Abandoned Chihuahua doesn't trust anyone who doesn't give her cheese! 

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Luckily, JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick were ready with a cheeseburger!

I am so happy the man knew to call - these things are happening when you're liking, commenting, and sharing our videos - it results in higher engagement which helps us reach more people, and these people call us for help when they see animals in trouble. You can see many more stories here: www.HopeForPaws.org

I am so excited to report that our friends at who fostered her, also found Frijoles a loving forever home :-)

They have many more animals who are looking for a loving forever home, so please check them out here: www.LAAnimalRescue.org

Thank you so much for your support!

I will post another video in 2 days.


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26 feb 2021



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RayneSaltair 2 dagar sedan
LOL Chihuahuas and cheese. It's def a thing. At least with the Chi's I've had.
Don Silk
Don Silk 4 dagar sedan
Hey! He's a cheese dog!
Kapa Kapa
Kapa Kapa 4 dagar sedan
Jane Kehoe
Jane Kehoe 7 dagar sedan
Great work!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
KT Renol
KT Renol 21 dag sedan
Skittish. "Skiddish" isn't a word. Now to important stuff... I'm so grateful to you people who do such wonderful work taking care of those that other humans failed. Thank you for your care and dedication!
Lenny Lunden
Lenny Lunden 27 dagar sedan
It’s “skiTTish” skittish 😉Thank you for the work you do!!!
Patti Dail
Patti Dail Månad sedan
I wish Hope for Paws would do more follow up videos!
domin4ik 4ik
domin4ik 4ik Månad sedan
God bless you and your team! I really appreciate your help! God bless animals😍🤗😘! I wish these little marvels to be healthy and happy!😍🤗😘😚
SSeaBreeze Månad sedan
My dogs name Is FRIJOLES!😂
SSeaBreeze Månad sedan
My dogs name Is FRIJOLES!😂
Maria Torres
Maria Torres Månad sedan
Just wonderful rescuers. Thank you very much .
Sue Whitmore
Sue Whitmore Månad sedan
Nice rescue!
Canuckmom1958 Månad sedan
Joanne is so awesome on rescues. No hesitation. Sets up the situation and gets 'er done. Doggo loves her Cheese. Very Cute.
Cd Lu2.0
Cd Lu2.0 Månad sedan
Looks like chiuauha boston terrier mix. Very cute!
Michelle JD
Michelle JD Månad sedan
Yo,not all female dogsare "mama". Give it a rest.
zardozmania Månad sedan
Mr Beans is adorrrrable!
Laura Banos
Laura Banos Månad sedan
Awe 🤩 she’s so cute 🥰
Dek2561 Månad sedan
Марина Ларенко
Какой ты хорошенький!!!Удачи!!Хороших родителей!!!
Rebekah Lee
Rebekah Lee Månad sedan
I see a Kitten Lady t-shirt! 😃😃😃
The Philosopher
The Philosopher Månad sedan
I think that’s just chihuahuas in general.
K X Månad sedan
2:28 the guy who had been feeding the dog is wearing a sailor moon shirt. Based.
Homeless Vet. with old Lexus.
I love animals a lot. And especially Dogs. But, wouldn't it be nice if people actively went out and rescued Homeless people!
Arfa Kamyabipour
Arfa Kamyabipour Månad sedan
MO JOE Månad sedan
God bles u.
Lasky Sue
Lasky Sue 2 månader sedan
At the end of the video she looks a little over weight..
Carmel Villard
Carmel Villard 2 månader sedan
I 💘 dogs. They're the best
God save me
God save me 2 månader sedan
eyemall ears
eyemall ears 2 månader sedan
Great job guys!
Sophia Bright
Sophia Bright 2 månader sedan
madeline cutting
madeline cutting 2 månader sedan
She is so pretty....
Nathan Kaye
Nathan Kaye 2 månader sedan
When she came running down the steps at 3:35 and looked well fed and happy 😊 😍
Why park Jimin when you can ride Jimin
I like how the woman's shirt says "kitten lady" meanwhile holding a dog.😂
Why park Jimin when you can ride Jimin
I had to read the title several times to make sure I read it right.😂
Gloria 2 månader sedan
Im disappointed they didn't name the dog Queso
AJ Llewellyn
AJ Llewellyn 2 månader sedan
Another wonderful love story!! So proud to support you guys. Thank you for the lucky leash (just like Frijoles') that you sent me for being a monthly donor. It's one of my most cherished possessions!
Jason Patterson
Jason Patterson 2 månader sedan
Not a real complaint, but you've used it in a few videos lately. It's "skittish" not "skiddish." :-)
Avery Cabrera-Lopez
Avery Cabrera-Lopez 2 månader sedan
I love that name 🥰😆
Deborah Bruce
Deborah Bruce 2 månader sedan
When I see a dislike on a rescue video I wonder if it's from a human that abandoned a animal before
Sue In Raleigh
Sue In Raleigh 2 månader sedan
My dog doesn’t want to come inside unless I get him cheese. It’s killing me! 🤢
10tonhamster 2 månader sedan
2:18 “okay, I’m embarrassed you caught me so easily like that”
adrian bantilan
adrian bantilan 2 månader sedan
can i adopt her??
Neji513 2 månader sedan
2:29 homeboy came out rolling in a sailormoon t shirt lol
Free art academy Online
Free art academy Online 2 månader sedan
A cheeshuahua
V S 2 månader sedan
“Yo quiero Taco Bell!”
Yuri Morais
Yuri Morais 2 månader sedan
Dear all, I found these puppies living in extreme hot conditions!! If anyone would like to help in any way, they would appreciate it. Thank you all! @
Nguyen Tu GL
Nguyen Tu GL 3 månader sedan
the dog is so cute
KING HEAVEN GAMES 3 månader sedan
MissSmudge78 3 månader sedan
Those loving neck scratches at the end there. Just beautiful :)
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar 3 månader sedan
Some times I feel bad for dogs who waited a long time to be adopted cause there gonna miss the people who were taking care of them
Lizbeth Garcia
Lizbeth Garcia 3 månader sedan
I love that they kept the name Frijoles :)
Emmanuel Toni
Emmanuel Toni 3 månader sedan
Naomi Leighton
Naomi Leighton 3 månader sedan
I love your work. (The word is SKITTISH)
Emmanuel Toni
Emmanuel Toni 3 månader sedan
Hello Naomi how are you doing today
twiggyjali 3 månader sedan
Chloe Lawson
Chloe Lawson 3 månader sedan
i love y'all
Star Network Rescue
Star Network Rescue 3 månader sedan
Nice dog..
Татьяна Мельникова
Балдося маленькая 😊
q8compact5 3 månader sedan
IDCL 3 månader sedan
A great wee dog. Likes her cheese and toys!
Valerye Flores
Valerye Flores 3 månader sedan
Frijoles reminds me of bella from a dogs way home ¨would you like a tiny piece a cheese?¨
liliivian 3 månader sedan
Is it possible for you all to come to India to rescue dogs? Cuz the Indian rescue team doesn't do a good job at it and these dogs deserve to live in a house and not on the streets. Can someone please tell me if hope for paws can come to India?
Owien Moore
Owien Moore 3 månader sedan
Hello friend how are you doing?
leknoi CP
leknoi CP 3 månader sedan
So cute.
mrfester42 3 månader sedan
Give me cheese and I'll stand on my head in the corner. BTW, the word is "skittish"!
Steve Coile
Steve Coile 3 månader sedan
Skittish, not skiddish.
Ilaria Catini
Ilaria Catini 3 månader sedan
Sweet 😊❤
Cynthia Ann
Cynthia Ann 3 månader sedan
I always chuckle at the bath bubble sounds. You all are amazing. Blessings!!
Lauren Johanns
Lauren Johanns 3 månader sedan
Love it! But is that really a chihuahua or a mix... 🙌🙌🙌 She is a pretty big chihuahua... If you ask me...
дмитрий рейсфельд
Благодарю вас.
I'm a dumbass
I'm a dumbass 3 månader sedan
Why is her eyes watery ? Is it ok ?
mikeifyouplease 3 månader sedan
I wish you guys would make a pined-comment about how many dogs will not panic if you put then in a tub that they can see out and/or over. Your tub with the one side "missing" is a perfect place to bathe dogs as they can see out and realize that they will not drown, because they can simply walk out of the tub through that open side. Pure genius, whoever came up with that idea!!!
Kai Dong
Kai Dong 3 månader sedan
Why is Hope for Paws now operating by all these weird color hair, tattooed plus sized women? Where is Eldad & Loretta?
Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist
they've grown so much it's become an Enterprisethey're still there too but they also have help behind the scenes they can't do it all on their own anymore. these are all volunteers you are happy to work with them
Helloww 3 månader sedan
awww look at that happy dog!
折原一志 3 månader sedan
The spicy examination lately grin because january collaterally walk by a addicted alloy. momentous, overjoyed nigeria
Louise B
Louise B 3 månader sedan
Bonjour, from Canada😃 I just found your videos. I really enjoy watching all the great work you guys do, you are amazing❤. There seems to be lots of homeless Pitbull !? When you rescue them (even mama and babies) they are sweet, gentle, all they want is love. It's just so sad to see that people gave them a bad reputation.
My Gypsy Hermitish Tarot
My Gypsy Hermitish Tarot 3 månader sedan
She is the most chill one on the staff. The animals usually calm down so quick with this one. ...water sign perhaps? peace and love Hope for Paws! ...gypsy ☮💗
Roopa 3 månader sedan
D-d-dog?? Wants cheese?? , i puke when i eat cheese so this video is nothing to do with me
Tbhkiluri 3 månader sedan
Navajo Auckland
Navajo Auckland 3 månader sedan
Look at all that love and happiness rolled up in that small tubby package
Navajo Auckland
Navajo Auckland 3 månader sedan
@Owien Moore no sorry I just use SElosk
Owien Moore
Owien Moore 3 månader sedan
Do you have WhatsApp?
Navajo Auckland
Navajo Auckland 3 månader sedan
@Owien Moore lol sorry I don't use either
Owien Moore
Owien Moore 3 månader sedan
Send me your hangout Gmail so I can text you on Hangout is more faster and reliable
Navajo Auckland
Navajo Auckland 3 månader sedan
@Owien Moore parts of Aussie and NZ do have snow
Maura Braga Kanno
Maura Braga Kanno 3 månader sedan
Parabéns pelo resgate ele é muito lindo😉👍❤️
Zigrifid 3 månader sedan
so noone is going to comment about the dude with tatoos and sailor moon shirt? :D
ICEMAN GT 3 månader sedan
Thank you so much guys for everything y'all do for this animals I love you so much you're are the best
Ashly M
Ashly M 3 månader sedan
Aww how cute my little chiweenie was abandoned as a puppy by the target garbage cans and we named him Bean! 😂❤️
Patrick Charles
Patrick Charles 3 månader sedan
Thanks guys. Keep up the good work
justagirlsd3000 3 månader sedan
I wish all your rescues were this easy.
big world small cavys
big world small cavys 3 månader sedan
I don't either.
Steven Perry
Steven Perry 3 månader sedan
¡Good Frijoles!
Eleistra 3 månader sedan
I am glad she found a good home, but they should be more careful with her diet. I sadly know quite some chihuahuas which are overweight and they develop different kinds of joint problems after a while. It is then painful for the dogs and the owners.
Michael Moewes
Michael Moewes 3 månader sedan
Nice rescue guy's. and the catch was nothing less than perfect. the happy end was secured.
Carmen Benitez
Carmen Benitez 3 månader sedan
Ross Stotz
Ross Stotz 3 månader sedan
To be fair, frijoles are always better with cheese.
Auspicious Cloud
Auspicious Cloud 3 månader sedan
DeetsterB 3 månader sedan
She is so beautiful!
MoosesValley 3 månader sedan
I cannot breath until the lucky leash is on ... that's when their new life starts.
JESMENTA ANGELINE Moe 3 månader sedan
You guys are so kind love you guys
John S Anderson
John S Anderson 3 månader sedan
Hi I so love all your videos but I would like to make monthly donations but I am in Ireland & can’t seem to subscribe as yous do an amazing job as we are also a nation off animal lovers xx
A M Ryan
A M Ryan 3 månader sedan
She is sharing with you!
yas kha
yas kha 3 månader sedan
Omg its soo cute .
Andrea Magdaleno
Andrea Magdaleno 3 månader sedan
Dude, should have called her Queso or Cheese she like cheese not frijoles Bro!
Owien Moore
Owien Moore 3 månader sedan
Hello friend how are you doing
justmiau 3 månader sedan
Yaayyy, Frijoles the Cheesehuahua!🐾❤️‼️
noname 3 månader sedan
Jack Bradley
Jack Bradley 3 månader sedan
You guys are so kind. Thank you for caring.
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts