Injured dog laid on the freeway for 24 hours and just waited to die 😰 

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This rescue story has so much more than you'll see on the video, so please visit our blog and PD and read the whole story: www.HopeForPaws.org/injured_d...

Thank you so much!


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29 dec 2020



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Robert Matthews
Robert Matthews 17 timmar sedan
That was a beautiful rescue..!
Beautiful soul
Beautiful soul 17 timmar sedan
Awww What a beautiful girl ❤️ Im so Happy for her recovery and a new home! Namaste
USNCBSLIXXX 17 timmar sedan
Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro Kamado 21 timme sedan
I cried so much my mom literally gave me a weird look
Jing volgs
Jing volgs Dag sedan
God bless you always🙏🙏🙏
Jing volgs
Jing volgs Dag sedan
i am from Philippines i always watch your video with my kids and we really like it coz you help a lot of dogs...anyway we got 2 dogs died last week and it is really hurt 😭😭😭 we wish to have anothe dog coz my youngest always cry we cannot afford to buy anymore
Mike Whitman
Mike Whitman Dag sedan
Cops with the assist and win!!!
Staunch 88
Staunch 88 Dag sedan
I hate people who just leave animals to die
Staunch 88
Staunch 88 Dag sedan
I wish to join the team I may be only 14 but I would risk my life just to save animals
GradKat Dag sedan
Fabulous story! PD looks amazing after her recovery. So glad she is now with a loving family. What wonderful work you do!!
Noname Atall
Noname Atall Dag sedan
This little dog got lucky! 🐶🐶🐶💖💖💖
Gregarious Antithesis
This stuff is so damn sad
Rex Mayn
Rex Mayn Dag sedan
Dion St. Michael
Someone is going to get a very sweet little dog when she is adopted. So cute.
Dion St. Michael
God bless all the generous donors ❤️
Dion St. Michael
That was an amazing rescue. Must have been so absolutely terrified to not even flinch when you approached. That screams volumes. Poor wee soul. So precious and trusting. Someone lost or abandoned a very sweet little girl 😢
Dion St. Michael
Much love and respect for Officer Gray and Officer Nichols. Respect sirs ❤️
fernando camacho
I love the work you do and the stories of those fabulous fury friends , lucky enough for been rescued by you . Thank you for been such a wonderful human beings. God bless you. Hopefully I’ll be able to make a contribution soon
Somo foryou
Somo foryou Dag sedan
Oh yes. Please. 24h. Give her water .now !! And you did. Thank you for being there. For every rescue. So professionell and with all of your heart and body and mind. I support you from Germany every month with a little donation. I wish i could do more. You do such an amazing job!
Santo971 Dag sedan
I’m glad she did not end up in some Chinese kitchen.
Burnt Popcorn
Burnt Popcorn Dag sedan
OMG so dangerous even w the escort (LA drivers). Hero!
Matt Rost
Matt Rost Dag sedan
Every time I see a lap dog "hanging" out the window of a car on the freeway, I worry the dog will fall out. Great rescue!
loanna xxx
loanna xxx 2 dagar sedan
Made me smile the ending was fabulous 🤣
Daniel Stephen
Daniel Stephen 2 dagar sedan
Of course the LAPD and the others, they’d love to help rescue animals but would kill innocent black people for no reason
F M 2 dagar sedan
Omg she’s so happy. Beautiful.
Most complete memelord in the World
I want her 😍🥺
Laurel Miller
Laurel Miller 2 dagar sedan
I will never understand thumbs down 👎🏻
Bibek Bhusan Das
Bibek Bhusan Das 2 dagar sedan
Thank u mam , helping the innocent animals 🙏god will help u for do more good work 🙏
calvacoca 3 dagar sedan
❤ I love those positive videos 🥰
Kapa Kapa
Kapa Kapa 3 dagar sedan
is never better
is never better 3 dagar sedan
Great work...keep it up! I still cry at the end of every video I watch!
Kate Bunny
Kate Bunny 3 dagar sedan
I love America. ❤️
Hiji土方 3 dagar sedan
Thanks for being so passionate about animal welfare. New subscriber right here.
Powerful Ara
Powerful Ara 3 dagar sedan
oh wow...God bless Hope for paws and to the LAPD thank you so so much😘😘😘
noneya 3 dagar sedan
Good on you man, good on you
Sandy Shemet
Sandy Shemet 3 dagar sedan
So wonderful....tears of joy...
Helen jeannie Bernard
Helen jeannie Bernard 3 dagar sedan
What a big transformation,shes so cute and adorable,happy to know she have a forever home. Big smile to see him playing and hiding under the blanket with her adoptive mom.that dog bring you big blessings and happiness in life.God bless you all who bring that dog a better life.
Helen jeannie Bernard
Helen jeannie Bernard 3 dagar sedan
Oh my god, how on earth people abandon that sweet little angel.God bless you for saving him and the officer's to who scorted you.Big blessings come to you in return.
Stephanie Ferrell
Stephanie Ferrell 3 dagar sedan
She turned out GORGEOUS... Talk about "beauty" hidden behind the "beast".😳🤔😳😂👏👍
chris furlanic
chris furlanic 3 dagar sedan
I can hardly believe it's the same dog. You are truly doing God's work. Thank you all so much
Cali Fornia
Cali Fornia 3 dagar sedan
Mnneelakantaiah Mapina
Vahe Karamyan
Vahe Karamyan 4 dagar sedan
Guys You have beautiful inside and outside , ❤❤❤❤
nycowgirl34 5 dagar sedan
Every rescue I watch of these sick and injured animals makes me cry a river. I don't cry over anything else but this just rips my heart out. I think about how long they must have been there, scared, hungry, hurting, cold and how many people they saw pass them up before their angels arrived. I should be happy for them and I am but it saddense to no end. I want to do this with my life. I wish I was rich. I would save every animal in need.
V.A. RCE 5 dagar sedan
From death's door to home on the hill with lots and lots of love...so wonderful
ferdinand inso
ferdinand inso 6 dagar sedan
Thanks to the police.. they are so cool.. Bless them..
Manju Jack Kutti
Manju Jack Kutti 7 dagar sedan
You are such a fabulous angel.😭😭👍👍
Reginald Durley
Reginald Durley 7 dagar sedan
I just picked up a puppy about 4 or 5 months old on a high way. Fed and gave him water. Animal Shelter came and got him and took him to the vet
Zaravassem Ahmad
Zaravassem Ahmad 7 dagar sedan
Love you good people 🥰
Kahoba Alexandre
Kahoba Alexandre 7 dagar sedan
Have you seen how the dog was happy while the man came closer to hum
Islay Stevenson CURRIE
Amazingly Guys, take care 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Shamdy Crook
Shamdy Crook 8 dagar sedan
Does this little guy count as a passenger in the passenger lane so you won’t get a fine? Ha ha Ha God bless you! 🙏🏼❤️💉 Anyone who wants to defund the police needs to stick it up their ass! 🚔❤️🙏🏼💉💯
Ryan Wahlstrom
Ryan Wahlstrom 8 dagar sedan
Great ending
Feri ALB
Feri ALB 8 dagar sedan
This poor soul is thanking you with her playing and jumping for all the times.....
JOHNNIE Gonzales
JOHNNIE Gonzales 8 dagar sedan
God bless you you are doing a hellava job 🥺💯🙏
Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin 8 dagar sedan
Awwwww, she's sooo sweet.❤️😍❤️
laura perkinson
laura perkinson 8 dagar sedan
This kind of thing that has me making Hope For Paws my give to charity every time I buy something at amazon. Wonderful people!
L Michaels
L Michaels 9 dagar sedan
Thank you LAs finest and the rescuer
Deborah Hodgson
Deborah Hodgson 9 dagar sedan
Aww she is beautiful!! How did she end up on the freeway and injured😢 thankfully you kind people helped and healed her!! She looks the same as my dog! Thank you for all you do you are all amazing!🙏😘🙏
T. P.
T. P. 9 dagar sedan
Aaaaawwww thank you! ♥️♥️♥️
Reina De Guzman
Reina De Guzman 9 dagar sedan
One of my favorites hope for paws videos! Wonderful! ❤️
Chase Gaut
Chase Gaut 9 dagar sedan
oldstuffrocks64 9 dagar sedan
Thanks to Eldad and the LAPD officers who jumped in to help.....Love that softhearted side :)
あじぽん 10 dagar sedan
thank you💞👵
Francisco 10 dagar sedan
Incredibly beautiful dog
Francisco 10 dagar sedan
24hours? Man...i sense massive carelessness and maybe lack of empathy from hundreds of Americans passing by...no wonder the state of the country
Kelly Lynn Weber Wardwell
God bless the police they save not only humans but man's best friend thank you lapd
John Connor
John Connor 11 dagar sedan
Poor baby.. I was in bumper to bumper stop and go rush hour freeway traffic one afternoon when the jerk ahead of me tossed a terrified kitten out of his opened door.. The poor helpless animal ran to the side and then back out into traffic, - right under my wheels where it died. I was shocked, heartbroken, sickened and furious at the jerk who tossed out this helpless kitten to be intentionally run over. There is evil in this world. Mostly it walks on two legs.
Melissa Simmonds
Melissa Simmonds 11 dagar sedan
What a sad beginning what this baby went through. Thanks to EVERY single person involved in this Story that helped save her. I'm thrilled she's in a loving home now, she's a sweetheart. I could go on forever..but God Bless 🙏🐾💜, we need more people like this in the world we're in! My ultimate dream is to have an Animal Sanctuary to help all creatures in need.. that's a job I'd be happy to wake up to..anything's possible! 💜All my Love, Blessings & Support to your cause!💜
rudyyy60 11 dagar sedan
Figured California ...trash people ignore poor doggys ...
Sue Ss
Sue Ss 11 dagar sedan
Gods angels walk on earth. Thank you for everything you have done for Dear PD. She is a beautiful and brave girl. XOXO 😘 🐾❤
Татьяна Захарова
Тамара Калмыкова
yeyeye1984 12 dagar sedan
Watching you videos I don't if I should be sad or happy or mad (like if a puppies was abandoned) or excited
A Michaels
A Michaels 12 dagar sedan
RESPECT to the LAPD. too 🙏💙🇺🇸
A Michaels
A Michaels 12 dagar sedan
A Michaels
A Michaels 12 dagar sedan
Anthony U.
Anthony U. 12 dagar sedan
It's as if someone left her on the freeway. Such a happy ending. God bless you, I'm donating.
Alexandra Melo
Alexandra Melo 12 dagar sedan
God bless for your wonderful work.
Аико Аико
Аико Аико 12 dagar sedan
D N 12 dagar sedan
Patty Taylor
Patty Taylor 12 dagar sedan
Jerome Hill
Jerome Hill 13 dagar sedan
Very happy ending
Chato Pierides
Chato Pierides 13 dagar sedan
Team work and no better way to accomplish everything safely for you and the abandoned dog. Well Done! Thank you for the LAPD.
Mahmud Associates
Mahmud Associates 15 dagar sedan
Louise Semrani
Louise Semrani 15 dagar sedan
What a magical ending gives us hope🦘❤️🐨
Vinnie Turner Jacobs
Vinnie Turner Jacobs 15 dagar sedan
She’s a beautiful little dog
Vilma Najera
Vilma Najera 15 dagar sedan
Qué preciosidad después de estar en la calle aguantando de todo ahora está en un lugar con alfombras y personas que la aman
Js Dallasguy
Js Dallasguy 15 dagar sedan
Congrats to the LAPD. Let's fund the police even more NOT defund them. Most police officers are heroes in my eyes. Let's support them. Thank you for keeping me safe.
Js Dallasguy
Js Dallasguy 15 dagar sedan
Thank you for helping this angel live. Eldad, you make me cry sometimes. I am a guy and not many guys can make me cry, lol. Thank you for what you do and for what it's worth coming from me, may God richly bless you. You're a very decent human being in a very falling world. Again, thank you for what you do. You're the best!
Richard Arguelles
Richard Arguelles 16 dagar sedan
What I couldn’t understand is how a very caring beautiful little dog like that be so playful get stuck out on the freeway with no home that’s amazing she was tamed And very playful it was amazing I’m glad you guys do what you do God bless you all
iiunicorncupkakequeen 16 dagar sedan
A person like this should have no dislikes… god bless this man for saving these dogs!
TravelWell 16 dagar sedan
So sad that animals have to suffer as a result of humans. Was so sweet to see her just look up at Eldad at 3:03 like oh hey.
Harold Haynes III
Harold Haynes III 16 dagar sedan
Kyanna Morris
Kyanna Morris 17 dagar sedan
Love what your team is doing for animals
Johan de Belen
Johan de Belen 18 dagar sedan
Who chopped the onion?!
Jenna Puhl
Jenna Puhl 18 dagar sedan
She just wanted to be saved!! What a beautiful rescue ❤♥
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 18 dagar sedan
God Bless you and LAPD for rescuing this beautiful dog. Thank you God Bless
Dok 18 dagar sedan
Kudos on LAPD an their 2 officers ! Gigantic police officers ! May god bless you,too!!!!!!!!
Sofia Flores
Sofia Flores 18 dagar sedan
I’m crying !!! You are amazing