A dog and a bunny left behind to fend for themselves 🐶🐰 

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Mary Chatman called many times over the years - she is our eyes and ears in South Central Los Angeles and she is the one who called us about one of the most famous dogs we ever rescued - Fiona: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJkZX...

Loreta Frankonyte and I arrived just in time to save the and I am so happy it all worked out! I am so happy to have your support so we can save whoever is out there and needs our help. If you can, please visit our website and help us with a small donation: www.HopeForPaws.org

Our friends at are fostering Bunchik, and if you're ready to add a bunny to your family, please contact them directly: www.LAAR.org

Thank you so much! Happy Holiday!


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4 apr 2021



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Nicholas taylor
Nicholas taylor 2 dagar sedan
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Kapa Kapa
Kapa Kapa 4 dagar sedan
Donna Kennedy
Donna Kennedy 9 dagar sedan
Go Loretta!! You and Eldad are fabulous!
Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin 12 dagar sedan
Bunnies are soft and sweet.❤️🥰❤️
Diane mix
Diane mix 12 dagar sedan
What happened to the dog
Hưng Lê
Hưng Lê 13 dagar sedan
Thanks so much !
sharon lukas
sharon lukas 14 dagar sedan
So nice to know that there are people like you in the world. You all do such a great job. Rescue on.....
꧁ Cheshire Cat ꧂
꧁ Cheshire Cat ꧂ 22 dagar sedan
i'd love to see a story where one of you fall in love with one of the animals you rescue and end up adopting.
Nicky Wilks
Nicky Wilks 28 dagar sedan
When a human is cruel they are so cruel...why???
Judith Hileman
Judith Hileman 28 dagar sedan
I love animals and if I were in physical shape to do it... I sure would! You save so many animals and give them good lives! Good bless you all!
Louisa Byrd
Louisa Byrd 28 dagar sedan
Loretta has gotten a little better with the rescues for a change.
Vivien Cowley
Vivien Cowley 29 dagar sedan
Beautiful little bun x
Lola The Bunny
Lola The Bunny 29 dagar sedan
Animal lives matter
Shoot true
Shoot true Månad sedan
Thumbs up and commented.
Carol Kristian
Carol Kristian Månad sedan
Who could leave bunny and doggy alone? The bunny is so lucky he's alive, I think the dog protected her. Bunnies are wonderful pets! Mine is housebroken and affectionate. Please give him a home!
John Shannon
John Shannon Månad sedan
Bunnies are actually good pets.
Melancholy Havoc
Melancholy Havoc Månad sedan
People who let their pets go like ferrets, bunnies, or birds just think "oh well theres wild ones so they'll be fine" NO the pet ones are domesticated they have no idea what to do in the wild!
Nicholas Costello
Nicholas Costello Månad sedan
Beautiful rabbit
Susan Persaud
Susan Persaud Månad sedan
So sad 😢😭😭
SİM Månad sedan
Prathamesh Malvankar
Great work ❤❤❤❤
sky Månad sedan
Uh oh.! U put his food in his litter box!
Valerie C.
Valerie C. Månad sedan
George Senda
George Senda Månad sedan
So glad these ones got rescued. The dog is cute but Bunchik is cuter. I love bunnies.
Acke Månad sedan
I would like to get your attention. I hope you're aware of the fact that there are channels on SElosk with animal rescue videos that are fake. In these fake videos people hurt and injure animals in order to make money. Animal rescue videos often gets millions of views and generates a lot of money. Please be careful with which videos you watch, like, subscribe and support. Be careful with videos showing animals stuck in tar, buried alive, burnt and beaten animals and poisoned animals with so called neurological disorders. These poisoned animals will never recover, they simply dies a very painful death. The so called "after videos" are taken before the animal gets abused. The channels that you should be suspicious of are the ones that don't have proper contact info or pictures of the people involved. Also notice that fake videos always hide the people involved and the shots from the veterinarians facilities are always close ups wether you can't see if it's actually a real veterinarian clinic. Just some bottles with medication in the background is not a sign the video is legitimate. Legitimate channels also have follow ups on the animals and multiple social media. Channels to boycott are: Animal rescue dogs Mike Brown ................ If you have other channels that you suspect are fake please let us know.
Mary Frances Vasquez
I really wish I could adopt one of these cute and adorable pets!! Unfortunately, I live overseas and I am really not that rich to be able to go there. All I could give them is love though. I've been watching your videos for years now and I've been inspired to also volunteer on sanctuaries here in our country. Maybe soon I'll be able to go to LA, will definitely volunteer there if I could!! All I could do now to help is to not skip your ads. Keep doing what you're doing, God bless you guys. :))
Pamela Wallace
Pamela Wallace Månad sedan
I don't get why someone would leave a bunny behind, a stray dog could killed the poor baby
Teo Esteve
Teo Esteve Månad sedan
hello I want to tell you that you are angels placed there by God to make these little angels live better, I can't stop crying when I see you work because you are saving the lives of dogs and puppies that are angels and I can't do anything I just thank you from here and wish the best for you and for those little angels from heaven that you save. kisses and hugs thank you
Rebecca Duncan
Rebecca Duncan Månad sedan
I wanna bunny!!!!!
Claire Pierson
Claire Pierson Månad sedan
what a beautiful bunny
V.Vishnu gaming
V.Vishnu gaming Månad sedan
Great work 👏 👍 I love animals too Happy Easter 🐣
Fin G
Fin G Månad sedan
I’ve recently discovered your channel. Thank you very much indeed for showing so much love towards these hopeless animals. Amazing team and oh gosh Loretta she is absolutely angel 😇 🙏🙏🙏
Random Mcranderson
Random Mcranderson Månad sedan
that bunny didn't look like he was starving before you got him but I bet he's happier away from predators.
Thérèse D'avila
Thérèse D'avila Månad sedan
et le chien où est il ?
Teresa G
Teresa G Månad sedan
Thank you for saving these animals lives.
Phillip Young
Phillip Young Månad sedan
Bad Bunny would be so proud!!!😁😁😁
Sandip Kumar Bhagat
Sandip Kumar Bhagat Månad sedan
I also love dog, when ever I saw any dog is in problem, I help him by calling doctor., And iam regular viewer of you all videos.
Sandip Kumar Bhagat
Sandip Kumar Bhagat Månad sedan
Hello iam Sandip kumar Bhagat from India, my dog age is 22 yrs.
Rub-a-Dub-Dub Månad sedan
I don’t know why It still surprises me that people can be so cruel to animals 😞
melissa manaloto
melissa manaloto Månad sedan
Eldad & Loreta ❤❤❤
Megan Jackson
Megan Jackson Månad sedan
That's pretty awesome that that woman was able to keep them around for them. Gotta love the lovers! 🤗💚🤗💚
Flex It
Flex It Månad sedan
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pumpernickel1231 Månad sedan
Please dont feed rabbits carrots! It's like a human eating ice cream. Now and then if fine but do it too much and both become diabetic.
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody 2 månader sedan
3:00 omg the little paws or whatever so cute!!!
Telthecelt 2 månader sedan
I think you are the best rescuers on SElosk. I hate to say it but I suspect some other channels (overseas) are just setting up animals in bad situations for the sake of subscribers, views, advertising revenue and donations.I have huge respect for Hope For Paws.
Eldad Holostoy
Eldad Holostoy 2 månader sedan
Arlee Colman
Arlee Colman 2 månader sedan
So glad you guys had an easy one for a change! Thank you for all you do!
Petit chat Chat chat
Petit chat Chat chat 2 månader sedan
So cute❤️❤️❤️
TooEasyyTae 2 månader sedan
I need a bunny or a god my dog died 3months ago 😥😥 my house number 5084
ficktao 2 månader sedan
I am not sure if the bunny is better of in that small cage, being spayed and being fed pet food from the store instead of roaming freely on the grass and eating wild herbs and greens. Let a rabbit be a rabbit. Dogs, different story: they are happier being part of a family and being taken care of.
Laura Salwen
Laura Salwen 2 månader sedan
Awww great rescue! Bunnies are so great had one for 12 years ❤️❤️❤️
Floofy Blob
Floofy Blob 2 månader sedan
Bunchik is a cute name 🥺
Hope Devine
Hope Devine 2 månader sedan
Keep making more animals rescue videos hope forpaws rescue love you so much love all the animals you guys rescue on your SElosk channel love you hope forpaws team keep making more rescue videos on your SElosk channel
Savvaniya Sicarius
Savvaniya Sicarius 2 månader sedan
I love bunnies.
dainy k joy
dainy k joy 2 månader sedan
In Kerala (State In India) Animal Rescue teams are rare...I wish there could be more and more Animal Rescue teams every where, every district..and we could save so many life's... Unfortunately there are only few teams...😔 Wish for more Animal Rescue teams In Kerala🤞
whotho naaah
whotho naaah 2 månader sedan
Site is not a generic one for
PETME 2 månader sedan
Wow. You Are so good!
SunshineKlutz 2 månader sedan
Bunnies are so sweet and smart! They make great companions and often get bought and then dumped around Easter.
avlea2 2 månader sedan
That is one lucky rabbit!
rick easton
rick easton 2 månader sedan
Eldad, you need to stop telling Loreta how to capture animals. She does it better than anyone there all by her self. She is very good at it. Her quick grab and catch skills are excellent. She would probably be good at catching bail jumpers too.
S Adams
S Adams 2 månader sedan
monthly contributer! LOVE HFP
John Waters
John Waters 2 månader sedan
I never thought of bunny spay/neuter but it sure makes sense.
Catherine Cousin
Catherine Cousin 2 månader sedan
Thank you Mary 😉😍
Margaret Nelson
Margaret Nelson 2 månader sedan
The cutest ever!
Hershey 2 månader sedan
I want to take them... huhuhuhu
Cowboy Texas
Cowboy Texas 2 månader sedan
Where is Lisa Arturo? I have not seen her on the mission anymore !!!
Kerri Emert
Kerri Emert 2 månader sedan
I have a question? Why are all the dogs, well pretty much, are all white Terrier or Poodle (mixes)? I know you have rescued others, but was just wondering why? They are such awesome dogs as well. I am not sure why 'anyone' can do this to their pets. I know that some will get out due to fireworks, thunder, and the like. People need to understand to 'always' keep their pets indoors first of the year, Fourth of July, and thunder and lightning! You all do an amazing job with these poor animals that need your help. I cry every time I watch your videos. God Bless, Be Safe, keep doing what you're doing. God sent you on this earth for this reason. You're so, so good with all of these animals. Thank you again.
Bunny Mad
Bunny Mad 2 månader sedan
You guys are fabulous. May I sound fussy and suggest that, especially for a stressed bunny, herbs and berry leaves are much better for their gut? I guess the veggies are an easier thing but they "can" upset the gut sometimes if new to bunny or if bunny is stressed. Herbs and hay and equine grasses are closer to a wild diet. But, you guys SO rock and SO clever catching bunny in the first place!
Patti Dail
Patti Dail 2 månader sedan
I just donated $5.00 for cheeseburgers only!
Patti Dail
Patti Dail 2 månader sedan
I rescue animals too! You don't need to be an "organization" to rescue animals! EVERYONE can do it! TY HFP
Patti Dail
Patti Dail 2 månader sedan
2 of the 3 cats that we have now are rescued animals! One of our cats, our Turkish Van, I had to rescue from drug addicts that were never home to take care of the kitten! They kept him (at 3-4months old) in a trailer while they were across the street at the motel getting high! The kitten escaped twice. The first time this kitten escaped we had him for 3 days. I left a note on their door and it took them 3 days to come and get this kitten! I had to give him back. But I swore if they abandoned him again, I would take him! Well a week later they were gone and this little 3 month old kitten was running around AGAIN! But, this time he was being attacked by the ferals! I said "F" this! Neighbors came to my door to alert me that this baby was in trouble! I went out and grabbed him again and this time I did NOT give him back! It took them 3 weeks to come to my door to look for their kitten! And when they did.......they asked me if I had THEIR kitten. I said NO......I don't have YOUR kitten! This was 7 years ago and I still have this AMAZING beautiful cat who never wants to leave my side! He is my sidekick! He sleeps on my lap for hours! So, yes, I took the kitten and I don't regret it! He would have died if I didn't!
Patti Dail
Patti Dail 2 månader sedan
Our 2nd rescued cat was abandoned twice! Our former neighbors found her (3 months old) at a casino parking lot. They took her in their home as fosters! Well, the little BRATTY kids abused her by hitting her constantly! And when their grandma moved in they kicked the kitten out to live in the parking lot, and said "What Cat?" I got pissed! These kids lied right to my face in front of their grandma. And I said to them....."Why are you lying to my face? You KNOW that this cat belongs to you? They eventually fessed up and admitted that this cat was theirs! Well we got the cat! She was abused and hungry! We knew that we were the last stop for this cat! We were gonna try to adopt her out but we realized that she was not adoptable! She had a vicious bite! 6 years later and a lot of love, she bites NO MORE! Abused animals can overcome their fears! It just takes a lot of love and patience! She's a BIG JOY now!
Anita bakker
Anita bakker 2 månader sedan
Thank you so much both🤗Loreta you are fantastic🥰❤️
rehan memon
rehan memon 2 månader sedan
I just came here only for Loretta to see her nice behaviour with cute animals ❤️❤️
Whistle Blower
Whistle Blower 2 månader sedan
*Thanks, Hope For Paws, and may God bless you for all you did, you do and you will do!* Best wishes and GOOD LUCK from Germany!
PETME 2 månader sedan
Thank you so much for your rescue!
дмитрий рейсфельд
Stupid Girl
Stupid Girl 2 månader sedan
I have been a fan from the start and I love you videos keep it up love you so so muchhhh!!!
Shanae Schedel
Shanae Schedel 2 månader sedan
The pushy fertilizer interspecifically meddle because felony originally love by a weary rotate. blue-eyed, unruly psychiatrist
GODEED 2 månader sedan
It is Eldad!
Carmel Villard
Carmel Villard 2 månader sedan
I love what u doing guys. Ure the best but there's a bunch of black kids that's got very little to eat right now. 💰 goin towards them for now.
X X 2 månader sedan
It doesn't get better than PAWS 😻😻
צחי אומגה
צחי אומגה 2 månader sedan
היי אלדד רק רציתי להגיד לך ולורטה תודה על כול מה שאתם עושים כול הכבוד אחי
Sweet life of Angel
Sweet life of Angel 2 månader sedan
I love your SElosk channel I love how you guys are saving dog lives 🐶
Yunona Yunona
Yunona Yunona 2 månader sedan
You, guys, the other race of human beings: very kind and loving people. Love to watch your clips. We do some work too for animals. You inspired us.
Mariam Dashti
Mariam Dashti 2 månader sedan
You are the best ty for the animals that you have saved ty so much
tomz1daful 2 månader sedan
Throughout this video production, Loretta was NOT hurt at all.🤭
Bunni Boo
Bunni Boo 2 månader sedan
I Literally LOVE this Channel, Like, L.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.E.
ALISON FOSTER 2 månader sedan
God bless you all animals rescuer and animal lover around the world
DawgyLove 2 månader sedan
I had to rescue a baby bunny just before Easter from my dog. Thank God he didn't munch him! I saved The Easter Bunny! Took care of him for 2 days, feed him fresh mixed lettuce. He ate almost a full bag! Released him back to the wild. He was sooo tiny and cute.
Julie Butler
Julie Butler 2 månader sedan
No don't split up the dog and bunny! My dog adores bunnies!
♡aesthetic vlogs♡
♡aesthetic vlogs♡ 2 månader sedan
I was really want to help animals. But im still a kid i dont have much money but someday i will help people and animals someday not now but very soon.
wasanp proswang
wasanp proswang 2 månader sedan
I Love Hope For Paws.💕🐰
Sara F
Sara F 2 månader sedan
If you haven’t got a heart for animals don’t buy them! It’s that simple...
ExPeNsIvE GuRL 2 månader sedan
You guys know how to stop a rabbit from struggling when I carry it ? I just got them a few weeks ago and it is used to me playing and entering the cage to clean it up already I think It is used to being here but it still struggles
Sli 2 månader sedan
lol at the random toilet seat just hanging in the backyard lol.
MsDanTanna 2 månader sedan
First off, God Bless the animal rescuers at Hope For Paws. You folks are AWESOME !!!!!!! - O.K., so .... there is NO excuse for abandoning helpless animals. When you adopt an animal, they become a family member for life. Every person who adopts a pet should be put on a national list, complete with their names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. - so that if an animal is abandoned, the owners can be prosecuted for animal abuse. Again, abandoning a pet is no different than abandoning a human child; pets are part of the family. If it were up to me, anyone abandoning a pet would be sent to prison. Or better yet, I think these monsters should be abandoned themselves, perhaps on a desert island with no food, no water, no shelter, and no one to help them.
Ammy Z
Ammy Z 2 månader sedan
Great job guys ! I have a dog and rabbit .They are my world .Rabbit has her own room .
Carmen Constantinescu
Carmen Constantinescu 2 månader sedan
I donated I hope you guys reach your goal🤞🏻.
Jackalope 2 månader sedan
People who abandon bunnies think they can survive in the wild like wild bunnies, sadly this isn't true. Bunnies raised by humans cannot survive in the wild, they have to be cared by someone. Much like other pets.
Howard Marcus
Howard Marcus 2 månader sedan
you guys always bring a smile with your rescues, it is a privilege to contribute every month!
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