First time we got a call about a situation with a BEAR! 

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JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick are not afraid of anything! Bear on the ground??? No problem!!! :-)

This week we are celebrating 5,000,0000 subscribers and for this celebration, we are giving away 5,000 Lucky Leashes!!!!! The fastest 5,000 fans to type their correct information will receive their leashes shortly: www.HopeForPaws.org/5m_subscr... (if you are younger than 18 years old, you will need your parent's permission to share your information).

Thank you so much LA Animal Rescue for working with us on saving Kasey! They have many more amazing animals for adoption: www.LAAR.org

Have a great weekend!


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6 mar 2021



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Monique Gibson.
Monique Gibson. 3 månader sedan
Congratulations on hitting 5 million!🎊💕🎊 It's well deserved! Thank you and your team for all you do. Glad to be a monthly supporter👍😘👍
Kay Hammack
Kay Hammack 27 dagar sedan
Awww it made me sad when the lady said they had grown attached to. Kasey but knew she needed to go somewhere else because of the bear...they seemed like such sweet people ❤️
Salmer 2 månader sedan
@Dee Mannix Nope. Whilst they exist, this channel is one of the good ones. They're a legit organisation.
Leilani Mcintosh
Leilani Mcintosh 3 månader sedan
I love your video jennika
Raymond Reddington
Raymond Reddington 3 månader sedan
@fabienne dufrasne Maybe, maybe not. Unfortunately, not all people are in a position to keep a stray.
fabienne dufrasne
fabienne dufrasne 3 månader sedan
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr that couple could have kept this beautiful stray😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
wholoveskitty Dag sedan
It always makes my heart feel so much happiness when you see a nervous, scared street cat end up in the peaceful tranquility of being loved in a home. ❤️💕❤️
Marie Slabbert
Marie Slabbert 2 dagar sedan
Kasey is a lucky and happy boy!
Gwen B
Gwen B 3 dagar sedan
Awe the poor man really wanted to keep the cat.
billy lo
billy lo 3 dagar sedan
False advertising. Kinda like a video tilted, “ democrat answering questions.”
Pat Davis
Pat Davis 3 dagar sedan
What an amazingly affectionate cat! I think that he is someone who appreciates what he has now compared to what life was like before.
Heidi M
Heidi M 4 dagar sedan
So glad there was not a real bear. This kitty is just darling glad you rescued it.
Charlotte Rowe
Charlotte Rowe 4 dagar sedan
Aww he looks just like a big boy I used to have except my boy had four double paws. I called him Sasquatch.
geospasmic 20 dagar sedan
Shame the couple couldn't keep him, but Kasey deserved a nice home away from bears.
mimzy 27 dagar sedan
This beautiful cat behaves like he belonged to somebody before, he is not a wild one. Too sad, that he isn't welcome anymore. Hope he will find a forever home full of love!
The Ramdom Channel
The Ramdom Channel Månad sedan
RESPECT to the couple who was feeding him!! They were atached, and still did what was smart and better or him!
slp1227 Månad sedan
I was a little curious as to when the guy picked the cat up why he didn't put the cat in the carrier straight away, instead of on the bench? Oh well, most important thing, the cat was rescued!!
Herobrine Månad sedan
Me:Donating 500 dollars
Nancy K
Nancy K Månad sedan
There are going to be some serious financial tough times ahead. It's good that we give while we still can. We will need our furry friends more than ever in our lives. Love you Hope for Paws for collecting these precious nuggets of gold. You are doing truly amazing work! It's nice that not every save is off the free way or in some other outrageous situation. I love the people who cared enough to call you and you are able to go.
gatorade me bish
gatorade me bish Månad sedan
Watching this while my cat sleeps on my arm....im melting
Valerie C.
Valerie C. Månad sedan
Asmr Fan
Asmr Fan Månad sedan
I thought they were going to save the bear from keeping away from their yard but they just saved the cat💀😱
truth seeker
truth seeker Månad sedan
good job
KozziT MAY
KozziT MAY 2 månader sedan
Bear says can you PLEASE put out bigger bowls? Cripes I cannot get my nose in them! The Bear is going to be so P**sed. What no treats???????
Rita Merrill
Rita Merrill 2 månader sedan
No Thank You
David N
David N 2 månader sedan
Cats are cuter than bears anyway.
ALISON FOSTER 2 månader sedan
God bless you all animal lover!
Patti Dail
Patti Dail 2 månader sedan
Never leave cat or dog food outside overnight! It will attract wildlife!
eyemall ears
eyemall ears 2 månader sedan
Ilaria Catini
Ilaria Catini 2 månader sedan
Sweety kitty 😍
Brenda Bodwin
Brenda Bodwin 2 månader sedan
He may have been a stray, but, you can tell those people fed him, and, actually cared about him. ❤❤❤
DylanKing1999 2 månader sedan
What's that music called that's playing in the background?
World of Grace
World of Grace 2 månader sedan
Hi hope for paws! Just wanna tell u I appreciate what you do for animals. You have inspired me to be a vet when I grow up! Just one thing... do u know what breed Kasey is? I have a cat that looks EXACTLY like him, and I dont know her breed. I also do not want to buy an expensive DNA test. Do you have any guesses?🤔🐱
My Life my work
My Life my work 2 månader sedan
Thanks Guys for saving cute friend and Guys your help and support is very important and beautiful👍👍👍💝💝💝💕💕💕🤗🤗🤗🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖🌺🌺🌺🌹🌹🌹
Alyssa Rodriguez
Alyssa Rodriguez 2 månader sedan
That is a friendly cat
PETERSON OLIVEIRA 2 månader sedan
Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Addams 2 månader sedan
noticed that guys horde mask at the vet. nice
Tmr Is Coming
Tmr Is Coming 2 månader sedan
😍 this boy is beautiful
Gabriella Lind
Gabriella Lind 2 månader sedan
At first I was like y’all gonna really try and rescue a bear and put it to foster cat
Rođa 2 månader sedan
Alison Dunsmore
Alison Dunsmore 2 månader sedan
Anyone else thought they were gonna rescue the bear?
Claudia Escobar
Claudia Escobar 2 månader sedan
Congratulations on 5M I know nobody knew this but my sis works at la animal rescue her name is Ariel Vieria
Reyan Bello Gaming
Reyan Bello Gaming 2 månader sedan
4:03 that's alot of books!!
Eva Thielen
Eva Thielen 2 månader sedan
Thank you!
j listing
j listing 2 månader sedan
She was someone's pet at one time. Too easy. Not a real rescue, but hopefully have a loving home soon. She is very sweet.
Ita S Pranoto
Ita S Pranoto 2 månader sedan
Wow I thought they really rescued a BEAR
Nadia Oulahri
Nadia Oulahri 2 månader sedan
What Jake
What Jake 3 månader sedan
Click bait BS
White Madea
White Madea 3 månader sedan
I love what you do but the guy that talks is very bossy and talks down to the girls maybe not meaning it but does it regardless. Please be nicer when you talk and not so bossy
Sigridovski 3 månader sedan
The Dodo has stolen one of your rescue movies.
Sincerely, LGS
Sincerely, LGS 3 månader sedan
Anyone know if there is a rescue in Canada with a youtube channel. Hoping in every country there are Angels like Eledad and LorettA. Bless your hearts!! ❤
MissSmudge78 3 månader sedan
Thanks to the couple who asked for help, by calling Hope For Paws. Casey looks happy now. Grinning my head off :)
Janie Jones
Janie Jones 3 månader sedan
Oh, the poor man wanted to keep Casey! You couldn’t pay me to live on a beautiful property like that if I couldn’t go outside at night and go get something from the car or have a smoke or whatever and have to be worried about a bear or a lion cat cougar whatever attacking me all the sudden… No thanks!
SugarSkylaPlays 3 månader sedan
Hope for paws u gyes are amazing my fav vid was when u helped the bear family and the homeless people at the same time !!! U gyes are my idol.
Rub-a-Dub-Dub 3 månader sedan
Fish and wildlife frown on people doing their jobs.
꧁Maisie _ Moss꧂
꧁Maisie _ Moss꧂ 3 månader sedan
Tbh I was kind disappointed that they weren’t taking the bear. Lol
Rebecca Higgins
Rebecca Higgins 3 månader sedan
sparkly bubbles
sparkly bubbles 3 månader sedan
Congrats on hitting 5M well deserved! 👏🏻👏🏻 Also which part of Cali are you guys? I'm going to Cali within the month or something like that
depi zixuri
depi zixuri 3 månader sedan
Mooom! ¡HFP clickbaited me into a cat video!...
Whistle Blower
Whistle Blower 3 månader sedan
*Thanks, Hope For Paws, and may God bless you for all you did, you do and you will do!* Best wishes and GOOD LUCK from Germany!
Star Network Rescue
Star Network Rescue 3 månader sedan
Nice video
Brian Rock Railfan
Brian Rock Railfan 3 månader sedan
liked video 👍🐻🐈
da er
da er 3 månader sedan
I could very well imagine how Loreta puta the lucky leash on the bear bear hahaha 😆
Susan Mercurio
Susan Mercurio 3 månader sedan
Philippe Van den Sande
Philippe Van den Sande 3 månader sedan
I've had the same problem with a sasquatch.
Knock Out
Knock Out 3 månader sedan
do you eat meat? if yes you are alive 5m example of a hypocrite
Mohan Nag
Mohan Nag 3 månader sedan
I thought they will rescue the bear and when they brought the cage i thought that the bear will not fit in it and it will break the cage😁😁
washanou 3 månader sedan
It's easy to catch, but it's intentionally pretending to be difficult.
Armchair Jock
Armchair Jock 3 månader sedan
Just watched an old vid about a big dog, named Gershwin. Does anyone know if he found a home
Gabby Cornelio
Gabby Cornelio 3 månader sedan
wen i get older i am going to donat and you ugiz r the best and you giz Mack me cri
Missy Zalgo
Missy Zalgo 3 månader sedan
Why is everyone complaining? At least the bear wasn't clickbait
Prinegon Bevaris
Prinegon Bevaris 3 månader sedan
What I ask myself, if that cat was so confiding towards the residents, why the need to call Hope or Paws? Why didn't they just take the cat into an animal shelter themselves?
Laura Metcalf
Laura Metcalf 3 månader sedan
Why didn’t they just take the cat inside???????
Mari Smet
Mari Smet 3 månader sedan
FANTASTIC -- beautiful TEAMWORK - if not for compassionate, considerate, smart Owner, if not for knowledgeable, compassionate, considerate, smart Rescues (funded by compassionate, considerate, smart People), these Cats & Dogs along with other strays would be in terrible trouble - THANK YOU to all the knowledgeable, compassionate, considerate, smart People who are giving Kasey a happy and healthy life - WHAT TEAMWORK!
дмитрий рейсфельд
Спасибо за котейку.
Tenerife Horse Rescue
Tenerife Horse Rescue 3 månader sedan
what an unusual situation... hope the bear is fine too :)
mrsleep0000 3 månader sedan
liana tobias
liana tobias 3 månader sedan
Is sad to watch such weak people ....why they do nt let the kitty inside?????????????????/
Cute fluffy unicorn Dancing on rainbows
Pretty much 90% of this comments thought they would rescue the bear instead of the cat
藤福 3 månader sedan
ずいぶんと人に慣れた猫。 しばらく庭に住み着いて、可愛がられていたのかな。
69 DZ 302 Camaro
69 DZ 302 Camaro 3 månader sedan
I'm more of a dog person, but that cat is cute!
Татьяна Серова
Жаль нет субтитров на русском языке...
Nanny Blue Belle
Nanny Blue Belle 3 månader sedan
Congrats on your 5M more than well deserved xoxox
MostEpicGuyYouWillEverSee 3 månader sedan
Remember to watch the full ad!
Anne Terry
Anne Terry 3 månader sedan
Every dollar supports saving lives. Even on a fixed income I am so happy to be a monthly contributor to Hope for Paws!
john fisher
john fisher 3 månader sedan
ya i tho they were going to to
Jay Tee
Jay Tee 3 månader sedan
Aww, his face is SO much like my best cat ever. ❤ She was a street rescue too. It looks like Kasey found his purrfect human. So happy for them all.🤗
Ashley Pina
Ashley Pina 3 månader sedan
ahhh the person with a world of warcraft mask on in the background FOR THE HORDE! lol
Ashley Pina
Ashley Pina 3 månader sedan
@Susan Mercurio looks creepy too lol it wasn’t a nice “fine thanks” reply, if we were in person I would’ve had a “stank face” as I was saying it lol
Susan Mercurio
Susan Mercurio 3 månader sedan
@Ashley Pina : This Owien Moore person is kind of creepy: he writes the same message to all the young women on this chat.
Ashley Pina
Ashley Pina 3 månader sedan
@Owien Moore fine thanks
Owien Moore
Owien Moore 3 månader sedan
Hello Ashley, how are you doing?
W B 3 månader sedan
Mary Sanchez
Mary Sanchez 3 månader sedan
And this is an unintentional, perfect example of why "feral cat colony people" drive me up a wall. When you spay/neuter "feral" cats and release them out there and feed them, it attracts other cats that get into fights, bears, coyotes, rats and mice, porcupines, raccoons, other rodents, all kinds of scavengers, and they can spread diseases when they interface, leave contaminated feces behind that can aerosolize and get you sick, and some species can also harm each other. Spay/neuter/release doesn't eliminate the fact that the cats are still out there killing wildlife at the rate of aversge 160-180 wild creatures per year, EACH... that the cats will live only half as long as ones confined at home... that they become potential vectors for the diseases of every animal that's been in their mouths and if your own cat roams, they're bringing home the diseases of every animal they've killed. Feral cats only live another 2-3 years after release, on average, it's a short brutish life, and roaming cats only live half as long as those confined in catios or at home. The ferals are vaccinated against only a few diseases they can contract outdoors, are still subject to attack by dogs and wild predators, the vagaries of extreme weather, cars, catfights, ingesting poison and rotting carcasses... These people aren't supposed to be leaving food outside, including pet food, fruit trees, bird seed. If a car swerves to avoid or or hits your cat, you're responsible for damage to the car and injuries to the occupants. Cat feces can carry toxoplasmosis and cause miscarriage. It's more nitrogenous than wildlife scats, and encourages invasion of non native flora that squeezes out the native flora that stops soil erosion, something that especially Californians should consider after their wildfires. After storm runoff, cat feces ends up in rivers and streams, causing algal bloom. And feral cats are really just homeless cats. Every major wildlife and environmental organization and environmental experts take the position that cats shouldn't be allowed to roam. Imho, they deserve better... I love cats. But almost half the wildlife I receive as a wildlife rehabilitator is caught by roaming cats, and most of the victims die or must be euthanized, because cats are so good at what we bred them to do indiscriminately. They suffer terribly. I'm sorry if my comment upsets some, but I've had to bear witness to the tragedy of cats versus wildlife personally, for a long time, and most people don't have to see what rehabilitors bear witness to. You can find this information at verifies well known conservation groups and published papers online. Cats don't need to roam. They need to be loved at home.
Shanumuhamad Shan
Shanumuhamad Shan 3 månader sedan
Just call "khabib"
Tiziano Meta
Tiziano Meta 3 månader sedan
Sandrea White
Sandrea White 3 månader sedan
Why didn’t original people take the cat in their own house and have an indoor cat if they were attached to the cat?
John Raymond
John Raymond 3 månader sedan
The supreme biology mostly attempt because authorization correspondingly return onto a clear peen. rotten, incompetent coach
sabrina aubret
sabrina aubret 3 månader sedan
Thank you for him! it looks a lot like my second cat who unfortunately got hit by a car!! and so he's gone and I miss him so much!! thank you again for the work you do with all these abandoned animals, injured or worse! I adore you, continue I am wholeheartedly with you
Susan Mercurio
Susan Mercurio 3 månader sedan
I'm so sorry for you. It's heartbreaking to lose a pet that way (or any way).
Nathalie Defloor
Nathalie Defloor 3 månader sedan
oh wow that bear is gorgeous!!
game genie
game genie 3 månader sedan
hi where to is hope for paws located when im older I will join if I can or be a dog fosterer for the dogs till they find a home
game genie
game genie 3 månader sedan
@Susan Mercurio thank you im gona have to travel when im older enogh but that is fine
Susan Mercurio
Susan Mercurio 3 månader sedan
They are in the Los Angeles, CA, area.
Mama Ames
Mama Ames 3 månader sedan
May God forever bless you dear selfless loving Eldad, your HFP Team & all who support HFP' compassionate merciful life-saving Rescuers. You are all worthy of a very special place in Heaven.💕🙏💕
ChessasWorld 3 månader sedan
I hope the man doesen't miss the cat too badly :(
Dung Nguyen
Dung Nguyen 3 månader sedan
Jessie Cristo
Jessie Cristo 3 månader sedan
Kasey is gorgeous and soooo affectionate. I love it when cats melt when you give them skritches. So thankful y'all rescued him and that he didn't end up as bear chow.
Owien Moore
Owien Moore 3 månader sedan
Hello friend how are you doing today?
Holly 3 månader sedan
Look at how relaxed Kasey was as soon as the husband started petting him. So glad to see a happy ending to this rescue.
MissRon 3 månader sedan
For the Horde!!!! Go the World of Warcraft mask being worn by the man at the vet!
Nori Fox
Nori Fox 3 månader sedan
What a sweet boy! It seems that he was dumped so Im glad he found a good family. (And that he had good caregivers until his rescue!) ❤️
Owien Moore
Owien Moore 3 månader sedan
Hi there how are you doing today?
BrushyMtnGolfer 3 månader sedan
The cat was able to be held by the home owners. Why didn’t they just take the cat inside to feed it?
Jennifer Martinez
Jennifer Martinez 3 månader sedan
The angelic music you play in background is soothing and I love it. I have three pups sitting next to me watching a cat video and they are calm. 🥰
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