Cat screams for help from a rooftop of a burnt building! It ends in a love story ❤️❤️❤️ 

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This Valentine's Day you can send your loved ones a special holiday card: www.HopeForPaws.org/valentine...

I am so happy I was called to rescue Bubbles... she is such a special cat! Her story just gets better and better as you watch, and the ending is just so perfect for this holiday thanks to our friends at L.A. Animal Rescue ❤️❤️❤️

They still have so many other amazing animals for adoption, so please check them out here: www.LAAnimalRescue.org

If you missed our video from two days ago, please check it out here:

We made it available for EVERYBODY to create their own Will for FREE here:

Thank you so much for liking, sharing, and supporting our efforts with your donations.

Have a great day!


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14 feb 2021



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Stargazer 73
Stargazer 73 Dag sedan
I have a noisy cat like this one. What a sweetheart you arr.
Amanda Cresswell
Amanda Cresswell 2 dagar sedan
Today on June 11th, 2021 it is their 13th year Anniversary😸🐶🎉👍💖
Amanda Cresswell
Amanda Cresswell 2 dagar sedan
Dan Hyland
Dan Hyland 2 dagar sedan
When I'm older I'm gonna save animals since I love nature (:
Loli Cats Mishi
Loli Cats Mishi 2 dagar sedan
Omg very vocal cat. So adorable one of my favorite calico. She the boss for sure
Carleigh Gupton
Carleigh Gupton 4 dagar sedan
My parents say we can’t adopt a cat just because we have three dogs I’m like what
manbearpig human
manbearpig human 4 dagar sedan
What a cozy cat.ove it
Ruthie Dawson
Ruthie Dawson 8 dagar sedan
Aww she's so cute ❤️❤️❤️
Rookieelf1 9 dagar sedan
she said "welcome to my crib"
Yuri Garcia
Yuri Garcia 9 dagar sedan
Brenda Bodwin
Brenda Bodwin 10 dagar sedan
I bet she was so thirsty after being up on that roof all day. We all know some evil person probably threw her up there. 😥 So glad you were there to save her. Shes a beauty. ❤
Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin 12 dagar sedan
What an awesome 🐈❤️😻❤️
Topi R
Topi R 13 dagar sedan
Great job especially being alone and afraid of heights ( me too) . Cats don't seem to play the same as dogs
Lt Reese96
Lt Reese96 13 dagar sedan
I donate every month. It is money very well spent. I'm so glad that I can help.
Lt Reese96
Lt Reese96 13 dagar sedan
What a pretty little loving girl!
Lt Reese96
Lt Reese96 13 dagar sedan
I'm not a real big cat person, I'm allergic. But I could never leave one. I have helped find homes for kittens and the kitten's mother. I love them. I love all animals. I just take extra Benedryl when dealing with cats. I can't resist loving them and petting them. Wait, maybe I am a cat person after all. God bless Hope for Paws and all those who support them.
TravelWell 15 dagar sedan
Clearly she wasn't a stray and just lost her way. Did we check the local area for missing posters or put 'found' posts on social media. Just because a cat isn't chipped it doesn't mean she wasn't from a loving home.
Mavie Wavie
Mavie Wavie 15 dagar sedan
Thank you so much for taking the risk in rescuing her. She was worth it!
charutonew 16 dagar sedan
Venetia A Nortrup
Venetia A Nortrup 17 dagar sedan
P Taylor
P Taylor 18 dagar sedan
I watched that building burn. If she was there, it's amazing that she survived. She's a sweetheart.
Adi Nugroho
Adi Nugroho 19 dagar sedan
"we like easy rescue sometimes" 😂
Charlotte Rowe
Charlotte Rowe 19 dagar sedan
What a gorgeous girl. She obviously was well socialized in her former life. I hate to think that someone is missing their beautiful calico girl and probably sad, thinking she may have been killed by a car. But at least this kitty has a good life now! Chip your critters, folks. I even chipped one of my horses (the Thoroughbred has a tat inside his mouth).
Sophia Bright
Sophia Bright 19 dagar sedan
Bubbles just wanted to SNUGGLE! Wow that was a good catch. Eldad, you are so brave and bold. And determined! Wow!!! One person is not quite enough for rooftop derring do, even if you ARE the best! Hugs from Canada. I used to live in the L.A. Basin and I appreciate all your devotion.
mycroft16 20 dagar sedan
That cat wanted to be rescued so bad. "No, don't come up here, get me down!" lol. She's clearly used to people.
Martha Gonzalez
Martha Gonzalez 22 dagar sedan
We just send our donation it's not only 10.dallars but God willing we can add more zeros To that 1 and do it every month just hope we can they can fix what ever the problem is with PayPal soon.
Martha Gonzalez
Martha Gonzalez 22 dagar sedan
Al of are amazing God bless 🛐 you Al highly.
Meli Jem
Meli Jem 24 dagar sedan
She got a lovely coat🐱
Masoko Tanga
Masoko Tanga 26 dagar sedan
Reminds me of that video where the cat leaps from fifth story window of a burning building. It landed on its feet and kept on truckin.
Squishy Bear
Squishy Bear 28 dagar sedan
Bubbles is an adorable fatty now LOL :()
Nancy K
Nancy K Månad sedan
Sure she got a wonderful home. She also got a little stinker of a brother. She'll get him trained.
Nadia Rouis
Nadia Rouis Månad sedan
Miss Bubble is really the coolest kitty ever! She is extremely sweet and beautiful. The dog is playing not trying to harm her but he is annoying her: he she is not enjoying it at all. She is not playing, she is trying to push him away. Look at her ears! Wish their carer knew a bit more about cats and thought the dog how to respect the cat. Some dogs naturally know cat etiquette, others can learn when thought properly. Hope it happens soon because this adorable girl deserves the best life.
Dolphin Dreamer
Dolphin Dreamer Månad sedan
She's adorable. I love everything you do
Angelheart0219 Månad sedan
She is adorable keep up the good work
Eloise Marie
Eloise Marie Månad sedan
Muhammad Omar Nabil Rusli
Calling a cat using a snake sound. Funny
JackTerrier Månad sedan
She so reminds me of my own cat. They have the exact personality, it's just so cute!
kroakie4 Månad sedan
What a sweet, beautiful cat Bubbles is! I’m so glad you rescued her because she wouldn’t have lasted long by herself.
The chill oof
The chill oof Månad sedan
whatwhatwhatwhat Månad sedan
how to call a cat: *pspspspspspspspspspspspspspspsps*
Kanzee Månad sedan
9:55 I like how this guy (name ??) talks to the cat...cool
The chill oof
The chill oof Månad sedan
When the video is only 7 minutes ✋😣
Andrea Waterstreet
Andrea Waterstreet Månad sedan
What an amazing personality that little lady kitty has! So accepting of all of the people trying to help her-she trusted that her humans were putting her through those minor annoyances like the cage and the bath for her own good. And she gets along so well with dogs! She’s clearly holding back with the smaller doggo when they wrestle. If that kitty really let loose with all her strength and fighting skills, that little doggo would be toast. Cats are very effective fighters! But this one is just pure LOVER. What a kind soul.
Samantha Godard
Samantha Godard Månad sedan
He’s fiddling with his twine and she’s making biscuits on the blanket in her cage omg she’s too cute!!
BB/VA 2 månader sedan
Old Phillips 66 station. You don't see those much these days.
DarkDragon1889 2 månader sedan
I like how she IMMEDIATELY walked up to the ladder like "Yes; my animal rescue Uber X has finally arrived. Let us depart, manservent."
Nathalie Boily
Nathalie Boily 2 månader sedan
The nappy tortoise distinctly decorate because rainbow enthrallingly claim per a sophisticated tractor. electric, cautious lier
No Name
No Name 2 månader sedan
Is it just me or did she gain a few pounds at the end? 😂
Bunni Boo
Bunni Boo 2 månader sedan
Thousands Of Lives? More like MILLIONS!
Samantha mother of cats
Samantha mother of cats 2 månader sedan
I hate seeing that she’s overweight now 😕
Felnik1990 P.
Felnik1990 P. 2 månader sedan
Amazing rescue! Amazing cat! Amazing rescuer!
C R 2 månader sedan
The thing is she must be someone's pet that got missing being stuck on this roof. I would guess she was unable to get back home. I would have come back in the area in case there was some "missing" posters
チョミチョミ 2 månader sedan
😀毎回 保護活動 ご苦労さまです
JamestheGamingEngine 2 månader sedan
This is quite ironic. This video came out 2 days after Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. The game's main power-up was the Cat Bell, and this was a cat rescue.
icare4you123 2 månader sedan
The look like they enjoy each other. The cat seems a bit cranky and the dog just wants to play.
Patrick Michael
Patrick Michael 2 månader sedan
What a darling. She was so happy to see Eldad. I’m sure whoever has her is eternally grateful.
Wendy Steinberg
Wendy Steinberg 2 månader sedan
OMG you are something else, what a wonderful person you are. God Bless you
lovely yjn
lovely yjn 2 månader sedan
she is the cutest and kindest cat :((
AJ Llewellyn
AJ Llewellyn 2 månader sedan
You don't like heights but you rescued a desperate animal. Bless you, Eldad!
Jason Patterson
Jason Patterson 2 månader sedan
I think your next merit badge as a member of the Pet Rescue Scouts needs to be knot tying. :-)
Amaze Me
Amaze Me 2 månader sedan
Eldad im so glad you put the camera down to do this, i know how important recording is for you and your team but you guys need to be careful! can't you get one of those head cameras?
Kim Cortez
Kim Cortez 2 månader sedan
Shes such a pretty cat
Simmer Gurl
Simmer Gurl 2 månader sedan
Where i am legally every animal must be chipped before being able to sell the pet so every animal at an animal shelter comes with a chip
Goupi Goupi
Goupi Goupi 2 månader sedan
There are no such cats, she must be a paid actor. My Tom would have eaten that small dog alive.
victoria noble
victoria noble 2 månader sedan
That is the most chill cat EVER! she disnt even mind baths and a hairdryer. Most cats would go nuts lol
victoria noble
victoria noble 2 månader sedan
Eldad needs a go pro
얌이사랑 2 månader sedan
Nellie Korecki
Nellie Korecki 2 månader sedan
A cat and dog playing like that is just endless entertainment ❤️ bubbles is one cool 😎 kitty. Thank you for all you do
Hope Devine
Hope Devine 2 månader sedan
Keep making more hopeforpaws rescue videos love them so much i already donated to you hopeforpaws rescue team love you hopeforpaws
Hope Devine
Hope Devine 2 månader sedan
Keep making more hopeforpaws rescue videos love you 😍 😘 ❤ 💖 ♥ 💕
Erika D
Erika D 2 månader sedan
Really good cat!!💜
jobless.bum7 2 månader sedan
Feral cats need to be trapped and euthanized. They kill so much local wildlife that some species have already gone extinct. As of today, 12 species have already gone extinct in Australia with many more critically endangered. Even the cats that are fed still hunt and kill local wildlife in every area where there are cat colonies. Fixing the cats and releasing them does not help the problem because the cats are not fu*king local wildlife to death, they hunt them. I like cats, I have two beautiful cats but I also enjoy having wildlife around. I seen a cat kill the last squirrel in the area last week. Enough is enough, safe the ones that can be socialized and euthanized the rest. Stop being selfish and thinking only about what you want and start thinking about local wildlife that is disappearing. In Australia along over 100 million birds, rodents, and reptiles were killed by feral cats. There are many different species of rodents not just mice and rats. TNR kills millions of local wildlife worldwide everyday. Trap and euthanized
unclesmrgol dragon
unclesmrgol dragon 2 månader sedan
This is a lost cat with a good home. She's well fed and is quite friendly.
NolanEP 2 månader sedan
Why didn't you must carry the cat down in your arm like a football and then put it in the cage? Lol
KeithH02 2 månader sedan
The cat was very socialised to people & very tame / used to being handled and stroked, which tells me at least once in its history it had been owned and happy. Goodness knows how they managed to bath it though ! Every cat I’ve ever known and owned cannot STAND water, any attempt to wash or bath them and they’ll scratch, spit and fight for their lives to get away from it
Shirley 2 månader sedan
Not surprising Bubbles’s bestie is a dog. What a sweet kitty - and gorgeous!
Ildikó Ridley
Ildikó Ridley 2 månader sedan
That lady needs to stop feeding the cat so much!
Danish Moonrock
Danish Moonrock 2 månader sedan
cats are sort of a gift from ancient egypt
Carmen Rosa Jara Rodriguez
El encanto de Eldad, inigualable
Denise Ross
Denise Ross 2 månader sedan
need to let you know that on most of your videos, pop up ads cover whatever words you have on the screen at the start. may be you could have your words printed higher on the video.
JuergenGDB 3 månader sedan
I swear if I had more money than I know what to do with.. I would have acres of land for dogs. I would build large Cat houses for the cats to play in and have a cool walkway for people coming in to choose their new pets. But until that day, I will keep supporting channels like this and other outlets.
Julie Enslow
Julie Enslow 3 månader sedan
She goes to the cage, nuzzles the top, looks at him - and is almost saying, "Well. OPEN it!" We need to get out of here!!
Julie Enslow
Julie Enslow 3 månader sedan
P.S. Has anyone figured out how she got UP there?
Aga K
Aga K 3 månader sedan
Thank you
rita rabaa
rita rabaa 3 månader sedan
Thank you so much for saving this beautiful sweet cat 🐈🙏💜God bless you
Laura Salwen
Laura Salwen 3 månader sedan
Great rescue! I would have totally fallen off the ladder 😝 ❤🙏👍
Graciela Fernandez
Graciela Fernandez 3 månader sedan
Hermosa, muy asustada. Cuidenla.😺😺😺😷😷😷💓💓💓💓💓💓👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍
Timothy Fredrikson
Timothy Fredrikson 3 månader sedan
I AM CRYING ... HAPPY TEARS!!! Bubbles looks so happy in her new home ... despite the dog!! LOL!! What an amazing rescue!! Eldad, it seems that she was just waiting for you to show up!! THANK YOU for your incredible works!! I wish that I was not so far away, because you would certainly have a volunteer to help with your rescues!!! Bubbles is an incredibly calm & gentle KITTEH!!!
iK3LZ3Y 3 månader sedan
So who’s in love ❤️ with this guy! I for one. Such a sweetheart to do these rescues.
The Fantasy Yasmin
The Fantasy Yasmin 3 månader sedan
How do you not just want to keep every animal!? 🥺😍
Killua Kurapika
Killua Kurapika 3 månader sedan
Yes.. im a dog owner.. i have 2 dogs and i adopt abandoned new born baby kitty.. and he is 7months now.. Godbless you sir eldad
林みち子 3 månader sedan
Mel S
Mel S 3 månader sedan
I love Bubbles so much! What a sweet cat. So grateful
Joshua Mefford
Joshua Mefford 3 månader sedan
She is adorable, would adopt her in a heartbeat!! So lucky someone heard her crying up there. Love watching her play with her new best friend 😻😻
Laura Roberts
Laura Roberts 3 månader sedan
Patriot Pearl
Patriot Pearl 3 månader sedan
I'm just commenting because there's 999 comments, so I wanted to be 1000... Cool video too though. I love animals, especially cats and I hate to see them suffer. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. 😻
꧁Cat G꧂
꧁Cat G꧂ 3 månader sedan
She will find a home easy. Sweet, gentle and good around dogs. Wish you the best life little fur friend. PS My cat was laying here on my bed and watching this very closely. lol. Khaleesi is also a rescue. A friend found her when she was half grown, crying in a pile of garbage in an ally. She was pretty close to her end. She was too weak to even stand. The person who found her hand fed her and held her up in the litter box for a couple of weeks until she got her strength back. Then i took her in. She a weird one but love her anyway.
Pixel 3 månader sedan
Wow the transition for when he first found the cat to after.. she got so much bigger!!
дмитрий рейсфельд
Спасибо. Кошечка.
Angela Pinnock
Angela Pinnock 3 månader sedan
I'm always amazed when I see you're operating a camera while trying to catch and animal and while holding a snare😀 Truly awesome work that begs for respect and praise. Blessings Eldad, Loretta and the rest of the team along with the various vets, surgeons and medical staff 🥰🐕🐈🐇🐓🦆
Karen P
Karen P 3 månader sedan
Love her Name Bubbles, very friendly! Was abit Scared, watching, you, came, down that ladder, Rescuer! Glad she has a Home now! 😺❤❤❤❤🇬🇧
Gabeu Farnt
Gabeu Farnt 3 månader sedan
Question how did it get on the roof
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