Dog rescue on the California, Arizona and Nevada border - stressful, but successful! ❤️👍 

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This rescue was a tough one - the two dogs, Phryne and Essie were abandoned in the desert, and they never had much human contact. Luckily for them, Zach and Katherine who adopted Arya from this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpEK9... spotted them and established a relationship with them over many weeks. The dogs didn't really have much of a choice... they became completely dependent on them for food, and yet, they always kept their distance and wouldn't allow them to touch them.

This rescue may seem harsh to some, but it's important to understand that the alternative was to live life alone in the desert, exposed to the elements, hunger, predators, disease, and for us, that's not OK - they deserved better!

Some people may ask "why wouldn't you just use a trap which is less stressful?". There are a few answers to this. The first one will require you to imagine a situation where one dog walks into the trap, then sees the other one trapped, and then disappears forever! This is a terrible outcome and definitely not a desirable one.

Another question may be "why not set a trap once you had them enclosed?". There are a few reasons for that. Imagine a situation where both dogs walked into the same trap together (it did happen to me before). The initial stressful experience may have caused them to attack each other... you will see it almost happening when we try to bring them closer... aggressive redirection is a serious risk.

Also, imagine a situation where one gets trapped, the other one freaks out, and manages to get away from the property (like a worker showing up, not knowing what's happening, and opening the gate - enabling the dog to escape). Another option is for the dog to jump or dig her way out... there are too many unpredictable factors here and I had to figure out how to do it so we will have both dogs.

Katie and JoAnn did an amazing job during this extremely stressful situation... I really couldn't have asked for a better team by my side - these are situations you can't train for... every moment is unpredictable. I don't know too many rescues out there who would drive 600 miles to save two dogs out in the desert, get them to the hospital, and then get them to an amazing foster home. I am so happy it was done so well and without anyone taking a bite :-)

Of course, we couldn't have accomplished this rescue without Zach and Katherine... they helped us execute the mission perfectly and I am so happy it all worked out.

If you can, please support our work with a small donation so we can continue saving lives. This is not an easy job, it can definitely be dangerous, and we definitely can't do it without you! Please visit our website and take 3 minutes to help us help more animals: www.HopeForPaws.org

Our friends at L.A. Animal Rescue have been working with Essie and Phryne and they made incredible progress! The dogs are happy to be together, they love running and playing in the snow and inside their foster home!

If you would like to adopt them, please contact them directly: www.LAAnimalRescue.org

If you can't adopt them, please LIKE this video so it will help us reach more people... this is the best way to help us get to their adopting family.

Thank you so much!


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17 apr 2021



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Alicia Doldán
Alicia Doldán 18 timmar sedan
Que bien.
Eric Bamberger
Eric Bamberger Dag sedan
Love these people bud damn Eldad talks crazy to these people helping
Eric Sinsara
Eric Sinsara Dag sedan
I would like to give this a double like if i could
Ruthie Dawson
Ruthie Dawson 2 dagar sedan
cheryl mcallister
cheryl mcallister 3 dagar sedan
Read where some complained about the way they were captured……. I’m sure they have commented how forgiving animals are of their past! Too bad people could not take a lesson from animals!! ElDad is the most gentle an caring person an I doubt he enjoyed it however it had to be done to save the pair! Thank you ElDad an fellow rescuers with him today for doing what you do best….. saving lives ❤️
manbearpig human
manbearpig human 4 dagar sedan
Thank God nobody got injured. That was a tough rescue!
Shahna Shahu
Shahna Shahu 6 dagar sedan
you are such a kind person
Nicholas taylor
Nicholas taylor 7 dagar sedan
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Nicholas taylor 7 dagar sedan
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Nicholas taylor 7 dagar sedan
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Hanna Koniushok
Hanna Koniushok 8 dagar sedan
You are great People, guys, Thank You! Greetings from Ukraine!
Velma Mendoza
Velma Mendoza 11 dagar sedan
This rescue was so special and yet so sad to see where this mother and daughter dogs were abandoned out at such a lonely place. Thanks to Zack & Katherine for feeding them then helping you all rescue them.
Vicky Aldana
Vicky Aldana 12 dagar sedan
Wow, happiness for 2 unwanted girls, thank you!!!!
Я 13 dagar sedan
Thank you for doing everything you do and saving animals!
The Blue Hotel
The Blue Hotel 13 dagar sedan
Terrific job, people. I don't think I've seen you corral dogs who were more reluctant than those two. Thank you!
Jazmyn Franklin
Jazmyn Franklin 14 dagar sedan
This one was intense to watch but I loved it
Balgup parmanc
Balgup parmanc 15 dagar sedan
From desert to snow what a beautiful journey
Dana Young
Dana Young 18 dagar sedan
I am so glad God has given us people like all of you in this world. The two people who took care of these dogs until they were rescued God bless them as well. I will definitely be a person who donated regularly. Thank God for all of you!!
Anna Evchenko
Anna Evchenko 19 dagar sedan
Им подарили шанс на нормальную жизнь, это круто
Phillip Lopez
Phillip Lopez 19 dagar sedan
I feel for the dogs for it is a big frightening world out there
Cyndi Foore
Cyndi Foore 20 dagar sedan
Beautiful dogs
Joogie Ohne
Joogie Ohne 21 dag sedan
Scheiß Tierquäler :(
Hoàng Thanh Tú
Hoàng Thanh Tú 21 dag sedan
All you guys are angle! hope all of you have good health always!
Diane Crofoot
Diane Crofoot 24 dagar sedan
German Chavez
German Chavez 24 dagar sedan
Imagine if all animals on this planet can communicate with humans and humans would understand, it’ll be really cool and probably easier for situations like this
Mathews Silva
Mathews Silva 24 dagar sedan
Damayanthi Jayasinghe
Damayanthi Jayasinghe 25 dagar sedan
Nchakga Lehonono
Nchakga Lehonono 27 dagar sedan
kathleen Czinner
kathleen Czinner 28 dagar sedan
Hello from Australia. You all do an amazing job. Thank you on behalf of all animals everywhere.
Edits _xaventurerax
Edits _xaventurerax 28 dagar sedan
Ogata la que así sigan😍😍😍😍😍😍
Maura Braga Kanno
Maura Braga Kanno 28 dagar sedan
Coitadinhos chegam tão indefesos parabéns p vcs que resgatam👍❤️
Jam Slam
Jam Slam 28 dagar sedan
This guy's soooo bossy. He's like the Adolf Hitler of dog catchers. 😂
Natasha Nicholls
Natasha Nicholls 28 dagar sedan
I pray that they are adopted together. Is like, where one is, the other is as well.
Nicole De roose
Nicole De roose 28 dagar sedan
Alleen maar ongelooflijke dank in naam van de dieren wiens pijn u heelt.
Christine van Duuren
Christine van Duuren 29 dagar sedan
I do not understand why some people give thumbs down on these posts.
Hane Vlogs
Hane Vlogs Månad sedan
Jeff Kealy
Jeff Kealy Månad sedan
Forgive me if this is rude, but I was literally mentally screaming at Katie.
秋霜烈日 Månad sedan
I do hope they do get adopted together. Please!!
TheHandymanQld Månad sedan
Old mate could be a bit nicer when talking to his helpers. Anyway, good job in catching the dogs.
TeamTallerMore Månad sedan
I love the names! I also have a Phryne from "Phryne Fisher's Murder Mysteries " and I almost named her Essie instead
noname Månad sedan
Meaningful Songs&Poetry
Why to danger your life and dogs life. Just shoot some injection which will make them unconscious 🐕
Arjun Menon
Arjun Menon Månad sedan
Isn’t there an easier way like mixing a tranquilliser in the food that is not harmful.
Shoot true
Shoot true Månad sedan
liked and comment
when you randomly watch him and now its a everyday thing
Esmeralda Flores
Esmeralda Flores Månad sedan
Por favor nunca dejen de hacer esta labor tan Hermosa y tan Humana que Dios y la Virgencita de Guadalupe se los recompensarán por Muchas Más Bendiciones. Así sea por siempre y para siempre. AMÉN.🙌✨🙏💙
VJ Grenier
VJ Grenier Månad sedan
I'm sorry if this has already been answered. Why don't you feed them a sedative?
bubu bibi
bubu bibi Månad sedan
Mavro Syvannah
Mavro Syvannah Månad sedan
This is where I pull out my magic green packing blankets. They can see and that calms everything. Then I just pick them up.
Hannie Keijzer
Hannie Keijzer Månad sedan
Jullie doen het MET goede bedoelingen, maar kan toch wel begrijpen dat ze doodsbang zijn eerst lekkere dingen geven en dan vangen met die rotte lasso
Hala Al Abbasi
Hala Al Abbasi Månad sedan
Excellent work ❤
TARS, CASE, & JuJu Månad sedan
you sure they don't have puppies under the building?!?
Quang xuan Nguyen
Quang xuan Nguyen Månad sedan
吳玉桃 Månad sedan
Mari Mármol Jaramillo
Por favor a la los rescatistas rescate les por favor a los animales domésticos no para tenerles confinados a estar enjaulados no parados dolorosamente so bre varillas metálicas o de cualquier condición pobres animalitos eso es ir de mal a peor
Hot Banana
Hot Banana Månad sedan
"Arizona,California,Nevada" my mind : Somewhere in Nevada...
Lois Griffiths
Lois Griffiths Månad sedan
Totally Awesome guys. Great job catching them. They don't realize it yet, but very soon they will.
Rosalie Therrien
Rosalie Therrien Månad sedan
Thank you so mutch !!!!!💗
domin4ik 4ik
domin4ik 4ik Månad sedan
God bless every animal in the world😍😘🤗! God bless every person who loves and helps animals like me! I really appreciate any kind of help to animals! I love these little marvels more than myself and ready to sell my life for them😢😭! I wish good health and be happy to every animal in the world!😍🤗😘
Trang Le
Trang Le Månad sedan
You should see Kritter Klub of SBS catching dogs.
Connie Vogt
Connie Vogt Månad sedan
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Ingrid Fredericksen
Ingrid Fredericksen Månad sedan
Feo como lo cazan
Yunus Ates
Yunus Ates Månad sedan
I admire your work. Please catch and save some humans from the streets as well.
Candace Hagan
Candace Hagan Månad sedan
Sometimes, when Eldad starts giving directions, it stresses me out so bad! Lol I don't know how those girls keep their cool. I'd be yelling, "Shut up, Eldad!! I'm trying!" Not that he's giving bad directions or anything!! I love Eldad and what he does! I just mean in these kind of high stress situations. They are freaking awesome! Y'all are great! You inspired me to finally go back to school and become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. I've only got 3 semesters left!
Make With Kate
Make With Kate Månad sedan
These two are so lucky to be with you guys, wish you the best of luck on your next adventure!
Karine Buinier
Karine Buinier Månad sedan
Pet sound 😸🎧 ☁️ Pé. Ti. Ti. On 🎩 C on tre. ☁️ L'e x p é ri m'en t a tio n A ni mAle. ☁️ 🇫🇷 ♥️ 🇨🇵 🦊🚬 Sur le s. ite : Tren t. E. 🌠Mill ion S🌠d'a.mis
Plumeria 1990
Plumeria 1990 Månad sedan
AMRITA ROY Månad sedan
In the movie cars ive heard about route66
Nadia Vinco
Nadia Vinco Månad sedan
Your work is so precious thank you so much💞💞💞💟💟💟🌻🌻🌻
MoonLandingAgain Månad sedan
Do not make it harder than it is. Thank you anyway
Andrea Waterstreet
Andrea Waterstreet Månad sedan
I just figured out what’s being referenced with the names Phryne and Essie: actress Essie Davis, whose most famous role is the unforgettable character of 1920s Australian sassy society gal and super sleuth, Phryne Fisher. If you ever have the opportunity to watch PBS’s “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”, I highly recommend them. It’s an awesome show!!
Angela Rodríguez
Angela Rodríguez Månad sedan
Un final feliz
Angela Rodríguez
Angela Rodríguez Månad sedan
Sois increibles, besitos desdé España, os sigo y os veo cuando puedo🤩🤩
Daniel Andy
Daniel Andy Månad sedan
Life is full of the lovely things like the morning sun, the gleaming dew drops, the sparkling rain, the vast blue sky, the whistles of chirping birds, the beauty of the sea, And above all the beautiful lady with joyful smiles like yours. Hope you're doing great and in good health my dear?
Stephanie Dougherty
Stephanie Dougherty Månad sedan
could you not have just let them go into the traps themselves? they were definitely hungry. it just makes me think if they haven't been touched, that now their first thought of being touched is from a snare pole.
valerie mcdowall
valerie mcdowall Månad sedan
As ever thank you guys
Darth Larper
Darth Larper Månad sedan
Good job now take off those dumb masks please.
Marie Ann Laforteza
Marie Ann Laforteza Månad sedan
God bless you for doing this
Daniel Andy
Daniel Andy Månad sedan
Beautiful comment . Life is full of the lovely things like the morning sun, the gleaming dew drops, the sparkling rain, the vast blue sky, the whistles of chirping birds, the beauty of the sea, And above all the beautiful lady with joyful smiles like yours. Hope you're doing great and in good health my dear?
Milciades méndez
Milciades méndez Månad sedan
Bravo.Con mucha habilidad los atraparon a estos pobres animalitos.Dios los bendiga por salvarles la vida.🙏🙌🤗🌹💓🌸🌷💕
Eddie Wood
Eddie Wood Månad sedan
Thank you so much very very for all you do, there are no words that can ever convey my true gratitude but I will state that you all make this world a better place, God Bless You All xxx
Zettie Månad sedan
I hope they end up on a cattle ranch where they belong. ♥
Planet Influence DK
Planet Influence DK Månad sedan
Were is the shelter all snow & caged there is sleeping realy bad, want show shelter
Planet Influence DK
Planet Influence DK Månad sedan
After were is the dog life your any videos not showing
Elizabeth Cook
Elizabeth Cook Månad sedan
I always check in here especially when I need a pick me up or I'm just a bit down. I do everything but jump for joy at the end. Problem is, I can't deciede whether I like the cats or the dogs the best. They are all God's Creatures...just like us.
Daniel Andy
Daniel Andy Månad sedan
Life is full of the lovely things like the morning sun, the gleaming dew drops, the sparkling rain, the vast blue sky, the whistles of chirping birds, the beauty of the sea, And above all the beautiful lady with joyful smiles like yours. Hope you're doing great and in good health my dear?
Luisa Alarcos
Luisa Alarcos Månad sedan
Zahir Abbas Mogul
Zahir Abbas Mogul Månad sedan
Congratulations on 5 million subs hope for paws you all deserve all the love in the world
Nicole Caratge
Nicole Caratge Månad sedan
Bonjour de France terrible de voir tous ses animaux dans la rue merci pour eux quel bonheur qu'ils soient sortir de la rue je l'espère 😭😭😭😭😭😭👍👍👍👍👍👍
Raquel Matias
Raquel Matias Månad sedan
Cheers from Portugal! 🥂👍💖🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️
Nilce Lopes
Nilce Lopes Månad sedan
Lindos vcs são verdadeiros heróis por salvar esse animais
What a TEAM EFFORT... I love the awesome couple (obviously animal lovers) help in so many ways. I love Hope For Paws from across the country, and because of these videos I'm a monthly donator. They inspire me and I'm sure many others, even other rescue organizations. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...
Juliet Scott
Juliet Scott Månad sedan
i need to cry now at the end my heart was like i have never seen something sooooo cute :3
Catherine Sapitan
Catherine Sapitan Månad sedan
That gurl on a blue sando why are you so slow mo action 😬😏she didn’t understand eldad what’s he say..poor Dogo..but thank u 🙏 much hope for paws specially eldad
Voya Ristika
Voya Ristika Månad sedan
I just noticed this video has close to 372,000 views. What if everyone had donated $1.00? Wow! It would keep the bookkeeper hopping, but ill bet they wouldn't mind!!
Елена Шагунова
Julie Russell
Julie Russell Månad sedan
OMG I want him. But I’m in New Zealand ....😩
Shilo Allard
Shilo Allard Månad sedan
I’m so glad these precious girls were saved by Eldad Loretta Zach and Katherine
PugLuv Månad sedan
this was such an intense video - I was so happy the people had the patience and experience to rescue the dogs. Huge hearts! At the end of the video - the dogs had put on some much needed weight. Luv for everyone
Steve Friedl
Steve Friedl Månad sedan
That's a long drive to Goffs, CA....
Tom Young
Tom Young Månad sedan
If Hippo was homeless he found food somewhere. Looks like a cross bulldog and pit-bull. That's the dog would like to guard your home in the country. Then on the other hand he makes friends quick and would probably show the burglars where the jewelry and the open safe was for a cheese burger
Maria Evelyn Sanchez
Guys you are simply awesome. Your instincts are just incredible.
Heidrun Schwartz
Heidrun Schwartz Månad sedan
that was very well done. even the "bad part" for the dogs was not too bad. amazing job! thx !
Sen Çal Kapımı 40. Bölüm
Sen Çal Kapımı 40. Bölüm
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts