Left behind by his owner - scared and confused 😞 

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I will never know what happened to Klaus' owner, but if we learned anything in the past year, it is that life is so fragile and things can change in an instant.

Every month, we are asked to help pets find loving forever homes after their owners passed away unexpectedly and no instructions were left for the care of their pets. Many of these pets end up in shelters or just thrown out to the streets... they are scared, confused, and can't believe how their world turned upside down because their owner didn't come home.

In order to prevent sad cases like this, partnered with to help you take care of your pets, loved ones, and your favorite charities.

Please click here to create your own Will for FREE: www.FreeWill.com/HopeForPaws

I know this can be a scary thing to think about, but dealing with it for 20 minutes now will give you peace of mind that your dog will not end up like Klaus.

In just 2 days we will celebrate Hope For Paws' 13th anniversary, and I really hope all of you will do this for your pets - that would be the best gift!

If you would like to adopt Klaus and give him an amazing home, please contact our friends at - they will handle his adoption: www.LAAR.org

Thank you so much! ❤️


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9 jun 2021



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IMA HAPPY CAMPER 55 sekunder sedan
I don't get it. The old decapitated motorhome that looked like it had been there for years? Klaus looked like someone was feeding him? I guess the story has much more to it
Elly Davis
Elly Davis 52 minuter sedan
He doesn't look as if he was abused as he doesn't flinch at your touch, he's just nervous of you at first. He also looks a good weight. That's a small mercy as he probably isn't carrying any horrfic memories. He looks a much happier lad now though.
Justin Credible
Justin Credible Timme sedan
Stop just loving animals we decided to call pets. Stop having them slaughtered by the billions for you to eat, they are as much an animal as these digs are. THNX FOR SAVING THIS ONE!
Pat RILEY 2 timmar sedan
Abandoning a pet is a crime we need to get harsher on.
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 3 timmar sedan
Rub-a-Dub-Dub 7 timmar sedan
My number one fear, something happening to me and no one to care for my animals 😞
Алексей Я-н
Алексей Я-н 7 timmar sedan
just don't betray them
Nurma cahaya
Nurma cahaya 11 timmar sedan
Dwight Turner
Dwight Turner 13 timmar sedan
Bring back the guillotine for people who abuse pets.
sally ride
sally ride 13 timmar sedan
With such a kind dog, and people loving dog...you went too far. You didn't need to trap it.
bikinifetish 14 timmar sedan
He looks just like this jindo mix I used to walk 🥺
zoey1811954 15 timmar sedan
Thank you for saving him! ❤️
maria das graças Silva
maria das graças Silva 15 timmar sedan
Gracias angeles 💕🐶😘😇👼😂
Liz Greenspan
Liz Greenspan 15 timmar sedan
I wonder what happened to his owner💙💛🙏
Acke 15 timmar sedan
A BIG WARMING!!! Do not watch, like or subscribe to the SElosk channel Animal Hope Shelter! In many of their videos dogs are poisoned with rat poison. Their back legs are paralyzed due to neurological disorders caused by the poison. They sometimes use "before pictures" that actually are taken before the animals are injured. The dogs are either killed or dies from the injuries. Also be aware of videos containing animals stuck in tar etc they're staged. Spread my word! There are many other channels that are faking animal rescues. Animal rescue videos often gets millions of views and generates a lot of money. This attracts criminals often in poor countries to make fake animal rescue videos. Be aware, spread my word.
Michael White
Michael White 16 timmar sedan
You people do such an amazing thing for these poor animals. God bless you all..😢😇
Mr.stone 17 timmar sedan
One thing i dont understand about dog owners... Like at my job you are allowed to take your animals into the hotel rooms. But still some guests ( dog owners )are like... Nah nah... Imma tie him up next to the car in a dark garage where he will sit alone in the dark for 18 hours. The puppy i met was soo scared it wanted to attack... Well me, the cars, the stone pylons, the garbage can, the garage door, the air outside the garage door... And for crying out loud... is it soo hard to pick up after your dogs? I have been doing it for 6 years everyday cause... Well since dog owners refuse to pick after their own dog... I guess i have to. Like cig butts and vomit and razorblades i can understand that they are on the streets. But ffs pick up after your dogs. Its your responsibility...
animals are love and happiness
I'm a 21+ yrs animal rescuer. I'm 73 now and was disabled at 55. I was NOT ALLOWED to go back to work. God had another plan for me. I grew up on a farm, then a ranch, then I ended up at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) where the Atomic Bomb was made. At LANL I was in ESH - Environment Safety and Health where I learned so much to further my knowledge of living. I am an animaI & nature lover with high standards of integrity. I thank God for my learning and growing to help our world. Rescuing is my love and passion. May God bless us all to helping and caring for our UNIVERSE and the beings in it. GODSLOVE to all. 🙏🌍🌎🌏🙏😇😻🐘🐑🌾🐕🐑😻 💖💖💞💞
vera mulvihill
vera mulvihill 20 timmar sedan
He looks so happy.💗 thanks to you guy's. 🐾🐶💙💙
Emerson Nogueira
Emerson Nogueira 21 timme sedan
God bless you, guys!
Marlena Linne
Marlena Linne 21 timme sedan
I hope they find the owner through the VIN on the vehicle and he or she is okay. This is very sad.
Delores Busher-Miller
Delores Busher-Miller 22 timmar sedan
I wish I could rescue all animals. Only in my dreams.
Delores Busher-Miller
Delores Busher-Miller 22 timmar sedan
Mac Brazzle
Mac Brazzle Dag sedan
You guys are angels 👼 doing god’s work
GabrielDee345 Don
He is so happy just to be with kind people...
Yol Akin
Yol Akin Dag sedan
He absolutely beautiful.
Eric Day
Eric Day Dag sedan
Judging by the dog's demeanor he was cared for by his owner and not abandoned voluntarily. Owner could have gotten sick and is in the hospital, possibly passed away, or ended up in jail somehow.
Kelvin James
Kelvin James Dag sedan
Thank you from Australia
LHFP Dag sedan
Gail Priscilla Bender Fosse
He has kind , beautiful eyes . I hope he finds a loving forever home soon . Thank you for rescuing him ❤️❤️
Midnight Fury
Midnight Fury Dag sedan
I'm so happy for him💖
Elizabeth Gibson
Such a gorgeous boy. My 2 boys would get jealous lol
thomas Dag sedan
That nice, but the dog in perfect shape. How long was the dog left alone? Did you leave a note. Did you check if the old man is living there behind? He could have a reason to no not be there a few days. Did you check if he has water & dry food? If not you can't depend on what people assume. You could be stealing his dog. Abandon has to be proven. As the old man don't live there, grarantee. They was a trailer behind also. And the dog show not even hungry of thirsty but 100 % in perfect health. That what make be doubt he was neglected. Just that old lady word. And you know old lady's are way off.
thomas Dag sedan
They was another. These canoe guy paddling seen a baby bear and said it was abandon by it mother. So they took the baby bear. They stole the baby bear, they cam by canoe that silence. The mother has to hunt and leave the baby for a while. But it can hear and smell people walking. The stole a baby bear from a river bank. that the bear prospective. She alway leave the baby there and go hunting. Nobody bother. Till these two men interfere and stole a baby and they said the baby bear was so friendly and lost. Their prospective
Maurice419 Dag sedan
He probably died.
Pepper Ann
Pepper Ann Dag sedan
Talk about click bait… lets make the owner/owners sound like an asshole for views. You should have just told the truth “ owner passes away and didn’t have a plan for his/ her pet.
Jeff J
Jeff J Dag sedan
Great rescue and a great rehab. Thanks to everyone involved.
Nancy Hammons
Nancy Hammons Dag sedan
I think he knew he was safe with them, he was very calm in that cage and all through the vet visit. I'm glad he's got another home.
robert craig
robert craig Dag sedan
WTF are they wearing masks for? good thing they are nice people, cause they aren't too bright
Eric Northman
Eric Northman Dag sedan
He's a nice dog so I think he was loved
Eric Northman
Eric Northman Dag sedan
That trailer was cleared out
Eric Northman
Eric Northman Dag sedan
Thank you
Bill Coleman
Bill Coleman Dag sedan
What you all do is so great.
beachwriter8 Dag sedan
Another dog thrown away by owner. I curse them all. Its evil to do that
sinneadfert Dag sedan
Poor pup. He has such sad eyes :'(
Svyatoslav Fastovetsky
Dogs don't deserve to be rescued... they could be dangerous and aggresive
Cops? Covid?
E. E.
E. E. Dag sedan
Susan Standard
Susan Standard Dag sedan
God bless you people for your kindness! ❤️
Lisa Packard
Lisa Packard Dag sedan
I know this feeling, the feeling of trapping a dog to save their life.... Thanks Eldad for teaching me...
2012escapee1 Dag sedan
I will be so glad when your rescuers are no longer wearing masks.
Helene Paasch
Helene Paasch Dag sedan
I share your videos on facebook to support you.
Helene Paasch
Helene Paasch Dag sedan
I took a 10 years old shepherd female dog from the animal home Ettlingen in our town. She had 8 owners before! No one does understand this as she is an angel on 4 paws. Meanwhile she is 13,5 years old. Her name is Lucia. I have had dogs for 45 years and I only take them from animal homes, never ever from breeders!!!!
Helene Paasch
Helene Paasch Dag sedan
You are heroes, I must cry if I see how happy you make such sad fellows, Greetings from Germany-Karlsruhe
juan Pérez
juan Pérez Dag sedan
At the end the dog still looks mistrustful ....
Michael A
Michael A Dag sedan
Thank you all so much! Wish Klaus a safe and happy future.
Gainstrup Dag sedan
If i had a dog i would treat it with the same love and respect i would a girlfriend. Ironically i do not have a girlfriend, or a dog,,,,,, but all dogs i have ever met love me, so my life are not totally sad. School taught me i was a looser, and even though i have done nothing but prove that wrong in the many decades since then, then i am still insanely afraid of failure, and that also go for relationships and dog ownership. What apparently happened here, it is not even in my imaginary playbook of life,,,,,,,,,,, incomprehensible
Nathan Hunter
Nathan Hunter Dag sedan
This would have been a good tune if it were written and sung in 2016. But not now.
Michael Pletcher
Klaus was left by its owners and became naturally sad and frightened. He just needed patience n kindness of rescue team to trust them. As soonas cage was in truck, klause had big smile and was glad humans had found him. He no doubt was a loyal n loving dog to his prior owner. Klause deserves a forever home where there can be exchange of mutual love, kindness n loyalty. Gog bless you klause to thrive, survive in Happiness forever. Thku kritter club for rescuing this precious doggy
Sharon Kaczorowski
The owner likely died….not everyone has family or friends who will care for pets. There are also what are called “granny dumps” in the rescue community. An elderly relative dies and the family dumps the person’s pet(s). Despicable.
psychiatry is eugenics
5:08 - the problem with any animal is they have to be fixed . the planet 🌏 is dying
Monica Rosenzweig
You made the difference in the world.👏👏👏
Buford C.
Buford C. Dag sedan
He seemed relieved to have been caught, as if he knew you were helping him. Thank you for what you do.
ARAN020412 Dag sedan
Eric white
Eric white Dag sedan
Unfortunately its always humans cleaning up after humans. Now a days its our new society children bringing up children and their parents are children. Grandparents are 30 now no old smart generation left to teach. People are vagabonds houses to houses no place to own or stay and care for. So most will leave any life including children behind to save their own neck. Sad but true. No animal or life should be left behind period. Sad world we live in but heroes like these people make hope alive.
Fish Hookbunny
Fish Hookbunny Dag sedan
I wud love to take him but I don't think we can.
Evelyn Herrera-Gonzalez
Excuse me but what heartless jerk gives these videos a thumbs down!!
R. Ph.
R. Ph. Dag sedan
I know!...smh!
MsPhillyG Dag sedan
Klaus does look well taken care of and look how good he is with other dogs😊. Sad thing is probably his owner may have gotten sick and in the hospital, passed away or maybe incarcerated. Its good someone contacted Hope for Paws
Klaus Himmer
Klaus Himmer 2 dagar sedan
Hope you find a nice place for my name-sake.From one Klaus to another.Greetings from Vienna- Austria.
christine feeney
christine feeney 2 dagar sedan
Already sorted my pets though cats protection and dogs trust uk for free.if i die they go to them if not rehomed they are kept .home for life .
Ruth Murphy
Ruth Murphy 2 dagar sedan
Ruth Murphy
Ruth Murphy 2 dagar sedan
AMAZING 👏 PEOPLE THANK YOU for the rescue 🙏
Pamela Joy
Pamela Joy 2 dagar sedan
I love the work you do! ♥️ Thank-you 🙏💕
Twilightsummerbreeze 2 dagar sedan
You all are the best.
C Thomas
C Thomas 2 dagar sedan
Does no one care about what might have happened to the man who just "disappeared"? I mean, I'm glad the pup has been rescued, but it's kind of sad that this man is just forgotten and apparently no one gives a crap about what might have happened to him.
KAT MC 2 dagar sedan
Lovely dog indeed .Thank you
KAT MC 2 dagar sedan
Love and prayers to this dog and also the people like yourself that save it .Thank you.
Van Hovey
Van Hovey 2 dagar sedan
Another cov-idiot. Sad.
Top ten ?
Top ten ? 2 dagar sedan
I want to adopt but i am from Pakistan
Oleg Vagapov
Oleg Vagapov 2 dagar sedan
Good job !!!! This dog Klaus must be happy and get sweet family!!! 🐶👍🐶👍🐶👍🐶
J T 2 dagar sedan
Am I damaged or am I the only one who loves watching them realizing they're trapped? It's like: "it's okay, baby... let all the frustration and the fear out. You won't experience those emotions very soon." It's like watching the last time they have to fend for themselves.
Philip Valley
Philip Valley 2 dagar sedan
A large human trap.......
Jennifer Runnestrand
Jennifer Runnestrand 2 dagar sedan
Why would anyone give a thumbs down?
Thyy Dragonhart
Thyy Dragonhart 2 dagar sedan
thank you
Vanessa Dolby
Vanessa Dolby 2 dagar sedan
I would guess that his owner got sick and ended up in the hospital then passed away.
Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez
Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez 2 dagar sedan
what a sweet bear! His whole world turned around. So neat to see his awesome progress! Hope he finds a forever home soon!
Mirna 2 dagar sedan
Dios Los bendiga bendiciones gracias saludos
Betsy Sanders
Betsy Sanders 2 dagar sedan
The cats we have will be the last we will adopt/rescue from kitten or a young age. They will outlive us. After they pass, we will only be adopting senior cats to let them live their last years in comfort.
introverts Rock
introverts Rock 2 dagar sedan
How could the humans abandon them! In their travels, they could just turn them into a shelter
Susan Wahl
Susan Wahl 2 dagar sedan
I get so angry when this happens.
Howard Marcus
Howard Marcus 2 dagar sedan
it is a privilege to donate to you guys...such uplifting videos!
EmmEll J
EmmEll J 2 dagar sedan
Why this stressful running towards the cage? If I was a caught pet in a cage like that I would be very nervous!
Betty McAlpin
Betty McAlpin 2 dagar sedan
Klaus seems like a very chill dog a little bit unsure right now but I think he's going to be a great fur-baby for a family that Loves him
Françoise Saint-Auret
Friends, you need wheels under your crates....
Knoedel Toni
Knoedel Toni 2 dagar sedan
Rosario Bentancor
Rosario Bentancor 2 dagar sedan
Maraviyoso otra vida salvada son anjeles si no fuera por ustedes otro sería el destino de estás almitas,💙💙💙💙
Krista Doyon
Krista Doyon 2 dagar sedan
Beautiful cute pretty
Jocelyn Abrahams
Jocelyn Abrahams 2 dagar sedan
Jocelyn Abrahams
Jocelyn Abrahams 2 dagar sedan
I wish im 11 live in Surinam
k Olbor
k Olbor 2 dagar sedan
How come people do that man
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts