Just when I thought the rescue was over, it wasn't!!! 

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The third opossum must be the cutest one I have ever seen in my life!!!
I know many of you have worried about Loreta after her dog, Bonnie, passed away. She had a really rough week, but your support has been so helpful to her and she felt all the love from you guys. If you missed her post on Instagram, here it is: xoxoloreta

Thank you Pacific Wildlife Project for raising these babies so they can be released as young adults with a much greater chance of survival in the wild!

If you like our work and if you can, please send a small donation so we can continue rescuing animals. As you could see in this video, it didn't matter to me that the call came in on the weekend, at night, 30 minutes after I took a nice shower... when these animals need us, we're there for them.

The link to our website: www.HopeForPaws.org

Thank you so much for your support!


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21 nov 2020



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Joy McClure
Joy McClure Månad sedan
Opossums are such sweet animals. People fear them, but seem to like raccoons.... who are 1000x more dangerous. An opossum, that I suspect was a rehabilitation release, joined me on the back deck one night as I fed a stray cat. I talked to it so I didn’t startle it, but it just kept looking for more food. It ate cat treats from a canister I was holding and didn’t even hiss or show teeth when I started petting it.... just wanted the food. They’re GREAT for the environment (they eat ticks and anything laying around) and don’t carry rabies... on top of being completely peaceful. Even showing teeth is trying to scare you away.
hi bot
hi bot 2 månader sedan
Why was he just chilling in the cage at the end
Brenda Bodwin
Brenda Bodwin 2 månader sedan
Better hope you never actually get bit. Those CV teeth are like tiny razors. Where did they go after you kidnapped them?
Nicholas Costello
Nicholas Costello 2 månader sedan
I thought it bad bites ???
Elsie Sharpley
Elsie Sharpley 3 månader sedan
They are cute lol
mary11976 3 månader sedan
Possums are really cute as babies then... not so much. I have a brown one living in my crawl space, have been feeding him thru this past horrible NJ winter. He's really fat now. 😄 And the only one who enjoys my cooking.
Zee 3 månader sedan
Beautiful possums. They won't bite!!!! Please be kind, everyone.
Denise Jeronimo
Denise Jeronimo 3 månader sedan
Y love guys
Janie Jones
Janie Jones 3 månader sedan
SOOOOOO CUTE!💕💕💕💕❤️💕💕💕💕
Julia Aveline-Rabenjoro
Julia Aveline-Rabenjoro 3 månader sedan
I love how Hope For Paws is open to rescuing any animal. That's so special and never forget that we never get bored of any of your rescues. You do some amazing work. Thank you!
I I 4 månader sedan
possum nfbfbibisssghbfhbshbbsg
diecast jam
diecast jam 4 månader sedan
I take it them playing dead when cornered isn't a real thing then?
Александра Романова
опоссум очень необычное создание))) такое странное
theagenttomato 5 månader sedan
Poor babies 💔 How on earth did you see the other one! Amazing! Thank you for giving them a chance at life 💗
noname 5 månader sedan
Holly Kayanna
Holly Kayanna 5 månader sedan
I love opossums 🤍
Tran The Clever
Tran The Clever 5 månader sedan
She looks like a mini australian shepherd to me, so adorable!
Tran The Clever
Tran The Clever 5 månader sedan
Life is hard enough on the street for these strays without a deformity or injury. Thank you for rescuing him.
Mandys Mayhem
Mandys Mayhem 5 månader sedan
Oh man, so cute!
Tran The Clever
Tran The Clever 5 månader sedan
Loretta is the dog whisperer.
Tran The Clever
Tran The Clever 5 månader sedan
She's a really smart dog, it looked like she was doing her best to get all the food without setting off the trap. Good to see that she also figured out that she was safe after being trapped and calmed down.
Yuko 6 månader sedan
I remember seeing a possum and thinking it was a fox 👌😶
Tran The Cutest
Tran The Cutest 6 månader sedan
Hopefully, this lady is more careful with Luigi this time. 1:55 💗 💌
Tran The Cutest
Tran The Cutest 6 månader sedan
Tabby is strong and determined to win Friendship War with white kitten! If distressed jeans are in fashion you are all set! 5:12 🌲 🙂
Tran The Cutest
Tran The Cutest 6 månader sedan
🙏🙏❤️❤️🐕🐕🐈🐈🍀🍀👍👍💕💕🐾🐾 2:23 💓 🌤
purrrrson 6 månader sedan
Opossums are so darned cute!
That Hero
That Hero 6 månader sedan
*swamp cat runs* Eldad, "nunununonono! stoooop....stoooOOP!" *Swamp cat pauses and looks at him* "Well, I mean, okay, sure. Did you want a photo? No need to get so frantic!" *Cheese*
•Ava's Corner•
•Ava's Corner• 6 månader sedan
2:07 The spider in the bottom left corner 😫🤢
Isabella Beatty
Isabella Beatty 6 månader sedan
theyre so cute
sporty196071 6 månader sedan
You are the best, I am going to volunteer soon as find a place to live
Just Tim
Just Tim 6 månader sedan
You guys are the best! That’s why I love donating to you guys!!
Valentina Rios
Valentina Rios 6 månader sedan
you guys are the best i would love to work like you
Tran The Clever
Tran The Clever 6 månader sedan
You poor angel baby! I want to sweep you up in my arms and snuggle you to sleep 💋💋💋4:05 🙂 🌞
Tran The Clever
Tran The Clever 6 månader sedan
got a dog like that at a shelter brought him home and he killed my little weiner dog while i was at work it scared my kids and wife so the next took to him back to the shelter and he look at me just like that it broke my heart3:03 🍄 ☀
Joan Lynch
Joan Lynch 6 månader sedan
God bless the little weiner dogs of the world. He didn't deserve to go that way!
Maria Golke
Maria Golke 6 månader sedan
I’ve never seen them this small before. They’re so cute🥺💕
Maria Golke
Maria Golke 6 månader sedan
I did not appreciate that daddy long leg running in front of the camera😳
BB/VA 6 månader sedan
Love, love, LOVE possums!!!
Mikey Mike
Mikey Mike 6 månader sedan
Opossums are very beautiful and docile animals. Don't let their looks scare you. :-)
Kingcell Kingcell
Kingcell Kingcell 6 månader sedan
Hey guys I have a kitten he's sick and he can't move because he's leg hurts alot
Joan Jones
Joan Jones 6 månader sedan
God Bless You for taking care of His creatures!
Courtney Quillen
Courtney Quillen 6 månader sedan
Deanne kliene
Deanne kliene 6 månader sedan
I love opossums!
DMP 6 månader sedan
Possums are so good to have around. They eat so many ticks and snails. People need to be educated on how great they are to have around.
Yasenia Callum
Yasenia Callum 6 månader sedan
I love opossums! We never had ticks in our yard; which allowed me to sleep outside in the grass & not get bitten!
chizu 6 månader sedan
How can know, that there wasnt other Babies? Or may the mom?😬
Tran The Cutest
Tran The Cutest 6 månader sedan
Does he have some husky or shepherd? He’s gorgeous! Does he get along with cats and small dogs? 4:01 🍎 🖤
Tran The Cutest
Tran The Cutest 6 månader sedan
This really hit me as a cat lover,how could they do that to a poor cat.💔Edit:What song did you use at 1:02 1:16 🍋 🍉
Kamoonra The Wolf God
Kamoonra The Wolf God 6 månader sedan
Possums need rescuing? We have lots of them in Georgia and no one rescues them. They run free here. Careful. They have a nasty bite. Just wondering. They are so adorable. Poor little babies. Glad you rescued them and helped them out. I didn't realize they were so young.
FlaKNMB 6 månader sedan
These little guys are so beneficial and don't harm anyone. Thank you for saving them. I'm glad to see they all made it. I was concerned for the one who wasn't moving. So sorry to hear that Loretta had to let her Bonnie cross over the rainbow bridge.
Peter Walton
Peter Walton 6 månader sedan
We don’t have them in England but they seem very nice feisty little animals
дмитрий рейсфельд
. Спасибо.
beaksofeagles 6 månader sedan
Why did they have to catch these possums? I live with possums around me, and they are just fine if you leave them alone. Babies run around and then go back to their mother. We have brush-tail possums and ring-tail possums all over the place. Ours are marsupial too. Cheers from Australia.
꧁Cat G꧂
꧁Cat G꧂ 6 månader sedan
He says oh look how big they got. You should see the monsters that come into my backyard. They are bigger than our dog. There was a smaller one that would just hang out on top o the fence, because if he went into the yard the 2 huge ones would beat her up. And just as i was writing this, i went to my window and looked down and there was teddy the largest one waitin for his peanut butter sandwich. Snow all around. They are so huge my raccoon friend that came to see me all summer was scared of them. Do these guys not hibernate? My Raccoon and my skunk friends went to ground about a week ago. I very much did enjoy my covid summer backyard zoo this year. I have some pretty cool vids i need to upload being surrounded by Animals and having my raccoon dita sit beside me at the table and eat her dinner. Then we would play sometimes or she would chase one of the young skunks and pin them for hugs. They never squirted on her. They all must have known she had a sweet gentle nature. I do hope to see her again. miss her already.
outdoorbooks 6 månader sedan
Just FYI they bite
Sherri Cary
Sherri Cary 6 månader sedan
For a country having only 1 marsupial in its repertoire, we got the best one! They are so helpful and I just love them. Thank you for all your rescues!
sparkle paws Crawford
sparkle paws Crawford 6 månader sedan
I wish I could do what you do because there are stray cats all over the molet 6 in ely nv
sparkle paws Crawford
sparkle paws Crawford 6 månader sedan
prettysweettraveller 6 månader sedan
I miss Hope for Paws!!
Tonniece A
Tonniece A 6 månader sedan
👍🏾💯❤️💯❤️. Hugz
My Life my work
My Life my work 6 månader sedan
Thanks Guys for saving cute friend and Guys your help and support is very important and beautiful😍😍😍💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹💕💕💕🤗🤗🤗🌷🌷🌷🌺🌺🌺💖💖💖
Sorcha 6 månader sedan
Hello hope for paws team! The work you do is amazing! But one thing doesn't sit right with me. The use of cheeseburgers to help with the mission. If we can show this level of compassion to dogs why aren't we showing this level of compassion to all animals? We've been socialised to believe we don't kill dogs but killing pigs and cows etc is fine and normal. The meat and dairy industry is so cruel and torture animals their whole life until they are not useful anymore and are slaughtered. If you and your audience show compassion and benevolence towards dogs and other animals on your channel because they believe abuse towards them to be immoral then this morality has to be consistent and be applied to all animals surely? Not just the ones that we have been socialised to believe deserve a happy and safe life? It would be amazing to see channels such as yours that care about animals talk about the cruelty of the animal agriculture industry. I think it could really make a different. Just a thought. Thank you :)
StormRider 6 månader sedan
Be glad the neighborhood dogs didn't kill them. Dogs are the #2 threat to wildlife behind human overpopulation. In the country a lot of dog owners ignore laws and let their dogs run loose and they terrorize and kill wildlife. Even the little dogs run off wildlife who are trying to hunt or forage for food.
hyperfocal2002 6 månader sedan
They always try to look so fierce, but they are more like feral kittens.
Tser 6 månader sedan
We used to have rescued (unreleasable) opossums in our animal education unit at a large zoo I worked at. The comment that you're so glad they never try to bite is so true. They can be terrified and hiss and posture but I personally never had a single wild opossum actually try to bite me during a rescue. They're just the most inoffensive, harmless creatures. I love them, they're so wonderful.
ruth johnston
ruth johnston 6 månader sedan
Opossum party, oh boy
Fade2019 6 månader sedan
This is the only channel I would be fine with padding for 10 minutes so they can afford more equipment for these rescues.
Peril o.o
Peril o.o 6 månader sedan
:V :v
Tran The Clever
Tran The Clever 6 månader sedan
Cyndy Kated
Cyndy Kated 6 månader sedan
Such sweet animals
Savanna Seal
Savanna Seal 6 månader sedan
SCN8IVE 6 månader sedan
These are WONDERFUL animals. So beneficial for the environment. They eat thousands of ticks that transmit Lyme Disease and they are almost entirely immune to rabies. They sound really scary but they are not aggressive at all and only will bite as a very last resort. Love Love Love Possums!!!
Mesa K
Mesa K 6 månader sedan
Lisa G
Lisa G 6 månader sedan
Hehehe that are too cute those baby opossums This channel always puts a big smile on my face 😁
Catherine ferguson
Catherine ferguson 6 månader sedan
Well done Elda’s. Xx💕💕💕💕
Vamp 6 månader sedan
Stan Sole
Stan Sole 6 månader sedan
I'm glad that they are considered essential workers and can still work during curfew hours!
MrsTitti58 6 månader sedan
Che dire? Grazie di esistere 🙏💖🍀🌈😍
Vanna Rocha
Vanna Rocha 6 månader sedan
Maybe there was more lost there at night, the mom opossum always have lots of babies and they will die alone.
CFC thegreatesttherecanbe
CFC thegreatesttherecanbe 6 månader sedan
Being a UK resident, clearly opossums are not native to this country 😂 but, since I’ve seen your various rescues of them, I have grown to love them. They are seriously cute and their eyes are like little beads of dark glass, positively adorable 🥰. I guess seeing them in the flesh is different to how we view them on screen because, when you said “oh he’s quite big” I’m sitting there thinking “he’s so tiny”! If you think he’s big, imagine how he must view you! Probably thinks he’s in the land of the giants😂. Anyway I love your channel and admire the amazing work you do. Thanks for looking out for our animal friends 😘😘
Miroslava Ječmenica
Miroslava Ječmenica 6 månader sedan
Kelseyyy Elizabeth
Kelseyyy Elizabeth 6 månader sedan
i love how you handle these situations with opossums! a lot of people think that they’re gross and carry rabies, when actually their body temperature is too low for rabies to survive!
jackie Beauty
jackie Beauty 6 månader sedan
Lol there are no more dog s in L.A !? Lol aposson kioute to
Trâm Nguyễn
Trâm Nguyễn 6 månader sedan
Leland White
Leland White 6 månader sedan
God bless you guys!
Bentley Brewster
Bentley Brewster 6 månader sedan
The first and only time I'd ever seen a possum was in 1990 when I moved to Hollywood FL from Queens NY one actually rushed at me in my driveway hissing it scared the shit outta me. Not until last week Monday morning around 3:45a I was heading home from work and changed lanes from behind a tractor-trailer in the R lane and as I went into the L lane there was one crossing the road slowly. My pedestrian crossing/ accident collision camera picked it up and attempted to stop the car because i didn't see it. Unfortunately I couldn't stop because an asshole in a Ford bronco who had also changed lanes was right on my ass i didn't want them to think i was brake checking them and go create a road rage situation at that time of the morning and I was for sure I'd be rear ended, again, after being rear ended recently on 9/21, my vehicle damaged and injured my lower back I had no choice but to hit it. It did close to $900 worth of damage to my lower bumper and undercarriage. It's been in the shop since last Tuesday. Oh man, all I kept thinking was I'm so glad it wasn't a dog it would just depress me but now I feel so bad after having watched this video😭
Michelle Carver
Michelle Carver 6 månader sedan
You are lucky Eldad, because while it is rare opposums have been known to bite when cornered. Thank you though for saving these precious, sharp toothed babies. They are adorable, teeth and all.
XxVortex_NinjaxX 6 månader sedan
This channel should reach to 100m subscribers for rescuing God's creatures, God bless y'all and also this is really great content!!
Dr Betty Schueler
Dr Betty Schueler 6 månader sedan
They act so fierce but are actually very sweet. I love possums.
Ashley xo
Ashley xo 6 månader sedan
Love this!! Thank you for saving these sweet babies ✨😘💕
zullo christinet
zullo christinet 6 månader sedan
A wildlife rescuer vet told me that Possums do not carry rabies due to their low body temp :)
CawAreYouDoin? 6 månader sedan
My condolences to Loretta. I'm sure with you, Bonnie has had the best life possible.
Tia Geminiuc
Tia Geminiuc 6 månader sedan
And Loretta saved those Skunks!!
Uğurcan UYSAL
Uğurcan UYSAL 6 månader sedan
Why on earth you don't put ads in your videos? it's much more easy than asking 5 dollars. Also you can raise a lot more for the animals. i can't afford even 5 dollars trust me but i watch every video you send. Please earn money from SElosk!
Penny Grimm
Penny Grimm 6 månader sedan
awww he is the size of my rats
Hendrika Sunqrout
Hendrika Sunqrout 6 månader sedan
So sorry for :Loretta's loss. RIP Bonnie. I know how you feel. I love Opossums even though I have never seen one. They look so fierce and intimidating! LOL
Limey 6 månader sedan
I'm so sorry about Loreta's loss. I lost my cat back in May and I'm still feeling the devastation!
C B 6 månader sedan
I'm sorry....I totally feel you. My dog was 19, two weeks away from 20 when I lost her in May. Due to Covid, we had to have her euthanized in the parking lot at the vet's office, where people could see. It was a private moment that was visible to so many and it felt so intrusive. I know the vet couldn't do anything about that, but it just felt like it was not dignified to do her that way. I still cry over her, even though I have 3 more dogs......it was just so hard. All my dogs have been rescues, too.
liana tobias
liana tobias 6 månader sedan
I am mam from a baby opossum. Here in Brazil, they stay in mams balybag, like a canguru. My baby is only a month and a half old he sleeps in my hand and many strategies for him not escaping. Hugs.
TGSEdAbCa 6 månader sedan
They are so ugly when they open their mouths they’re cute!!
Ezra Creitz
Ezra Creitz 6 månader sedan
This channel reposts "rescue" videos of the same animals in different situations. There have been several situations over the past several months where they either accidentally or intentionally kill these baby animals, and make a video filming their dead corpse and proceed to bury them. THIS IS CLEAR ANIMAL ABUSE AND CRUELTY, AND NEEDS TO BE SPOKEN ABOUT. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, USE YOUR VOICE AND SAVE THESE ANIMALS!!! I hope the people that are responsible for making AND profiting off of these videos rot in hell. In my book, abusers of the innocent are the worst kind of human beings.
Ezra Creitz
Ezra Creitz 6 månader sedan
@-Warlocket - the videos are proof themselves, if you look through them you can clearly see that the animals are being reused, but Nick Crowley has 3 extensive videos on it as well if you would like a more in depth explanation
-Warlocket -
-Warlocket - 6 månader sedan
Is there proof of this?
Judith Walker
Judith Walker 6 månader sedan
When I was invaded by baby possums, the lady from the wildlife center said they almost always come in threes! A live trap and a can of cat food is by far the fastest and easiest way to gather them up. Tho you do need to rig the 'trapdoor' with a pull cord or you will have one in and two trying to get in! They are so cute when they are really young!
Richard Escosis Acquin
Richard Escosis Acquin 6 månader sedan
Hi my name is Richard Acquin Willing to adoption my puppy dog from philippines
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