Abandoned dog surrounded by spiders and rescuers 🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️🕷️ 

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Spiderman did not want to surrender, but he was surrounded from all directions... webs, nets, fences - and of course, with her shirt! (Loreta).

I am so happy the neighbors knew to call about -Man and even happier that our friends at fostered him and found him a loving forever home :-)

I really hope many more people will join us this month as members. Just a $5 donation from each one would help us save so many more lives. It will take a minute to set up, and then we can go on our next mission instead of spending time fundraising: www.HopeForPaws.org

Also, our friends at Foxy and the Hounds have many other dogs and puppies for adoption. You can see all of them here: www.FoxyAndTheHounds.org

Thank you so much!!!


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21 mar 2021



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The No Good Kid
The No Good Kid 3 dagar sedan
Good cameraman! always films the good stuff.
Lia Lia
Lia Lia 5 dagar sedan
So cute so beautiful
jay dee
jay dee 7 dagar sedan
Are Loretta and Eldad a couple?
Dj Boy
Dj Boy 7 dagar sedan
He's so cute oh my god I wish I could adopt him
Scout 7 dagar sedan
Does the city do anything about the garbage?
Ita S Pranoto
Ita S Pranoto 8 dagar sedan
Loreta n Eldad r the most patient rescuers so far
Nathan pls
Nathan pls 8 dagar sedan
I like how clam he/she is with the snare part. Until humans.
Jonathan Robles
Jonathan Robles 8 dagar sedan
Marcela de Bergèr
Marcela de Bergèr 9 dagar sedan
Que Belleza y que Hogar que tiene tan Hermoso 😍 GRACIAS que Viva la Vida👍👍❤️🌍🐏🐕
WoW Jayda
WoW Jayda 10 dagar sedan
Omg where is this from? America? Where I’m from there isn’t dogs that need to be rescued and why would they abandon such a beautiful dog like that I would have taken him/her in I wish I had a dog like that so sweet and kind and playful
Stan G
Stan G 11 dagar sedan
I like these videos but the guy is so mean and bossy....
Mossy Oak Mom
Mossy Oak Mom 11 dagar sedan
He’s a cutie.
Tshering Palden Bhutia
Tshering Palden Bhutia 12 dagar sedan
Love is everything for them .he got very loving family . very lucky boy. Thank you so much for your kindness 🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️
Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin 12 dagar sedan
So joyful.❤️🥰❤️
mtn haven
mtn haven 14 dagar sedan
They treat every rescue with such care and love!
nemeta 14 dagar sedan
loreta put some mask but no strong gloves!
Sethu Sethu
Sethu Sethu 15 dagar sedan
God bless you ☺️🤩😍
Lorena Carmona
Lorena Carmona 17 dagar sedan
Dios los bendiga
Azza 179
Azza 179 17 dagar sedan
How could anyone abandon him?
Becky Lemons
Becky Lemons 18 dagar sedan
Robert Jansen
Robert Jansen 18 dagar sedan
Please take your masks off. You are outside in the fresh air. The masks frighten animals, and even more, children! What the hell is this world cloming to☹
Hagua Venn
Hagua Venn 19 dagar sedan
Hey hi I am hagua venn (my pen name) and I am also from India like NIVA.....I don’t know whether I can get involved in such volunteered animal rescue......but i really wish hope paws to be established in India.....if that happens u will have my full support!
Libertarian Goth
Libertarian Goth 21 dag sedan
I'm always amazed by how well behaved these strays are when you give them there baths. Considering how much trouble I have with my own dogs, I have to wonder what your secret is. ;)
Vernon Sanders
Vernon Sanders 22 dagar sedan
Such a cute little face
yf Chau
yf Chau 24 dagar sedan
Shruti Tripathi
Shruti Tripathi 24 dagar sedan
purrrrson 25 dagar sedan
This video proves that you don't have to have a lot of space to own a dog. They don't need much. So, if you thought that you couldn't have a dog because your home is too small, think again..... just don't get a St Bernard or Great Dane, lol. Although, they probably wouldn't mind as long as they had a loving home!!
Stephen Czzz
Stephen Czzz 26 dagar sedan
You guys do a great job, but I do love Loretta. She's a real Trooper and has NO fear. Great Videos!!
Mary's daughter
Mary's daughter 29 dagar sedan
Loretta you are the original animal whisperer..so calm gentle with these furry bundles of terrified darlings..keep whispering..they need you..the world needs more lorretas..may you always have all you need to keep saving fireballs.
Mary's daughter
Mary's daughter 29 dagar sedan
I meant fur balls
Shivani Sharma
Shivani Sharma 29 dagar sedan
Such a great job yall.. i just don't get.. wht type of people dislike such videos.. god bless u for doing such amazing work..
Gina Paquet
Gina Paquet Månad sedan
I just caught this video and it doesn't surprise me that he found his "forever home"... snapped up he was. Blessing to you all.
Karen Hobgood
Karen Hobgood Månad sedan
I've donated $25 a month to Hope For Paws even though I live on the East Coast. I wish Hope For Paws was country-wide.
Maria Fatima Gutierrez Lopez
Q Dios los bendiga 😢😭graciasss por ayudar a tantos animalitos abandonados 😔
Wolf Black
Wolf Black Månad sedan
Почему то её не кусают собаки...!!! Это от Бога...!!!
Wolf Black
Wolf Black Månad sedan
alevan1 Månad sedan
He looks like my dog a Havanese, the breed comes from Cuba.....
User0B6A4p0 Månad sedan
Bath time! Best moment! 😃
BeatrixRihluv Månad sedan
This intro scared the shit out of me. Y'all ain't right. 😭😭😭😭
Maia Siton
Maia Siton Månad sedan
Spidy is more cuter but anyways you named him spiderman thats also fine
chloe kay
chloe kay Månad sedan
Am I the only one who almost fell out of bed when the spider in the intro jumped on the camera 😂
Artemis Topsakalidou
Μπράβο που το σώσατε
Gail Remp
Gail Remp Månad sedan
Oh my.
Gail Remp
Gail Remp Månad sedan
Once the helping neighbor let you help it got a little bit more logical. Always mean well. And I figure whatever help helps
Luca M
Luca M Månad sedan
Loreta is truly a woman with a huge heart ... and very pretty :-) kiss from Florence
richard Roberts
richard Roberts Månad sedan
spider man!!!!! love that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
richard Roberts
richard Roberts Månad sedan
my dog looks like that but brown shes so happy my dog is i love her!!!!!
前橋みき Månad sedan
Great rescue!
jo terporten
jo terporten Månad sedan
I have seen more of Lorettas backside than I am comfortable with.
Just Me
Just Me Månad sedan
I really wish a list could be started with ALL the names of ALL the people that abandon, abuse, and/or neglect pets of any kind where they could never have another one! Maybe put them all in jail for a week with no food might make them think twice about what they did.
Tripti Devnath
Tripti Devnath Månad sedan
एक ही dog के साथ तुम लोग कितने सारे वीडियो बनाओगे। फर्जी लोग।
Louie M
Louie M Månad sedan
Loreta is a diamond 💎
Valerie C.
Valerie C. Månad sedan
Krishna' Gaming and Vloging world
Dog be like in the rescue - give me my cheeseburger 🍔 first
Yogi B M
Yogi B M Månad sedan
Sunil Harkare
Sunil Harkare Månad sedan
God bless you
Celeste A
Celeste A Månad sedan
Fantastic ! Yea Spiderman...thanks hope 4 paws ! Your awesome
Sheep Doggy
Sheep Doggy Månad sedan
those wires hanging down are very dangerous.
Lilianna Pollack
Lilianna Pollack Månad sedan
awwww i love your channelllll i widh i could donate my mom said maybe i can help at the foster animal shelter!
Daria Jakubowska
Daria Jakubowska Månad sedan
Debbie Stephens
Debbie Stephens Månad sedan
Let her put it on you baby. It's the start of a new day ✨ 😌 for you.😇
Pili Irisarri Izu
Pili Irisarri Izu Månad sedan
Buenos corazones. Que alegría para el perrito,ahora tendrá una vida con AMOR
loic leborgne
loic leborgne Månad sedan
Ca me rend malade de voir des gens qui abandonne leur propre petit chien
The Philosopher
The Philosopher Månad sedan
That dog is so chill
Melanie Miller
Melanie Miller Månad sedan
🥰 Spiderman❣️ Living large♥️♥️♥️
Mel G
Mel G Månad sedan
Wonderful people ❤
BOBBY BATES Månad sedan
I would like to say you and your team are doing a wonderful job rescuing abandon dogs I think you should get an award
Trinidad G.
Trinidad G. Månad sedan
Sabine Reimann
Sabine Reimann Månad sedan
What a sweet lovely dog 😀🌷
Sharon Groom
Sharon Groom Månad sedan
These are always sad in the beginning, but seeing them rescued is the best! Loretta has the most calming and gentle voice and touch. This is most definitely her calling (Eldad's too)!! God bless you for all of the animals you save!!! 💜💜💜 I will NEVER understand why people abandon their animals... wish I could have 5 minutes alone with them!
I truly wish I was able to adopt. In time, hopefully.🙏
Lashonay Wiley
Lashonay Wiley Månad sedan
Another Maltese...why are all the Maltese pets homeless? I love my Maltese to pieces i rescued a kitten found clinging to a tree and i named him Spider-Man💖💖
Marusca Facchinetti
Marusca Facchinetti Månad sedan
Monique Hunt
Monique Hunt Månad sedan
Oh my gosh, he so cute. 🥰😘 Thank you for the wonderful work you do. 🙏🏽👏🏽❤️
Anna lim just for you
Thanks for your team save dog God bless you all 🙏
Jay Mar Pabalan
Jay Mar Pabalan Månad sedan
hope for paws are the best
avlea2 Månad sedan
Adorable pup!
TARS, CASE, & JuJu Månad sedan
Shouldn't have the dog, been named "Spider-dog" ?!!!? 04:40
•itz winter•
•itz winter• Månad sedan
I can't believe people will just throw away there pets for no reason But then there's people like you guys who rescue tho pets and make them feel loved again and that makes me feel like some people out there have a heart I rescue two cats before and I still have them I love them so much I just don't understand why people would just throw pets away
Jayson Black
Jayson Black 2 månader sedan
baby spiders :/ maybe they were spider mites?!?!
N S 2 månader sedan
Eldad, women don't like spiders. It's matters. :)
whotho naaah
whotho naaah 2 månader sedan
Het and to be honest i
Joyce Freeman
Joyce Freeman 2 månader sedan
The Good Dog Catcher.
Bill Castle
Bill Castle 2 månader sedan
I love a doggie happy ending.
Mia Crei
Mia Crei 2 månader sedan
Arfa Kamyabipour
Arfa Kamyabipour 2 månader sedan
Loretta has magic voice n personality ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ thanks to all of you for your kindness attention n humanity 🙏♥️🌺
Aaliyah Ofori
Aaliyah Ofori 2 månader sedan
He didn’t even put up a fight he was so ready to go poor thing
Semra Güngör
Semra Güngör 2 månader sedan
çok teşsekler sağ olunnn
Ronald Martinez
Ronald Martinez 2 månader sedan
Thanks for help and rescued this beautiful dog,now he is safe and happy.
Patriot Missile
Patriot Missile 2 månader sedan
Fabulous ❤️🙏🏻
Vergès Marie-Claire
Vergès Marie-Claire 2 månader sedan
Merci pour tout ce que vous faites pour ces toutous ! Vous êtes adorables et admirables ! Vous embrasse ❤️
Bunni Boo
Bunni Boo 2 månader sedan
Loreta the Dog Whisperer.
ALISON FOSTER 2 månader sedan
Support for real animal rescuer around the world
Glorious Angel
Glorious Angel 2 månader sedan
Beautiful people with a golden heart
Panda Bae
Panda Bae 2 månader sedan
I just love Loretta. She's so calming and loving to the animals ❤️❤️❤️
Rodney Cooper
Rodney Cooper 2 månader sedan
Another brave rescue of a beautiful,innocent little creature. You have the best work any human can do.
Alice Blue
Alice Blue 2 månader sedan
Peter Barker. 👍🐕
Ꮮᴇɢᴇɴᴅ Ꭺʀᴍʏ
So sweet pet
Tina Morey
Tina Morey 2 månader sedan
Leandro Rangel
Leandro Rangel 2 månader sedan
Lindo trabalho! I´m from brazil. Congratulations!
Татьяна Никитина
Люди, спасающие меньших наших братьев! Преклоняюсь и восхищаюсь вами! Пусть добро и счастье придут в ваш дом!
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