Injured animal in the water is rescued - an X-ray reveals something we have never seen before! 

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This is a cool one with an animal you have never seen on our channel! Loreta Frankonyte and Katie McKittrick handled this rescue beautifully and now Shelly is looking for her loving forever home!

I'm so happy people know to call for saving these animals! Please join us with a small donation and help us save more lives.

If you would like to adopt Shelly, please contact our friends here: rarn.org

Thank you so much!


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14 maj 2021



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ursuss100 2 dagar sedan
Is that the large LA water spillway seen in the Volcano film ? My god, these go straight up to the Pacific Ocean...that turtle would have died in there for sure ! And of course, what was the first thing she ate? Salad... Turtles for ya hahahahaha :)
Zaravassem Ahmad
Zaravassem Ahmad 4 dagar sedan
God bless you good people 🥰
SİM 4 dagar sedan
Dynoesaur 10 dagar sedan
We have 3 little guys and love them soooooooooooo much ❤ 🐕🐕🐕
NEWS FOR LIBERTY 10 dagar sedan
Another wonderful rescue, but would have loved to know what happened with all those eggs!
Noel Prieto
Noel Prieto 12 dagar sedan
I wanna adopt her
Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin 12 dagar sedan
All animals deserve a chance to live their best life.❤️🥰❤️
John Mejia
John Mejia 13 dagar sedan
only WAS HERE to see this part and then click off the video 1:28
C_ Farther
C_ Farther 13 dagar sedan
These women sure do giggle a lot, maybe they are half drunk.
forest dweller research
I am so glad to see this :)
Mohammad.Najmadin. AMIRASHAYERI
Fronnie Fazbear
Fronnie Fazbear 15 dagar sedan
But what happened to Shelley's eggs?!?!?!
дмитрий рейсфельд
Anne Janssen
Anne Janssen 16 dagar sedan
male red ears turtle have long nails on the front paws, this is how you can recognise him
Rishika Gupta
Rishika Gupta 16 dagar sedan
We want update on the turtle 🐢 Did she had babies ? 😍
Skye ID
Skye ID 16 dagar sedan
I would have kept the name Sheldon regardless of the turtle's sex because it sounds so cute.
StrawberryLOver 17 dagar sedan
Soo cuuute ❤❤
TL Young
TL Young 17 dagar sedan
If you don't find a forever home for Shelley you might contact the Snake Discovery Channel and see if they are interested in having her in their brand new reptile zoo they are opening now or putting her on their adoption island.
Poison Apple
Poison Apple 18 dagar sedan
I wonder when Eldad first started rescuing animals if he thought Hope for Paws 🐾 would grow Globally like it has ?? ♥️♥️🤗 and that they would rescue so many different animals !!! I am in awe of what this rescue has done so much for so many different animals !!
Laiba Ahmed
Laiba Ahmed 20 dagar sedan
She reminds me of my pet turtle named Shibbles :')
CFC thegreatesttherecanbe
Well done to the eagle eyed lady who spotted her.
348Tobico 22 dagar sedan
This big girl needs to find a place to dig a hole and lay her eggs- pronto! Great save Ladies.
qlayed love
qlayed love 22 dagar sedan
The turtle brings a good luck in the house specially if there is girls 👭.
Diane Greene
Diane Greene 22 dagar sedan
Was Shelly's wound repaired/is it healing? Will she stay at the refuge until she lays her eggs?
Diane Greene
Diane Greene 22 dagar sedan
Music was horrible, unnecessary and covered up the speech. I
matt zeng
matt zeng 22 dagar sedan
ninja turtle!
Dee DeCorte
Dee DeCorte 22 dagar sedan
so sweet. we got snapping turtles in our garden. My mom was working and all of a sudden the dirt on the end of the row started moving. All of a sudden it burst with like 20 babies. So precious. Mom took them down to the corner where there was a stream and let them go. Every summer, mama laid her eggs in the same spot. Nice and warm and the right amount of moisture. too precious. AWWW babies.
Christin Caffee
Christin Caffee 22 dagar sedan
Babyyyyy turtles!!!!!!!
Pamichen 23 dagar sedan
Oh I love Shelley!! Thank you for rescuing her! What happened to her eggs? Does she get to lay them? 🐢💚
Clifton Frederick
Clifton Frederick 23 dagar sedan
Wow beautiful angel bikini lady's lovely safety animal and pets 😍💕
Aisha Muhammad
Aisha Muhammad 23 dagar sedan
Kinda wonder why animal rescue videos got dislike... like why?
Mr CuddlyWomp
Mr CuddlyWomp 23 dagar sedan
I have one of these turtles, I believe I had him for about 16-17 years now. I rescued him from being attacked by fire ants when he was a baby.
icha putri
icha putri 24 dagar sedan
super girls thank you for all hard works
Abby Turner
Abby Turner 24 dagar sedan
Omg I love turtles I rescued one from a plastic bag before I've had him for 3/2 years his name is nola
Jonathan Robles
Jonathan Robles 24 dagar sedan
Marcus Toledo
Marcus Toledo 24 dagar sedan
While I was watching this video I was thinking what if she had babies she laid recently and it turns out I was right but they weren’t out yet
Mary Ferguson
Mary Ferguson 24 dagar sedan
If you need to find homes for turtles or ducks or pigs call Paul Caffero in Florida. All the animals he takes in are for the try of their lives
Foxy Ladybugs
Foxy Ladybugs 24 dagar sedan
Please, please show us an update on Shelley's condition & babies 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢. Aloha hope for paws, stay safe and GOD BLESS FOR ALL THE GOOD HARD WORK YOU GUYS DO. FOXY 👩🤟🤙🏼👏👋
Tannhauser 24 dagar sedan
Couldn't her forever home be in a wetland somewhere in the normal area for her species? She's not like a dog or a cat that would be unable to survive in the wild.
Sylvia Laney
Sylvia Laney 24 dagar sedan
ot a turtle! sorry is a turtle!
Jhon Gauntt
Jhon Gauntt 24 dagar sedan
Super Anime
Super Anime 25 dagar sedan
Plzz come in Bangladesh manny manny dogs are here plzz help😢😢
Damayanthi Jayasinghe
Damayanthi Jayasinghe 25 dagar sedan
Pedro Casique
Pedro Casique 25 dagar sedan
How you guys know if she´s happy?! No offense just wonder!
Mary Essency
Mary Essency 25 dagar sedan
But what about the eggs?? baby turtles?? plz make a video to update us on the bebes!! ToT
James Weir
James Weir 25 dagar sedan
in florida we call them chicken turtles. they are not good to eat but make great fish bait. just sayin'
KING CAT 26 dagar sedan
So beautiful Sheldon is now good Thank you for.rescue this sweet girl Angels💗❤🙏
Kathleen Carlstedt
Kathleen Carlstedt 26 dagar sedan
Love love love this video! Thank you, Loretta!
Restore The Earth
Restore The Earth 26 dagar sedan
I think turtle gave you a dirty look when you rescued her, another dirty look at the vet and then happy looks when you fed her in clean water. 😊❤️👍
Deb cothran
Deb cothran 26 dagar sedan
She needs a natural setting to lay her eggs
Diane Crofoot
Diane Crofoot 26 dagar sedan
You guys are great!
HOPE FOR PAWS 25 dagar sedan
Thanks for your love and support towards my post
cynthia Hicks
cynthia Hicks 26 dagar sedan
I hope we get to see the babies when they are hatched. These sliders were common in North Carolina- I wonder if somebody had her for a pet and then she was released there in the canal.
Abigail Cruz
Abigail Cruz 26 dagar sedan
Sweet momma turtle🌹🤗
Doobisoft 26 dagar sedan
Oh my god I LOVE HER! She’s going to have babies too?!?! I want to SEEEE
Ember Rose
Ember Rose 26 dagar sedan
Do we get an update when the eggs are laid and hatch??? Fantastic news! ❤
WindWoman 3
WindWoman 3 26 dagar sedan
And this is why everyone love HfP! Who the *blinkedy-blank* would walk 1/2 mile in the scary/toxic L.A. “River”😳 to rescue a common turtle? Much less get her veterinary care? Good job, ya’ll!
My Life my work
My Life my work 26 dagar sedan
Well-done Guys and Guys you are really good and great💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏🤗🤗🤗👌👌👌💖💖💖🌹🌹🌹
16poetisa 26 dagar sedan
We absolutely NEED and update on the hatchlings!!!
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie 26 dagar sedan
That was awesome but... I'm a little confused tho. (sorry 😔) If Shelly has eggs, does that mean... what? Is she going to have babies? What does this mean for a turtle and in what type of timeline? It didn't say "If you'd like to adopt Shelly & her family...." so... I don't know! 🤷🏼‍♀️
Ruth Murphy
Ruth Murphy 27 dagar sedan
Susan Mercurio
Susan Mercurio 27 dagar sedan
I live in Minnesota and red-eared sliders are native here. And where she's going is probably looking for some nice dirt to dig a hole and lay her eggs in.
Heej Saan
Heej Saan 27 dagar sedan
vettegirlc3 27 dagar sedan
Shes Beautiful thankyou
Drummond Fengdahl
Drummond Fengdahl 27 dagar sedan
what, no cheeseburger for turtle? that's discrimination! :D
Cecelia 27 dagar sedan
Ty for rescuing this beautiful turtle. I am a turtle rescuer also🐢
Brenda Bodwin
Brenda Bodwin 27 dagar sedan
Well, did you find her a nice place to lay her eggs?? Video please. Children/People need to see.
Robert Shatto
Robert Shatto 27 dagar sedan
Looks like it was shot,,maybe a air rifle
CHRISTIAN PAYAN. 27 dagar sedan
Roberta Morrison
Roberta Morrison 27 dagar sedan
Yeah... I wouldn't say she was "happy" to be rescued but getting free food will definitely improve her opinion of humans. Btw they love big fishing worms! 😉 And hopefully she'll have a home before the next full moon, she'll probably want to lay her eggs near that night. At least that's when my box turtles usually choose to bury theirs.
Lynda Astrid
Lynda Astrid 27 dagar sedan
Even turtles! You guys are the best :)
patricia collet
patricia collet 27 dagar sedan
The turtle is stressed, not smiling.
Wendy Travis
Wendy Travis 27 dagar sedan
According to California Fish and Wildlife these turtles, although not native, are now found throughout California are are most often near urban areas. This little girl may have been born wild.
Muffs 55mercury
Muffs 55mercury 27 dagar sedan
I love turtles and tortoises. She obviously wasn't scared of her rescuers or she would have kept her head hidden longer. She knew she was in good hands.
Maria Weston
Maria Weston 27 dagar sedan
Why is a turtle in water a problem. Our pond has lots of turtles in water. Is it a lack of food?
Cryogen 27 dagar sedan
Sheldon? What's his second name? Cooper?
Lili Pintea-Reed
Lili Pintea-Reed 27 dagar sedan
What a cute turtle! Great Job!
Katie W.
Katie W. 27 dagar sedan
Why would she be adopted? Put her back in the wild.
Thatyana Machard
Thatyana Machard 27 dagar sedan
Só aventuras né Meninas?
Anita bakker
Anita bakker 27 dagar sedan
Wow beautiful turtle and very active💚
Nurma cahaya
Nurma cahaya 27 dagar sedan
EliasEv 27 dagar sedan
so where are the tiny turtle pups? i wanna see those
Jerry Cezar
Jerry Cezar 27 dagar sedan
All lives matter! ☺️ 🇵🇭
نواف العنزي
نواف العنزي 27 dagar sedan
Shannon Marie
Shannon Marie 28 dagar sedan
"aww isn't HE cute... awww MOMMA... lol love all rescuers!
nomatch 6
nomatch 6 28 dagar sedan
Why do ppl come here to watch this rescue and give it a thumbs down? Rude ppl
Gemtail 28 dagar sedan
Whatever happened to those eggs? Were they fertile?
Muedza Family
Muedza Family 28 dagar sedan
I wish, we (indonesian) have you in here. Lots of animals that need your help to be rescued.. and needs shelter
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman 28 dagar sedan
What type of jerk tosses thier turtle in a culvert?
B Mom
B Mom 28 dagar sedan
I wonder if the x-Ray was ok to have had for the eggs. I mean they had no way of knowing.
Heather Oliver
Heather Oliver 28 dagar sedan
I hope the prospective turtle parents are assessed for their knowledge of how to take care of a turtle because she will live a long time and be a big commitment. It seems she already had poor owners at least once if she is 15 years old and ended up in a drainage ditch.
kaali kaali
kaali kaali 28 dagar sedan
Michelle Mills
Michelle Mills 28 dagar sedan
So cute! :)
S.E. E
S.E. E 28 dagar sedan
What to the babies?
Random girly-girl Sav
Random girly-girl Sav 28 dagar sedan
What about the eggs?!?! Will we get an update on her becoming a new mom???
dawn conner
dawn conner 28 dagar sedan
ps, will they eat little fishes, too? and did she ever lay eggs that hatched?
dawn conner
dawn conner 28 dagar sedan
i am in north central West Virginia. i was driving over here 2 years ago, and crossing a small bridge when i was a turtle on its back lying there. so i stopped and turned him over only to see it was a red eared slider. they are NOT native this far north. i brought him home, only to realize that his shell was badly cracked. poor guy. i washed him down w/ betadine and called our DNR here, and they said he couldnt heal from that sort of injury and seeing as he was sort of an invasive species for us, we should put him down. i had them as pets as a kid. they were tiny, of course. this one was 6-8 inches across. i felt so bad at having to put him down.
LAONA MULLINGS 28 dagar sedan
If she can't pass her eggs, there is an amazing vet in America, called Dr Kay at exotic and avarian animal Hospital... She is on the TV.. amazing vet
Francisco Washington
Francisco Washington 28 dagar sedan
Mad Fern
Mad Fern 28 dagar sedan
awww shelley she is beautiful so happy she was rescue wish her the best .
2degucitas 28 dagar sedan
Where do they live? Yeah, it looks like California.
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