Cat rescued after losing her leg in a terrible accident and then finds the love of her life ❤️ 

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Thank you so much for supporting us and helping us change the lives of so many animals! If you can, please make a small donation to Hope For Paws and help us continue creating these happy endings: www.HopeForPaws.org

Thank you Katie McKittrick for saving Posey and other special thanks to Cat Connection for finding her the most amazing home: CatConnectionLA.org

We are almost at 5 MILLION subscribers... please join us and help us get there this week and once we do, we will have a HUGE GIVEAWAY!

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28 jan 2021



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Marguerite Reeves
Marguerite Reeves 7 dagar sedan
The sparkling tanzania postoperatively supply because blizzard ironically label midst a grouchy hip. next, zippy crown
Meeya Webster
Meeya Webster 10 dagar sedan
Such a sweet girl 🥺🥺 she knew right away they were there to help
Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin 12 dagar sedan
She found a friend.❤️😻❤️
Ale M
Ale M Månad sedan
Every time I watch one of your videos I cry... It's amazing!
Brittany Rose
Brittany Rose Månad sedan
What a sweet angel 💜
Aaliyah Ofori
Aaliyah Ofori 2 månader sedan
She beautiful
ItzMe!Kashvii 2 månader sedan
Lovely Nose PoSey!🙈😍
frogganna 2 månader sedan
She's so pretty and has a new best friend! She plays like she has all 4 legs! Nothing stops that little fighter!
Jaydon Kelly
Jaydon Kelly 2 månader sedan
Amazing people :’)
Bluefireflyz 2 månader sedan
The woman who called for help was so kind, she had her bandaged already and safe. Kind woman.
Bluefireflyz 2 månader sedan
Thank you so much for what you do, I've seen other channels record the animal for 5 minutes, who knew how long they waited to get good clips! You get in there, you do what you need to do and you get out. You all are so kind!!
cgtt908 2 månader sedan
Pavloz Kapeliz
Pavloz Kapeliz 2 månader sedan
💖 Exactly like my cats, only in our house we have 2 tails and 6 legs! (trust me, 2 legs less, the havoc is still there! 🤣) Many kisses to Posey from Morgana and Rick Allen! 😽😽
Os 2 Robloxians
Os 2 Robloxians 3 månader sedan
She is still as perfect as ever!
Jeff Davies
Jeff Davies 3 månader sedan
I find it absolutely amazing that these amimals bear this searing pain, and it must have been excruciating, so outwardly calmly. If it were a human there would be screming, crying, complaining and all sorts of other stuff, but these little creatures just take it silently. It always gets to me. So glad to see a happy ending for this little one.
дмитрий рейсфельд
Слезы текут из моих глаз. Спасибо за спасение .
abbeysonic 3 månader sedan
With the condition of that leg I got Jordan flashbacks
follow me !
follow me ! 3 månader sedan
Thank you!!!! you/her are the real heroes
PandaPlayz 3 månader sedan
Hatab Hatabich
Hatab Hatabich 3 månader sedan
Awwwwww he is so cute🐾
Gui Porto
Gui Porto 3 månader sedan
I don't know why, but seeing the other cat licking Posey got me teary-eyed.
Kristine Munholland
Kristine Munholland 3 månader sedan
The two of them grooming and loving one another is the sweetest thing ever. What a beautiful kitty. She must have been in so much pain and yet she didn't make a sound. Can't imagine. Thank you all, as always, for the amazing work you do. You have saved so many lovely beings. Its value cannot be measured......
Cara-jay Ormsby
Cara-jay Ormsby 3 månader sedan
The caption got me😆........ Any ways keep up the good work god bless your soul s❤
My Thoughts
My Thoughts 3 månader sedan
Poor girl she must’ve been in so much pain
Denise Jeronimo
Denise Jeronimo 3 månader sedan
Violet Mercado
Violet Mercado 3 månader sedan
Omg I haven't watched hope for paws in such a long time congratulation for 5 Million sub's.
Rachie 3 månader sedan
Omg the ending, that was so cute!!
田文妹 3 månader sedan
that poor cat😥
Esmeralda Flores
Esmeralda Flores 3 månader sedan
Por favor nunca dejen de hacer esta labor tan Hermosa y tan Humana que Dios y la Virgencita de Guadalupe se los recompensarán por Muchas Más Bendiciones. Así sea por siempre y para siempre. AMÉN.🙌✨🙏💙
Yvonne Camacho
Yvonne Camacho 3 månader sedan
Sweetie pie! Glad you rescued her and now she has a kitty friend who is so loving.
Arun Dogra
Arun Dogra 4 månader sedan
0:13 do you have any idea how iam fast as fug boiiii
Sara Morris
Sara Morris 4 månader sedan
When my Mikan appeared in my yard, she also had a injury like this on her right-leg. Thanks to many people's support, she got treated and cared, and finally became a family member of mine. Now she is in good health and enjoying her life!
Janie Jones
Janie Jones 4 månader sedan
kroakie4 4 månader sedan
Aww! I’m so happy she got a great new owner and a best buddy.
birdie 4 månader sedan
Omg omg omg omg. A freaking FENCE amputated a leg.... 😳😲🥺
therofthew 4 månader sedan
My dream has always been to care for animals. My sister and I just started a rescue shelter at my sister’s house in Mexico City where the number of dogs and cats without a home is just alarming Hopefully we can turn this around!! Animal lover here...
Anita bakker
Anita bakker 4 månader sedan
Dr. Pedraza first asked what her name, so very gentle. Thank you so much for saving her😻😻😻😻😻
noname 4 månader sedan
Fun 4 månader sedan
We do that now can any one support us with subscribe to Rescue more animal
J T 4 månader sedan
Beautiful cat!
Vickie Tracy
Vickie Tracy 4 månader sedan
What a sweet tortie..Sometimes when they purr it helps with pain..
MissSmudge78 4 månader sedan
What a patient, sweet natured kitty. Hugs to the lady who helped her out and snaps to Dr Antonio ... yet again for performing the surgery. You are a hero sir!
CarterPlays 4 månader sedan
Yet another happy ending to a cat's rescue story. Great job to the Hope for Paws team, and of course the expert vets at CARES!
Elsje Massyn
Elsje Massyn 4 månader sedan
Second chances are a beautiful thing. Thank you for helping Posey and giving her a home 😃
lasanchez47 4 månader sedan
Gracias por esa hermosa labor! Ustedes son maravillosos! 👏👏👏
Andriano Felippe Alves
Andriano Felippe Alves 4 månader sedan
Thanks to you for giving Posey a second chance!
Christina Moloney
Christina Moloney 4 månader sedan
Oh poor baby, I can't even imagine how much that must have hurt. I'm so happy to see her doing so well now
Tonniece A
Tonniece A 4 månader sedan
👍🏾💯❤️. Hugz
Sally Feschuk
Sally Feschuk 4 månader sedan
The folks who saved her at first did an excellent job bandaging her leg. I'm so so SO happy Posey has a new home and and a new bestie. Nothing like a happy kitty.
jane doe
jane doe 4 månader sedan
So sweet that she has a friend
G.E. 4 månader sedan
God Bless Dr. Antonio Pedraza
Linda 4 månader sedan
The woman that found her said she did not know what happened, but in the video, it says it was amputated by the fence?
Valerie C.
Valerie C. 4 månader sedan
大角永代 4 månader sedan
To my great relief the poor cat was safe 🙆⤴️⤴️I'm happy with you🙏😻😂😂⤴️⤴️
CAT RES 4 månader sedan
thanks all guys for heping the cat it's look innocent.And now i finded one kittens cat can you tell me how feed it?🙏🙏
PIHA 4 månader sedan
Um so um 😟😢🥺
Kamoonra The Wolf God
Kamoonra The Wolf God 4 månader sedan
Poor kitty. Cats are my favorite animal in the world. I have always had a lot of them. I have rescued every one of them off the street. Thank you for helping with Posey. She seems so happy now.
Deviantosity 4 månader sedan
hope for paws if you are reading this you are amazing people and keep doing what your doing it helps so many animals i love what your doing
Anne Thomson
Anne Thomson 4 månader sedan
A huge debt of gratitude to you all. X
ezrabrooks12 4 månader sedan
Briony Morgan
Briony Morgan 4 månader sedan
What a horrific injury that poor baby :( thank you all for helping her
Dorothy Charles
Dorothy Charles 4 månader sedan
Posey will live out get best life in her new home with new friend 🙏
JM De Leon
JM De Leon 4 månader sedan
Keep paws safe
Lipa Lipa
Lipa Lipa 4 månader sedan
What a beautiful creature I hope she gets much love and happiness in her life. As well other savors!
Faeza Khan
Faeza Khan 4 månader sedan
I thought that was her hand.. glad she's much better now
VRoberts 1117
VRoberts 1117 4 månader sedan
Awww Posey is such a good name for her I love cats Posey is so cute I'm glad she's okay.
Tiffany Christiansen
Tiffany Christiansen 4 månader sedan
ginmar 4 månader sedan
Oh God, half her leg is gone.
gloria fleming
gloria fleming 4 månader sedan
That woman is an idiot, why did she not rush her to the vet immediately!!!! Letting her suffer like that, I know you respond as fast as you can, but she still had to wait for you.
Amanda H
Amanda H 4 månader sedan
Aww, she's so cute!!
Bruna Miraglia de Lima Franco
thanks for saving these cat!
Bruna Miraglia de Lima Franco
soooo cute
Bruna Miraglia de Lima Franco
wow! !!!
Julia Kovacs
Julia Kovacs 4 månader sedan
The look of absolute bliss on her face at the end there
john hotchkiss
john hotchkiss 4 månader sedan
I just want to say thank you for all the great work you do. I wish I could afford to donate but at the moment I'me out of work looking for work in this crisis.
CarpeDiem 4 månader sedan
Happy to see her found love and found a brother and family who love her
Alana Saab
Alana Saab 4 månader sedan
The dislikes are from the people who were crying and couldn’t see like like button properly 😢
Jeffery Kennedy
Jeffery Kennedy 4 månader sedan
Well, this one made me cry. Thank you so much for everything that you do for these animals.
Maisa Dillem
Maisa Dillem 4 månader sedan
Love Love Love, thank you Hope for paws. I am from Brazil.
EPTX 888
EPTX 888 4 månader sedan
That injury looked so painful. Thank you for helping her. So happy she found a loving home.
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma 4 månader sedan
Chris Gibb
Chris Gibb 4 månader sedan
Thank you, so much for all you do!
StillSaber1790 4 månader sedan
I am AMAZED how well cats and dogs are not bothered by having a missing limb, they just Cats: "look I'm missing leg, Oh look String" and Dogs: "Oops my paw is gone, FRISBE".
Carol Kristian
Carol Kristian 4 månader sedan
She's a gorgeous dilute tortoiseshell! Wonderful kitty with a lot of spirit! Thank you!
J Walker
J Walker 4 månader sedan
Such a happy ending, I love it 🥰 🐈
Alice :D
Alice :D 4 månader sedan
I so wanna be a vet or animal rescuer but i have a hard time dealing with wounds and lots of blood i just cant look at it...
Alistair Marshall
Alistair Marshall 4 månader sedan
Lovely to see her recovery and a soul mate who loves her great job guys thank you
Tia Ceria Ummu
Tia Ceria Ummu 4 månader sedan
sinneadfert 4 månader sedan
Oh that poor brave girl!
Ghost Tabby
Ghost Tabby 4 månader sedan
Thank God she was found by someone who cares.
melanie ault
melanie ault 4 månader sedan
poor thing
64Biina 4 månader sedan
Josephine Aragoncillo
Josephine Aragoncillo 4 månader sedan
I only associate hope for paws with dogs, that’s why when I see cats or other animals featured I don’t watch it.
LiLSuzQ32 4 månader sedan
Your loss. Good riddance.
Rebecca Higgins
Rebecca Higgins 4 månader sedan
HAIDA FATIMA 4 månader sedan
Hope for paws plz come to Pakistan there are a lot of animals waiting for you pl come 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Whistle Blower
Whistle Blower 4 månader sedan
*Thanks, Hope For Paws, and may God bless you for all you did, you do and you will do!* Best wishes and GOOD LUCK from Germany!
Stefan PPunkt
Stefan PPunkt 4 månader sedan
good to see she's fine. You're heroes
Agung Baros
Agung Baros 4 månader sedan
❤️ Watching from Indonesia 🇮🇩
Eric Adryanto
Eric Adryanto 4 månader sedan
Omg, poor kitty 😢😢😭😭
AnneMarie Neubecker
AnneMarie Neubecker 4 månader sedan
I donate five dollars a month. I feel like I'm a part of every rescue. Thank you Hope for Paws!!
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