque sudan decisively explain because xylophone immunophenotypically weigh excluding a dazzling sack. late, ancient ex-husband
Melinda 4 månader sedan
Why net him and transfer him? He was fine in the box at the start, no need to scare him into jumping and trying to escape. Unnecessary. 🙅‍♀️
M M 3 månader sedan
I also wondered that. Esp. with an injury.
lara26011982 4 månader sedan
Janie Jones
Janie Jones 4 månader sedan
That was one deserving kitty. What a little sweetie!🌈❤️🌈
ChessasWorld 4 månader sedan
Gosh... Apple is so cute..
kroakie4 4 månader sedan
You guys misspelled hock and skittish. Regardless, I love Hope For Paws and everything they do for the sweet animals they rescue. More people should take the time to help needy creatures. Thanks so much for making the lives of animals better. It’s so great to see how the animals come out if their shells and find loving homes.
Bloodiath 4 månader sedan
watching him knead the air is SO precious ;;
Brittany Karlek
Brittany Karlek 4 månader sedan
What a gorgeous boy! Black cats are so special. I urge anyone looking to adopt to give the black kitties a chance. They take amazing mystical pictures and are fantastic companions!!! They’re so easy going!
Reese Dengler
Reese Dengler 4 månader sedan
Would like to see a follow-up video to see Apple walking when he's healed up.
Ahmed Lari
Ahmed Lari 4 månader sedan
tysm for helping the worlds animals who ever dis likes goes to hell thats soo heart breaking and tysm for the people eho found her or him
Peter Baxter
Peter Baxter 4 månader sedan
Made me cry😭
Sachin Patil
Sachin Patil 4 månader sedan
Hey guys m from india and I'm really happy looking at you all doing all this for animals how can I get in touch with you all?
* XxchocoltemochieexX *
* XxchocoltemochieexX * 4 månader sedan
Thank you guys so much i wanna be just like you when i"m older as i am a huge fan of dogs
MissSmudge78 4 månader sedan
He'll be someone's bubba before you know it. He just LOVES the attention. What a sweetheart of a boy. That was a nice rescue for JoAnn. And of course, hats off to Dr Pedraza for giving him quality of life. You're awesome dude!
Lucy Ferreira
Lucy Ferreira 4 månader sedan
Phoenyx Rising
Phoenyx Rising 4 månader sedan
I love all the help given here, and I also love my own black cat, Salem! Cheers to all!
Mildred Cady
Mildred Cady 4 månader sedan
Oh my gosh he’s so pretty
therofthew 4 månader sedan
My dream has always been to care for animals. My sister and I just started a rescue shelter at my sister’s house in Mexico City where the number of dogs and cats without a home is just alarming Hopefully we can turn this around!! Animal lover here...
EliteDz # Chanelle
EliteDz # Chanelle 4 månader sedan
Im studying to become a vet, ill be saving them yay!
Susan Mercurio
Susan Mercurio 4 månader sedan
This is why I support you. Thanks for not doing the obvious and amputating, but saving his leg(s). Many thanks to your vet!
Marymay Trazarez
Marymay Trazarez 4 månader sedan
Watching from Philippines
Angel 4 månader sedan
@hopeforpaws How can we see Apple's FULL recovery and adoption? I checked the website and I do not see him there?
Ana Rey-Oktay
Ana Rey-Oktay 4 månader sedan
He’s so sweet!😍
Elizabeth Sudjana
Elizabeth Sudjana 4 månader sedan
I hope Apple gets better soon he looks like a really good cat
Elsie Hannam
Elsie Hannam 4 månader sedan
Oh my, he's the absolute SPIT of my beautiful baby boy, well, My little mog is 12 months old, and he lets you rub every last bit of him, including his belly; he's such a baby. So Good you've fixed this fella up. Bless you.
Anita bakker
Anita bakker 4 månader sedan
JoAnn thank you so much for saving Apple❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Deborah Rowe
Deborah Rowe 4 månader sedan
I'm SO VERY GLAD they didn't amputate, because that's the first thing Vets always do, they just don't want to deal with it, and I'm tired of that!! Thanks to the Vet, I wish I could tell him that myself!!! Apple really is a very sweet cat, I hope that she, or he, finds a wonderful home!! Black cats ARE NOT bad luck, or spooky, as so many think they are, they are beautiful miniature panthers! I have many miniature panthers!! I REALLY wish I had the money to help you, because I believe in what you do, but I myself have a cat colony that is growing, thanks to covid, and the fact they no longer are doing TNR the way they use to. They've made it extremely hard on us now, that was my life, doing TNR, but now Vets where I live aren't taking ferals at a low cost, so besides using my own money for food for around 40 cats, I am also paying to fix them on my own, at a great cost and hardship on myself. I spend WAY TO MUCH on them, which I really don't have the money to spend, but I just don't spend it on myself, no luxury for me, so that's the way it's become...harder and tougher and more money!! Life is harsh!! 😞
Night Owl
Night Owl 4 månader sedan
Why couldn't he travel in a box? One less painful transfer!!! They had him all safe already. I'm asking, why not a box? Pet shops wouldn't make the money? IDK?
Prikshit Rana
Prikshit Rana 4 månader sedan
Mam I am an indian here we have two wild cat one come very close to me but she did'nt me to touch how I can touch her ?
jbam 4 månader sedan
try to calm her. Give her something edible for cats and try to gain her trust.
iZaher 4 månader sedan
I don't understand the dislikers?????
Creatures 3
Creatures 3 4 månader sedan
Hello if u go to colden in between fig and hoover there's always dogs homeless on the street every night
martina reiterer
martina reiterer 4 månader sedan
Perchè non portarlo via von il cartone senza farlo spostare nel trasportino ? Per poterlo inquadare ?😤
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