Little dog went to look for a girlfriend and got lost 💔 

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Hello there. I have a couple of questions for you guys today:
1. Did you guys enjoy the LIVE STREAM with me and with Loreta?
2. Did you actively participate?
3. Which one of Loreta's songs is your favorite: www.reverbnation.com/xoxoLore... ???

Please let me know 😉👍

Don't forget to share Bambino's video so we can raise awareness, and if you can, please join us with a small donation here: www.HopeForPaws.org

Thank you so much!


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8 dec 2020



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babybluex 6 månader sedan
4:40 his helicopter tail😂 i thought he might actually take off lol.
Brittany Rose
Brittany Rose Månad sedan
Omg so funny I literally just went to comment the same thing!!! So cute and so wholesome 💜 I love happy endings!
DER ANTI Månad sedan
MrCol916 2 månader sedan
You beat me to it......so adorable
marcia wade
marcia wade 2 månader sedan
Good one! 😁
راكان الحربى
راكان الحربى 2 månader sedan
😂 😂
Laurel Miller
Laurel Miller 2 dagar sedan
Hope the owner left a hefty tip…just saying🤑
Anaderol 7 dagar sedan
I understand Luigi was dirty and had fleas - but I think he was cuter with the shaggier look.
Mathews Silva
Mathews Silva 20 dagar sedan
TARS, CASE, & JuJu 23 dagar sedan
You deprived him of a chance of "love".
Eileen H
Eileen H 26 dagar sedan
Please wear seatbelts, need you around
Joseph Pascal
Joseph Pascal Månad sedan
Did you neuter him without permission?
Me Joe
Me Joe Månad sedan
Upon my first adoption as an adult (1992), every animal that I have fostered and adopted is spayed/neutered and chipped.
Star bbb
Star bbb Månad sedan
Look at him sitting like a true king😂😂
Aunty Harry
Aunty Harry Månad sedan
In the state I live in (in Australia) you pay a fee when you adopt/rescue a dog. That fee is not cheap, but it is significantly less expensive than buying a purebred, designer dog. That fee contributes to the cost of every dog that gets adopted being desexed (spayed) and microchipped BEFORE they are given into the care of the new owner. Also, dogs have to be registered with the local council; again with an annual fee. These measures HELP to some degree with controlling stray dogs. (Note: I did say “help the problem”......not eliminate the issue.). Feral cats are a much bigger problem all over Australia, especially as they are apex predators for our native wildlife.
Nabil Bessai
Nabil Bessai Månad sedan
i love you loreta mostly when you smile and i love what you do for poor puppies 😍😍😍😍😍
nogoodwolf Månad sedan
That dog was so cute after the haircut! It is also fantastic to see how excited he was to see his owner. We know that the dog is happy!
Dean Månad sedan
Every time I have looked for a girlfriend I have gotten lost!
Catherine Rosengren
Catherine Rosengren Månad sedan
Yes for goodness sake alter your pets, chip them and get their shots. Other than that just love the heck out of them. Simple. Geez!
James Crawford
James Crawford Månad sedan
Sure hope the owner agreed to that neutering job!
Just Me
Just Me Månad sedan
I am not so sure they deserve to be returned home IF the owners neglected to have him on a lease outside the home or if they weren't kept inside a fenced in yard. I know accidents happen when dogs are kept in the home or in a fenced in yard so not talking about if it was an accident them getting loose but if letting them go loose on purpose is risking the dog running off and getting lost, stolen, or injured.
bel art
bel art Månad sedan
How irresponsible not to neuter the dog..could have been injured now or worst ...thanks Goodness for Hope for Paws saved its life ,
Deanne Kroeger
Deanne Kroeger Månad sedan
Thanks for helping the puppy ❤ and You guys did a great job 👍
Carvin Heca
Carvin Heca Månad sedan
each dog living on the street with no choice, actually, they always wish for new home and be warmly taking care by owner, it is a very blessing that your team came,
DylanKing1999 Månad sedan
Is it moral to neuter a pet when they clearly just a lost dog with an owner?
Mossy Oak Mom
Mossy Oak Mom Månad sedan
He’s adorable but I don’t know about the haircut. Luckily his hair will grow!
Joe surfer
Joe surfer Månad sedan
Seems like the FAKE VIRUS face Diapers would be scaring the dog's.
Lashonay Wiley
Lashonay Wiley Månad sedan
Omg he looks like my breezy. Maltese right?
Rajeshwari Wagjale
Rajeshwari Wagjale 2 månader sedan
In world so many people want a dog but so many people throw their dogs away This has to stop they also have life Bless this people
Sidney Moises
Sidney Moises 2 månader sedan
'hi kiddo'
Nathalie Perry
Nathalie Perry 2 månader sedan
Got to educate and spay all of them until it’s under control and we can just get to a place where their species survives for next generations 💓
Nubiola Lozano Gutierrez
Nubiola Lozano Gutierrez 2 månader sedan
Bendiciones para ustedes son unos angelitos el señor los bendigaa
Felnik1990 P.
Felnik1990 P. 2 månader sedan
I thank God for you, your team and the doctors, too. He looked like Einstein after his hair cut! That's who he reminded me of.
Farwa Hassan
Farwa Hassan 2 månader sedan
Where did my comment go
Farwa Hassan
Farwa Hassan 2 månader sedan
Irène Neuschwander
Irène Neuschwander 2 månader sedan
Awwww... love!! 🤗💚
Delightfullydemented65 2 månader sedan
Darn women...they'll get a feller in trouble every time.
Brenda Bodwin
Brenda Bodwin 2 månader sedan
Wow! One you actually found the owner & they want and love him. He was sure happy to see his mom. ❤
Betty Patricia
Betty Patricia 2 månader sedan
another happy ending! 🤩🤗
Sonia peru
Sonia peru 2 månader sedan
D R Smith
D R Smith 2 månader sedan
You guys are the best ,thank you for what you do.....🐕
selketskiss56 2 månader sedan
I hope she had to pay for her stupidity instead of Hope for Paws paying for it all!
38MRG 2 månader sedan
Majo Yap
Majo Yap 2 månader sedan
He was neutered? Did he got consent from the owner? But I'm glad they found the owner.
Chris Sloan
Chris Sloan 2 månader sedan
Loreta anf Eldad are amazing. I have been reading about the important of dogs, pets needing to see human faces. Masks are having a negative impact on pets. I understand living in California with a psychopath Governor Nuesome and LA mayor makes common sense tough- lol.
Silvia Porchiella
Silvia Porchiella 2 månader sedan
Seeet creature♥️🐾😘🐩👍
Ujuani68 2 månader sedan
Love thosr colorful intros of yours!🙆‍♂️👍😎
Larry's Fountain Pens
Larry's Fountain Pens 2 månader sedan
Pure love ❤️, this makes me very happy thank you hope for paws.
Florida Guardian
Florida Guardian 2 månader sedan
Give a dog a bone let him Rome and he’ll find his way home
Gmg Mg
Gmg Mg 2 månader sedan
How long was he missing?
Lass-in Angeles
Lass-in Angeles 2 månader sedan
Husky? Wow, we have high hopes here for a little guy! He'd have to climb on a ladder, heh, heh! This is why we need to spay and neuter, but some people are too cheap or want to breed to sell the dogs. It should be law. Great rescue! So glad you fixed him. His owner should pay for all medical care and leave a donation. Typical of some owners not to fix their dogs.
PETERSON OLIVEIRA 2 månader sedan
Kaz D
Kaz D 2 månader sedan
Ahhh💓🤗🙃just look at him😢😁his haircut was perfect!👍his tail was like a Windmill at speed!😋 that guys voice its so soft😇I wish I could Donate😪sorry ,👍you are all great poeple,💝
Melanie - Synnful Charms & Curios
Aww Luigi is adorable. He was so happy to be rescued, and when he saw his owner.. Just wow. This is such a beautiful happy ending! You do an amazing thing for all those poor animals that need help. My 11yo cat went missing in May last year and even though he's chipped there was no sign of him. His chip hadn't been scanned when I contacted the microchip company to let them know (super important to keep them informed), and he hadn't been seen at local vets and shelters. I'd posted in Facebook groups for missing pets and that's how I was finally reunited with him after 3 months, when a kind lady found him and posted his photo on Facebook. It's thanks to the kindness of strangers that many of us lucky owners are reunited with our loved missing pets and I know how Luigi's owner and family feel 💞💞💞
Teresa Jura
Teresa Jura 2 månader sedan
Awesome job! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Anne Animações
Anne Animações 2 månader sedan
Krishnaveni Selvakumar
Krishnaveni Selvakumar 2 månader sedan
That was a happy ending... Thank you team... May god be with you all...
Kristin Jones
Kristin Jones 2 månader sedan
Loreta would be the BEST gf to find lol..
Fortunate Adventures
Fortunate Adventures 2 månader sedan
I love 💕 Happy Endings🐾
藤福 2 månader sedan
家族のもとに帰れてよかった。 ヘリコプターのように動くしっぽが幸せの証。
Kenneth Grzegorzewski
Kenneth Grzegorzewski 2 månader sedan
You all are so awesome! Keep up the good works!
راكان الحربى
راكان الحربى 2 månader sedan
سبحان الله
Christy Gatto
Christy Gatto 2 månader sedan
I think my favorite videos are the ones where the dogs get to be returned to their family. ❤️
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 2 månader sedan
At this point I only watch the ones that Loretta is in.
Carlos Villegas
Carlos Villegas 2 månader sedan
Loretta has special touch.
Samadrita sinha
Samadrita sinha 2 månader sedan
Giacomina Angolani
Giacomina Angolani 2 månader sedan
Ma non hanno diritto alla loro vita sessuale? Accadrà ben presto anche agli umani.oltre al mixrocip
Running On Fumes
Running On Fumes 2 månader sedan
Great job and everything, but do you always have to cut the hair so short? He looked so cute when you caught him.
吉田和子 2 månader sedan
Vikki Robinson
Vikki Robinson 3 månader sedan
Not sure why they think they can hack his hair off and neuter after 2 days! Did they have owners permission or hadn't they found them yet? What a terrible way to treat someone else's dog.
Ron Piggott
Ron Piggott 3 månader sedan
That is someone's pet. It is not a ferral dog.
ashzole 3 månader sedan
why did you give a male dog a female haircut???? lololo
Star Network Rescue
Star Network Rescue 3 månader sedan
Some people are still dislike this. I don't know why.. 🙄
Star Network Rescue
Star Network Rescue 3 månader sedan
Beautiful dog... You people are good.
Tony Kruy
Tony Kruy 3 månader sedan
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Md Shakibul Islam Khan
Md Shakibul Islam Khan 3 månader sedan
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Leonardo Manalo
Leonardo Manalo 3 månader sedan
Love you guys Hope for Paws
Darkk Star
Darkk Star 3 månader sedan
Hope they got Mario fixed after this.
Mark Ponce
Mark Ponce 3 månader sedan
I have watched hundreds of these, you all are true heros but this is the only one I saw were an actual owner came... Kudos to you!
maria magalhaes
maria magalhaes 3 månader sedan
Deus vos abençoe 🙏
Denise Jeronimo
Denise Jeronimo 3 månader sedan
Leninha Ribeiro
Leninha Ribeiro 3 månader sedan
Fico muito feliz, por ter achado o dono!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Nacho Chitiu
Nacho Chitiu 3 månader sedan
Too early spaying/ neutering causes serious conditions (endocrinal for one) in later life.
Robert Ordewald
Robert Ordewald 3 månader sedan
Was the owner upset when she found out that her little man was no longer a lady's man?
Charlie Pechota
Charlie Pechota 3 månader sedan
Pretty Boy
Pretty Boy 3 månader sedan
Is that a shih tzu? So cute I want her.
Debra Levesque
Debra Levesque 3 månader sedan
well his mom should learn to have him bathed and groomed, and she have had him fixed already, some kind of a mom?
Jacob Foster
Jacob Foster 3 månader sedan
😂 he was hoping to get with a beautiful husky.. 😂 reminds me of the movie She's out of your league
betty cogswell
betty cogswell 3 månader sedan
So good to see a happy ending...
Ricky Johnson
Ricky Johnson 3 månader sedan
I bet the relationship between Loreta and him doesn't go the distance. The guy filming comes across as a controlling, condescending a-hole. I bet his favorite letter of the alphabet is "I"
Photini Theodorides
Photini Theodorides 3 månader sedan
He went from "Boy in Luv" to "Boy with Luv" in 5 minutes
Lloyd Bonifide
Lloyd Bonifide 3 månader sedan
Anyone ever reach violently when they find out you performed elective surgery on their dog without their knowledge or consent? I'd be surprised if you don't eat a fist now and then for that.
Mia Crei
Mia Crei 3 månader sedan
Kuro Kisaki Covers
Kuro Kisaki Covers 3 månader sedan
I donated 60$ and I hope it helps❤️
Cecil James
Cecil James 3 månader sedan
MJ Shute
MJ Shute 4 månader sedan
I came in at about 4-ish, and said hi, but left when no one responded. S'ok, I'm here for your videos!
K. Fuentes
K. Fuentes 4 månader sedan
I hope you were reimbursed and gave that owner and education on neutering.
Ali MAL 4 månader sedan
Walter Engler
Walter Engler 4 månader sedan
There was some energy there. But I bet the real jumping about happened when the dog got back to his boy.
Fofoga Leaea
Fofoga Leaea 4 månader sedan
Yay his mom picked him up!!,
Ashish Naksh Singh
Ashish Naksh Singh 4 månader sedan
love the work from india watching you guys from last 3 years
MusicforMe123 4 månader sedan
I wouldn't put my face on camera so that 5 million subscribers know what an irresponsible pet owner I am. If it weren't for Eldad and Loretta, her pet could have been another statistic. They are very busy saving pets that have been abandoned, they do not need extra headaches in correcting your mistakes.
Taha Temur
Taha Temur 4 månader sedan
Sometimes you really got lost...
Jerry Losos
Jerry Losos 4 månader sedan
This woman got very lucky, not sure she is the best parent for Luigi. I hope she at least paid for the neutering and other services. Her little pup would likely have been run over if not for Hope For Paws.
Dave Bielke
Dave Bielke 4 månader sedan
When Loretta shows up you know it's a successful rescue...he's a sweet little guy, I want to give him a big hug
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Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts