Christmas miracle rescue - don't blink or you'll miss it! 

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We had no chance of accomplishing this mission successfully, but all of a sudden, help arrived out of nowhere!!! The chance of this specific kind of help to present itself at the right moment has the same likelihood for getting stuck by lightning! Please watch until the end and share this video so we can find Beethoven a loving forever home!

If you haven't done so yet, please join our team with a $5 monthly donation so we can continue doing this work for these animals who would die without us: www.HopeForPaws.org

Thank you so much!


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23 dec 2020



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Mii Mii
Mii Mii 2 dagar sedan
You both attract the BEST OF THE UNIVERSE because you vibrate at the same rate. Bless you both
Berenice Lopes
Berenice Lopes 6 dagar sedan
PANG EE THONG Moe 6 dagar sedan
I am a cat lover my side had a lot of cat
Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin 8 dagar sedan
I wish I could adopt him. He's sooo handsome.❤️😻❤️
Hưng Lê
Hưng Lê 13 dagar sedan
Thanks so much !
Angie G
Angie G 13 dagar sedan
Meli Jem
Meli Jem 17 dagar sedan
Look at those cute big eyes😍
Dung Đó Thị
Dung Đó Thị 26 dagar sedan
Thank thank
Me Joe
Me Joe Månad sedan
Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.
dory firme
dory firme Månad sedan
He is so cute i like his eyes everytime i watch vide from you guys my heart melts.2021 still watching♥️
domin4ik 4ik
domin4ik 4ik Månad sedan
God bless every animal in the world😍🤗😘! God bless every person who loves and helps animals like me! I really appreciate any kind of help to these marvels! I love animals more than myself and ready to sell my life for them😢😭😢😢! I wish good health and be happy to every animal in the world!😍🤗😘
Karine Buinier
Karine Buinier Månad sedan
Pet sound 😸🎧 French Spoken 🇫🇷 ☁️ Pé. Ti. Ti. On 🎩 C on tre. ☁️ L'e x p é ri m'en t a tio n A ni mAle. ☁️ 🇫🇷 ♥️ 🇨🇵 🦊🚬 Sur le s. ite : Tren t. E. 🌠Mill ion S🌠d'a.,mis
Karine Buinier
Karine Buinier Månad sedan
Difficult one eh?! 😰 I like the end so much... Christmas spirit ✨
Roman Noodles
Roman Noodles Månad sedan
I can’t get enough of the eyes. What the heck, he’s so cute. Congrats on the rescue!
Yvonne Williams
Yvonne Williams Månad sedan
Merry Christmas! I believe 🕊🙏😃💝
Victor Allen
Victor Allen Månad sedan
How can you have it all right now if??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
jane doe
jane doe Månad sedan
Love that Christmas theme too very nice
jane doe
jane doe Månad sedan
Love Loretta
Patricia Dumenil
Patricia Dumenil Månad sedan
I loved his little wig!
Pars 2 månader sedan
Thank you for sharing this beautiful story snd the heroic rescue mission 💕🐱💕🙏 I hope the little kitten is safe and happy in a loving home now ❤️🐈❤️
Albana Talka
Albana Talka 2 månader sedan
Perfect.... ☀☀☀☀❤❤❤❤❤ What a beautiful eyes....
Veronica Solorza
Veronica Solorza 2 månader sedan
Brenda Bodwin
Brenda Bodwin 2 månader sedan
City sewer flushes, LA PD... seems to me that the city has employees that truly care about animals. God bless them all.
Sheetal Israni
Sheetal Israni 2 månader sedan
The higher forces are indeed with you❤️❤️❤️
JamestheGamingEngine 2 månader sedan
Me after the cat got caught: Got 'em!!!
NordeggSonya 2 månader sedan
long haired grey cat with yellow or green eyes......Nebelung!!!!!!!
noname 2 månader sedan
Denise Ross
Denise Ross 3 månader sedan
This capture is a God thing. Higher forces? NO it's all Jesus.
xristina diamantaki
xristina diamantaki 3 månader sedan
paula johnson
paula johnson 3 månader sedan
God blesses your work.
Catherine De Leon
Catherine De Leon 3 månader sedan
Loreta's catch phrases: "It's ok baby" "I know baby"
Catherine De Leon
Catherine De Leon 3 månader sedan
So are so sweet, Loteta 🥰
Denise Jeronimo
Denise Jeronimo 3 månader sedan
Tshiolo Li Ai
Tshiolo Li Ai 3 månader sedan
God is good !
Jen H
Jen H 3 månader sedan
🧁•Jådę Fërret•🧁
“don’t blink or you’ll miss it!” Me: *intense staring*
Natalie Ramos
Natalie Ramos 3 månader sedan
who here 2021
Ty Willinganz
Ty Willinganz 4 månader sedan
The male dogcatcher to the female dogcatchers: "So I'm gonna need you to do all the hard work, so I'll just boss you around while you are doing it, ok?"
Greg C
Greg C 4 månader sedan
151 dislikes are sad and pathetic people that probably hate life and themselves and i feel sorry for them !! As for the rest of us that love animals and life we thank you for rescuing and saving this precious kitten so it can have a life that it deserves :)
whitexchina 4 månader sedan
Loretta's X-Mas decoration puts everyone to shame! Soooo beautiful!
Fun 4 månader sedan
We do that now can any one support us with subscribe to Rescue more animal
beth goldman
beth goldman 4 månader sedan
My grandmother had a cat named Beethoven. He is this one’s twin!
kaspher tangho
kaspher tangho 4 månader sedan
I salute you guys for giving this sweet lil angel a forever home...more power and GOD bless.
Gaby Saharnean
Gaby Saharnean 4 månader sedan
Wow his eyes are so precious ❤️
Valerie C.
Valerie C. 4 månader sedan
LittleMary 4 månader sedan
Being a rescuer and knowing EXACTLY which kitten meowing video they are playing to attract the kitten lol. I use that same one.
CarpeDiem 4 månader sedan
The highest power is with you and us all the time...yes yes yes...such a christmas blessing. Merry Happy Christmas :)
Shimmy Sham
Shimmy Sham 4 månader sedan
Animals are higher beings. Bless you
Junea McManus
Junea McManus 4 månader sedan
The cumbersome hippopotamus simplistically accept because corn spindly protect around a vacuous shame. innocent, aberrant banana
La Pitu kawaii
La Pitu kawaii 4 månader sedan
I love seeing this video one of things I want to do wen I grow up is this!!! I love animals!!! And special cats!!!
Priyanshi Rajput
Priyanshi Rajput 4 månader sedan
Those black eyes , oh my gosh....are sooo adorable😍😍
Storm Blessed
Storm Blessed 4 månader sedan
Juliette Shepard
Juliette Shepard 4 månader sedan
For those that blinked 3:57
TOP 7 KIDS 4 månader sedan
He clearly loves his foster sister. Such a sweet boy.
Adrian Rios
Adrian Rios 4 månader sedan
omg poor cat
Donald Jackson
Donald Jackson 4 månader sedan
Are you and Loretta married? I thought you were. Am I wrong. You guys make such a sweet union.
Briony Morgan
Briony Morgan 4 månader sedan
PhoenixCPM 5 månader sedan
I didn't blink! 😂😂
Kristine Munholland
Kristine Munholland 5 månader sedan
How could anyone dislike any of your rescues? Makes absolutely no sense!
TP015657 5 månader sedan
Dont worry, its just those who wished they were the ones who saved him instead.
smiler 5 månader sedan
There IS a God Eldad. He loves His creatures
KIRK 5 månader sedan
Should of named him Jesus
Marie La Costa
Marie La Costa 5 månader sedan
This cat is so pretty
ccm800 5 månader sedan
Looks like he got adopted. He is not on the site anymore.
MISTER Oliver 5 månader sedan
Loreta is a legend
nomatch 6
nomatch 6 5 månader sedan
Ugh what's to dislike about happy endings ? Don't dislike just donate
Diane Teeuwsen
Diane Teeuwsen 5 månader sedan
they appeared to help you because you are an angel on earth Eldad...what you do for these animals is nothing short of angelic...and your good works come back to you ten-fold...like help appearing exactly when you need it.
Brxton 5 månader sedan
0:29 I know it unrelated but that is a cool car
Char0076 5 månader sedan
Yes Praise the Lord
Tran The Cutest
Tran The Cutest 5 månader sedan
Imagine living in a world where everyone cared!
LPS tomato
LPS tomato 5 månader sedan
His eyes are so cute
Susanne, Stuttgart
Susanne, Stuttgart 5 månader sedan
he is going to be so gorgeous after a little care
ItzMe!Kashvii 5 månader sedan
His eyes are so cute
Hope Devine
Hope Devine 5 månader sedan
Keep making hopeforpaws rescue videos on SElosk just like animal aid does love you hopeforpaws rescue team
Tran The Clever
Tran The Clever 5 månader sedan
So sweet beautiful kitten😻
allisonlaceyburns 5 månader sedan
so wonderful you saved this little life ... but it was not a tiger , you know ... it was a baby kitten ; no need to traumatize it .
TOP 7 KIDS 5 månader sedan
Please, consider using the donate button to the right and below the video to support the important life saving work of Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue.
Annie McEwen
Annie McEwen 5 månader sedan
The higher forces are God, it's their creation! Thx for all you do 😊
patricia collet
patricia collet 5 månader sedan
The higher power is called God. That is one sweet kitty. I bet he was someone's pet.
Chow FY
Chow FY 5 månader sedan
Hi, pls also watch "老疯杨救助中心" on a group of young Chinese guys who tried to saved stray dogs in China. Pls help them by subscribe and share.
Tran The Clever
Tran The Clever 5 månader sedan
Once in the cage, she’s like-“Wait. This may not suck after all.” 💕
Pretty Girl
Pretty Girl 5 månader sedan
I love watching these videos about 2 months ago we adopted a kitten but didn’t know she was a special needs kitty who had a neurological disorder but once we brought her home she fit in as if she was here the entire time and now she’s got cat siblings 2 brothers and an older sister. All of our cats are rescues even with her disorder they accepted her into there bunch plus she loves kids mainly my nephew she goes to bother him or wants him to pet her. Please adopt it saves there lives and on top of that it gives them a loving home.
creative girl
creative girl 5 månader sedan
You could use a fish 🐠 to get her out
kroakie4 5 månader sedan
It’s the nightmare before Christmas, kitty edition.
Eva H
Eva H 5 månader sedan
Sharon Groom
Sharon Groom 5 månader sedan
Another incredible rescue! You're right Loreta, you do bring good things! 😁 Happy New Year to all at Hope for Paws!
lara26011982 5 månader sedan
Velvet & Toads
Velvet & Toads 5 månader sedan
A Christmas miracle indeed!
Fromandos I
Fromandos I 5 månader sedan
Симпотяга такой... глазёнки красивые...
Sara Barela
Sara Barela 5 månader sedan
King of All Buttocks
King of All Buttocks 5 månader sedan
Look at this. From a terrible situation to his own winter wonderland. thanks to you guys and LA Cat Connection. He will have a beautiful loving home I am sure. I am about to become a donor NOW.
Georgi Iliev
Georgi Iliev 5 månader sedan
Thank you for your kindness, be blessed!
Hesa Thec
Hesa Thec 5 månader sedan
So beautiful and those eyes are so amazingly beautiful. It look like my girl I had to "go " by the rainbowbridge. Cancer for 5 months ago. But she was black.
Lallie Hayes
Lallie Hayes 5 månader sedan
Thanks to the utility workers!
Aurore Bremond
Aurore Bremond 5 månader sedan
Happy New Year 2021 🙏♥️🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾
My Life my work
My Life my work 5 månader sedan
Thanks Guys for saving cute friend🤗🤗🤗👌👌👌💖💖💖🌷🌷🌷🌺🌺🌺🙏🙏🙏
Martha Harnish
Martha Harnish 5 månader sedan
Every time I watch one of your videos, I'm so glad I make a small donation every month!
Elizabeth Turczyk
Elizabeth Turczyk 5 månader sedan
Yes; this is truly a miracle from Jehovah God and his Son. There is no other answer for it! Thank you rescuers; you will truly be rewarded by the Grand Creator; Jehovah God!
Rick Danner Guitar Player
Rick Danner Guitar Player 5 månader sedan
loretta is so pretty sorry
Hope Devine
Hope Devine 5 månader sedan
Keep making more hopeforpaws rescue videos love you hopeforpaws team
Lorraine Gatzke
Lorraine Gatzke 5 månader sedan
💖 beautiful little cat
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