Kittens waited for their mom... she never came back 💔 

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Today I want to ask that every viewer will donate just $1 here on SElosk.
Every year, millions of feral cats are giving birth out on the streets, and as they have to go in search of food in order to produce milk for the babies, they have to cross busy roads, encounter coyotes, dogs, and other dangers that many times leave them dead and then, as if the tragedy is not big enough, the kittens starve to death because they are usually hidden really well 💔

After a whole year with minimal spay/neuter services by the city (due to Covid), the number of kittens born this kitten season is just unbelievable! Every day we are called multiple times, we are really trying our best to help everybody (as you can see, these are not the most exciting videos, so we don't usually film those).

Please help us spay more cats than ever before this year - Every spay will prevent the suffering of so many innocent kittens. Donating here will take just a minute of your time, and it will help us save so many more lives.

Joining us as a monthly donor will help us consistently to do this work month after month: www.HopeForPaws.org
$5 a month (16 cents a day)
$10 a month (33 cents a day)
$25 a month (83 cents a day)
Whatever you can afford will add up and will help us continue saving these helpless animals who would end up starving.

JoAnn Wiltz got to this family on time and since her birthday is coming in a few days, it would be so awesome if we could reach the goal and save more kittens in her honor: www.HopeForPaws.org

To help us find these adorable kittens loving forever homes, we need your help. Please like, comment, subscribe, and most importantly, share this video with your family and friends.

To fill an application for Marx, Fajitas, Kabob, Sparkz, Coleman, or Blue Rhino, please visit: KittCrusaders.org

Thank you so much!


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29 maj 2021



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drone trunks
drone trunks 15 dagar sedan
The scratch marks on JoAnnes arms indicate that she is ranked Sargeant-Major in Animal Rescue ;)
Amadis Demitrius
Amadis Demitrius 10 dagar sedan
omg cute comments
Kevin Monasmith
Kevin Monasmith 13 dagar sedan
Great reply! Love that.
Karen Clausen
Karen Clausen 14 dagar sedan
@Teresa Haugen Yes it is. Make sure to wear leather gloves even for 7 wk old feral kittens, they can tear through work gloves easy.
drone trunks
drone trunks 15 dagar sedan
@Mr Garrett Don't be silly - she is a hero! Maybe if more emus did this kind of work they would be happier!
drone trunks
drone trunks 15 dagar sedan
@TryptaMind Scratch marks silly - not cuts. Besides the real focus should be on helping animals and commending efforts of the people who do! Lets try stay on topic :p
Kai Wirdemann
Kai Wirdemann 4 timmar sedan
Ihr macht das ganz wunderbar. Bin immer wieder gerührt...
emily morrison
emily morrison 11 timmar sedan
As a Canadian I am so surprise that with so many people watching that their their easing more people donation.
Tracey T
Tracey T 15 timmar sedan
Not sure why it didn’t occur to these people to feed the kitties themselves, but okay. I’m glad they knew who to call, at least.
MOTH 22 timmar sedan
Or send your kitten to daycare and have more fun because it’s an outside can with no toys just grass and become more tamed because likes to run away from you and play with other kittens and for some weird reason suck it’s big sisters and brothers milk or try to so that’s why I want to sent it to daycare lol cats these days.
Stephen Spears
Stephen Spears Dag sedan
I love Hope for Paws. You guys are the best people kittens dogs and cats have for life when you come to their rescue. These little ones are a perfect example of how people like JoAnne go out of their way to find and rescue helpless little kittens like these 6. Thank you Hope for Paws.
Why ppl keep giving small baby kittens baths......wait till they are much strongner........you know the bath is more for you than the kittens...so selfish
bryan gaspe
bryan gaspe Dag sedan
oh my god! I actually thought they'll grill the kitten, thank God they didn't
Monica Lopez
Monica Lopez 2 dagar sedan
He visto muchos rescates en SElosk pero como usted lo hacen no con amor y profesionalismo, usted son únicos que Dios les dé muchas bendiciones y ayuda divina por lo que hacen por ellos
Karen Ritter
Karen Ritter 2 dagar sedan
Adorable babyz, hello from my fuzzy crew
A Za
A Za 2 dagar sedan
They are absolutely adorable 💞
Nicholas taylor
Nicholas taylor 2 dagar sedan
The craven height intrahepatically occur because employer additonally drain excluding a defeated patricia. sore, superficial calf
Chiara Cataldo
Chiara Cataldo 2 dagar sedan
Amori dolci siete bellissimi ❤❤❤❤
Baby Ak47
Baby Ak47 2 dagar sedan
I want all that cat , but i in malaysia
TechnoBen 2 dagar sedan
Give me 1 please there cute
Sílvio Castanheira
Sílvio Castanheira 3 dagar sedan
Casey Finnegan
Casey Finnegan 3 dagar sedan
My heart breaks for these poor kittens. Thank God you were able to rescue them in time!!!
ogle betsy
ogle betsy 3 dagar sedan
should have STOMPED those little bastard birdkillers with her heel!!
Coffee Sir
Coffee Sir 3 dagar sedan
Annoying background music, sadly...
Trinkling Creek
Trinkling Creek 3 dagar sedan
That was a lot of kittens for one litter.
lokesh jha
lokesh jha 4 dagar sedan
really good work for animal welfare
Vb Wg
Vb Wg 4 dagar sedan
Vb Wg
Vb Wg 4 dagar sedan
999 333
999 333 4 dagar sedan
kittens in fact need baths
Santri Peqok
Santri Peqok 4 dagar sedan
Kalau di kirim ke Indonesia Sampai berapa ya ongkos kirimnya
Tony Berkopes
Tony Berkopes 4 dagar sedan
how could anyone give a thumbs down for this video?
Cheese Curls
Cheese Curls 4 dagar sedan
I'm a pet lover too,, And thank you for saving them 🙏💖 I salute to all of you 👍
vincy Cheung
vincy Cheung 5 dagar sedan
Kittens are so cute🐈😍😘😙😚💓~
Faris Hope
Faris Hope 5 dagar sedan
If God blesses America that is the reason, not the politicians prayers.
Mark Cornelius
Mark Cornelius 5 dagar sedan
From Lost Hope into the Arms of the Angels ;;; Love you Guy,s
Laegolas Greenleaf
Laegolas Greenleaf 5 dagar sedan
Grace Labrake
Grace Labrake 5 dagar sedan
What's your number I have strays in south Carolina
Carol Falls
Carol Falls 5 dagar sedan
They got them some vittles, saw the doctor, went to the spa and then had play time! That was a full day!!!
ポンタムスカ 6 dagar sedan
Rebecca C.
Rebecca C. 6 dagar sedan
Tom Oakhill
Tom Oakhill 6 dagar sedan
I love Hope For Paws and support them through a monthly automatic donation.
Badescu Andi
Badescu Andi 7 dagar sedan
I hope to find a family who love this kitten s,🇷🇴🇷🇴
Mary Sue Burnett
Mary Sue Burnett 7 dagar sedan
Vet visit! That’s how a rescue should go!
dreamer beautiful
dreamer beautiful 7 dagar sedan
How adorable the kittens are! Too bad their mother passed away. She must protect them in heaven to make them happy until the end. A wonderful cat mother would be alive if the destiny would allow.
Maria HerRod
Maria HerRod 7 dagar sedan
Rest in peace mama, make sure to take care of the kittens:) and I'm glad hope for paws exist and great work;)
Scout 7 dagar sedan
With monies raised set up a mobile van to offer free neutering provided by veterinary services. Or even low cost basics of animal care. Rabies vaccination. What have you. Microchip and registration
Emmy Cornish
Emmy Cornish 8 dagar sedan
Sooooo cute
mr castravete
mr castravete 8 dagar sedan
Little Coleman😂Hope all of them are good!!
Loli Cats Mishi
Loli Cats Mishi 8 dagar sedan
Please help these kittens family find the mother I'm worried now.
Just Tim
Just Tim 8 dagar sedan
I can’t believe how calm they all during a bath! I was expecting them to go nuts!
Just Tim
Just Tim 8 dagar sedan
I donated to you guys many times and will continue to do so!
Just Tim
Just Tim 8 dagar sedan
One they’re friendly too!!! That’s such a great sign, they’ll find horns in a heartbeat, thank you for saving them !!!
Beiser 8 dagar sedan
I enjoyed looking around your video. 😆
armpitfuzz 8 dagar sedan
If someone knew they were there, why hadn't they been fed for a "few days" ?
Kelly Ehrich
Kelly Ehrich 8 dagar sedan
I'll take a boy and his name will be Habachi 😻
kit e
kit e 9 dagar sedan
poor momma, might have been hit by a car or something
Fayzullo Khamedov
Fayzullo Khamedov 9 dagar sedan
God bless you all 🙏❤
ManicallyMetal 9 dagar sedan
They’re so beautiful, thank you for helping them ❤️
IMA HAPPY CAMPER 9 dagar sedan
How precious.. animals don't have egos therefore they are perfect teachers we can learn from 🙏❤✨
gen lozada
gen lozada 9 dagar sedan
Thank you for giving love to these kittens. They are adorable.
Anna Carla Silva Aloisio
Starlight 9 dagar sedan
Me: hits like button Someone else: hits thumbs down button Me: why did you hit thumbs down? Someone else: bc i dont like it Me: WTH YOU ARE A WEIRDO
Usch 9 dagar sedan
Oh Mann, sie sind Alle sooo schön, wie sich die Mama gefreut hette, daß sie gerettet sind, Danke, Danke, Dabke
Patti Brooks
Patti Brooks 9 dagar sedan
So sorry to hear the Ma Ma cat never came back ! That must of been sad for the kittens and very upsetting to them !
Jillian Sinopoli
Jillian Sinopoli 9 dagar sedan
I wouldn't say they were emaciated. They looked pretty healthy in the video of them being picked up. The people in the house were likely just tired of the noises and other things that come with a litter of kittens living on your porch. Being away from mom too early leaves kittens with long term health issues that the adopted families will just be overjoyed to discover. Maybe the rescue was smart enough to go back to check for mom. Although they're already now swamped with kittens that people say are "abandoned", because humans can't handle letting things be.
S M 9 dagar sedan
Oh my goodness 🥺. They’re so sweet. God bless all of you!
H D 9 dagar sedan
I'm so happy the kittens were rescued. My heart breaks for the mama. She lost her life fighting for the survival of her family. Can't stop crying...
Tsmadrid3567 9 dagar sedan
I like these videos but yay there was enough donations for new video
Maralic26 9 dagar sedan
Is so hard to believe some people see them as a pest instead of beautiful animals, we must try to help them, I almost got fire at work for feed a colony of cats, luckily there is more people who feels the same way as me and still put some food outside, of course they can't get fire :)
Neil Newhall
Neil Newhall 10 dagar sedan
Anyone got a box of tissues? I'm asking for, you know, a friend.
Rose H
Rose H 10 dagar sedan
Their mum did a fine job up to her disappearance,glad you guys were there in time to save her babies.
Hazy dreamer
Hazy dreamer 10 dagar sedan
Thank you for helping these lovely little kittens. They are adorable!
Kate H
Kate H 10 dagar sedan
Babies are so sweet and precious
Anna R
Anna R 10 dagar sedan
You are such amazing people! These kittens are very cute, but you are much more important; every city would need people like you. I would also like to commend those who let you know about animals in need. Bravo!
Amadis Demitrius
Amadis Demitrius 10 dagar sedan
Those kittens were off the chart cute. their eyes scared but hopeful, they trusted so quickly out of desperation. broke my cute bone watching this.
heyhioriginal andinvisible
Last year after my parakeets passed away, I was miserable. A couple weeks after my birthday, my grandpa (who doesn't like cats, but as he said "cats are better than rats so I'd rather have cats.) allowed us to adopt a couple of kittens, one of which is mine. He pulled the ol' Razzle dazzle into my heart. Honestly, almost a year later, I feel absolutely happy Razzle is my little man ❤
GentleTaipan 10 dagar sedan
I was so expecting the next kitten to be named Lenin haha. Thank you for rescuing them!
Veronica Vatavu
Veronica Vatavu 10 dagar sedan
Cine ar putea să i lase de izbeliște? I
1.618 Murphy
1.618 Murphy 10 dagar sedan
Feral kitties this lady rescues: *“Welp, gonna pretend she's our mom from now on”* 😻😻😻😻 Feral kitties I got to rescue: *“Gonna rip this man's filthy hand off”* 😼😼😾😾
Marlene Walker
Marlene Walker 10 dagar sedan
They are so adorable!!! I hope they find loving homes soon!!! Thank you so much for saving them!!!!
It’s not Bloodborne
It’s not Bloodborne 10 dagar sedan
this is great!
Amael78008 10 dagar sedan
Poor babies orphan kitties ! They have luck to meet this kind lady who saves and cares them. 💝😻🙏😻💝😻🙏😻💝
Calin Florin
Calin Florin 11 dagar sedan
Poor babys !
Jingle Nuts
Jingle Nuts 11 dagar sedan
God bless these kittens, thanks for saving them...
Avery 666
Avery 666 11 dagar sedan
I wish i could adopted but im all the way across the country
Avery 666
Avery 666 11 dagar sedan
Mrinal Das
Mrinal Das 11 dagar sedan
Start adopting rather than breeding indiscriminately.
Ben W
Ben W 11 dagar sedan
Stormy and flash flood weather here, the past few days, off and on. Two or three nights ago, I heard a kitten outside, thought I heard mama too. I tried to locate the kitten and couldn't, had to go back in. Haven't heard or seen them since. I hope the mama got the kitten to safety or someone else (human) did. I'm keeping an ear out in case. Around my apartments, a couple of months ago, the outdoor / stray cats have gotten scarce, still around, a few, but hiding. I think the complex mgmt. trapped them, but I don't know. The three I had been seeing, one who almost stayed with me, I haven't seen in two months, but Keep hoping toes them. If they got to no-kill shelters, good; otherwise, not good, but they couldn't keep on as strays without food and shelter and medical care. That's the sad truth of it.
Aleah York
Aleah York 11 dagar sedan
That was "good" of that guy(you), to call for rescue, but barring anything else, as to "why not??", he(you), could have been "nice" & at the VERY least, provided water!!! 🙄 Thnx ladies for your love, rescuing 💝
Sanya Jain
Sanya Jain 11 dagar sedan
Hello I am Sanya I want to be like you .I m 10 years old but My family does not like animals only my elder sister like animals.... 🥺🥺what can I do
Ayse Betul
Ayse Betul 11 dagar sedan
Follow me on instagram for beautiful cats @oriental_efe_guzel dm if you’re interested to be a cat mom or dad for a oriantal shorthair cat
Starlight 11 dagar sedan
*drivng to rescue a dog* *finds another dog* what luck *finds another dog and a litter of puppies* so lucky today huh loreta *finds litter of kittens and mom* i love what you do its funny how you find so many animals and how i really want to find one and never have (witch is good and i dont want to find one i just want to save a animal)
General ZodTheGod
General ZodTheGod 11 dagar sedan
Why I never find any kittens 🥺
goldenscales 11 dagar sedan
True Heroes!
Jamie A
Jamie A 11 dagar sedan
I can’t just can’t too much cuteness
anpassung manager
anpassung manager 11 dagar sedan
Повезло котикам😍.
amitheonlyone 11 dagar sedan
God bless you guys. God bless you...🙏🏻
Pat King
Pat King 11 dagar sedan
So glad they won’t be feral kitties!
Pat King
Pat King 11 dagar sedan
Who on earth could not like this rescue?
Pat King
Pat King 11 dagar sedan
So vulnerable, poor little kitties. Lucky Jo-Anne went to rescue them! Thank you x
Alain Petit
Alain Petit 12 dagar sedan
You need a new fridge this time ?
KUNTHALEE HOLT 12 dagar sedan
Thank you
rodrigo barbosa
rodrigo barbosa 12 dagar sedan
Lindo !
Starlight 12 dagar sedan
I feel bad for the kittens hopefully the mom is ok but there blue eyes are so pretty i think they will find amazing homes
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