Puppies born outside on the floor minutes before our arrival 💔➡️💖 

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Mr. Big and Carrie walked into a yard, and within minutes, Carrie was in labor! Luckily, our friends at Foxy and the Hounds knew to call for help and by the time we arrived, Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, and Aidan were born.

In the past two months, we had extremely high vet bills and in order for us to keep rescuing at the same high speed, we really need your support. If you can, please visit our website and join us as a monthly donor: www.HopeForPaws.org

Our average donation is $12!!! Think about it - all the amazing things you see on our channel is a combination of many $12 donations ❤️

A few days ago I posted a video of Waffles who had given birth just hours after her rescue! If you missed it, please check it out on our channel - it is just beautiful to see!

The family in this video is with our friends at Foxy and the Hounds:

Please like and share our video - it really helps us financially and then we can save more animals like them.

Thank you so much!


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16 maj 2021



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George Michiel
George Michiel 3 minuter sedan
thank you
Veronica Weiß
Veronica Weiß 6 timmar sedan
Ich kann mit meine Debitkarte nicht spenden, warum ? Vielleicht kann jemand mir helfen. Danke !
L Mendoza
L Mendoza 16 timmar sedan
Oh , I hope both mom and father can be adopted together. Them seem so to much in love with each. It will be heartbreaking if they will be separated.
SkyCloud Traveler
SkyCloud Traveler 16 timmar sedan
This is a beautiful video.
Melody Huang
Melody Huang 17 timmar sedan
How cute are the names! Some one is a sex and the city fan! 🤣🤣🤣
JamesCora Simmons
They are so loving ❤❤❤ I pray that momma & dad will be adopted together. Thank you so much. God bless you all
Arthur Lau
Arthur Lau Dag sedan
sinneadfert Dag sedan
Really hope mum and dad are adopted together. Their bond is amazing
claire Dag sedan
Why do you not show your faces ???
claire Dag sedan
Real rescue sites have a place you can visit so you can adopt these puppies you saved ,where is your site ,I only see you asking for money.
claire Dag sedan
Its hot yet you dont give them water.Where camn people adopt the puppies that you recue.
Jeanne Fischer
Jeanne Fischer Dag sedan
you guys could use some warming pads for situations like this
Monica Lopez
Monica Lopez Dag sedan
Que hermoso rescate no lo separen ustedes siempre han hecho todo correctamente, esos dos se aman mucho son únicos que Dios les bendiga siempre de Chile
瑛太朗 坂
瑛太朗 坂 Dag sedan
#FragMimicYT# 2 dagar sedan
So Heartbreaking!
Terror.Haeschen 2 dagar sedan
Thank you for the amazing work you guys do!
Kateryna Kushnikova
Kateryna Kushnikova 2 dagar sedan
JudithNancy Sheppard
JudithNancy Sheppard 2 dagar sedan
Precious little family.
Karin Standke
Karin Standke 2 dagar sedan
Ihr seid großartig liebevolle Menschen mit einem großen Herzen ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤das ihr euch so um die süßen kleinen kümmert dankeschön dankeschön
Adele Sandrock
Adele Sandrock 2 dagar sedan
I think mum and dad are married and that's why they have to stay together🥰😂🤣😇
SİM 2 dagar sedan
sabrina aubret
sabrina aubret 2 dagar sedan
thank you for them for saving them!! it's too adorable a family!! the puppies are cute and the last picture of the video with the whole family, especially when the male has his head laid on that of the female, it's just beautiful!! being French I do not trust too much the transfers of currency between countries especially by internet!! plus I don't work so I'm sorry I can't pay you money but I support you 100%! See you again
Chang Nelson
Chang Nelson 2 dagar sedan
these people are doing everything to save puppies but why they never think about all the other animals like pigs and cows they need to be saved also? all beings are equel, people are killing pigs and cows and every other anilmals brutally to become food for feeding the people, anybody cares? they are suffering everyday!! we don't have to eat meat to survive. these people they are just hypocrites, hot dogs for dogs? where did those hot dogs come from? by slaughtering the pigs, pigs have feelings too just like dogs, anybody cares?
Sam Lala
Sam Lala 3 dagar sedan
Its v rare to see such a homeless dogie couple living togather...its something v v special..
Special K
Special K 3 dagar sedan
That's a good mom and dad
Forrest Meadows
Forrest Meadows 3 dagar sedan
It would be wonderful if Big Dad and Carrie stay together. He obviously loves her.
Fisher Enid
Fisher Enid 3 dagar sedan
So sweat to see a happy family together 👍🏽❤️👏🏽👏🏽😇🐶
Jessie Ratcliff
Jessie Ratcliff 3 dagar sedan
Most animals are better parents than humans are and they don't even have a book to go by and humans do and they STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.
Leanadia Glinton
Leanadia Glinton 3 dagar sedan
Its amazing to see that the male dog stayed with the woman dog
Rekha Wanchu
Rekha Wanchu 3 dagar sedan
Amazing couple and lovely kids ❤️❤️ love you all ❤️❤️
Jeremy Kuronya
Jeremy Kuronya 3 dagar sedan
Thanks Hope For Paws
이용선 4 dagar sedan
I feel peace for your good behavior. Gog bless all of you 🙏
Rajbir kaur Mattu
Rajbir kaur Mattu 4 dagar sedan
Vvy nice g
April-Tui 4 dagar sedan
Lovely rescue but it’s sad that such a bonded pair were separated and allowed to be adopted separately.
Helen V
Helen V 4 dagar sedan
Please keep them together...
Rose very good
Rose very good 4 dagar sedan
Please do not leave dad dog if he is around .. on every rescues please. Thank you
Rose very good
Rose very good 4 dagar sedan
Please bring dad and mum too thank you God bless
Tanya 4 dagar sedan
So so so adorable
Pearl Bhon
Pearl Bhon 4 dagar sedan
Loved it
R. Hankes
R. Hankes 4 dagar sedan
Rachel Gao
Rachel Gao 4 dagar sedan
Thank you very much for hope for paws.
Valdirene Fátima de Siqueira
Que fofinhos ❤️❤️😍
Ile.wendy Corini
Ile.wendy Corini 4 dagar sedan
Ravi Vaishnav
Ravi Vaishnav 4 dagar sedan
Best couples 💜💕🥺
Sera 1
Sera 1 5 dagar sedan
They are soo cute!!!!🤩❤🤩
Meagan Bronson
Meagan Bronson 5 dagar sedan
Yes they do have a wonderful Bond.
Esperanza Macoto
Esperanza Macoto 5 dagar sedan
I love how mama & papa dog take good care of their puppies. Hope they will not be separated from each other.
Elenir Teresinha Souza
Robbie Alison
Robbie Alison 5 dagar sedan
What a perfect little family. Dad & Mom need to stay together
Jo 74
Jo 74 5 dagar sedan
omg how young does the mam/dad look i hope they get to stay together
Nattaya Wongrakmitr
Nattaya Wongrakmitr 5 dagar sedan
To see them sleep safeand sound together for the first time in theit lives is so precious and heartwarming. Thanks for your great work and kindness to the poor and voiceless.
Aamer Zaido
Aamer Zaido 6 dagar sedan
We need you guys in Iraq! I just had to throw my puppies away😥 Because?!
Kim Cuc Nguyen
Kim Cuc Nguyen 7 dagar sedan
Katha Katha
Katha Katha 7 dagar sedan
Just found out that they got adopted separately. That breaks my heart a little after this image of pure love and devotion and the bond they clearly shared.
Dj Boy
Dj Boy 7 dagar sedan
I have watch most of your videos and one thing I notice is stray dogs in your country are so calm and sweet... But if you come and visit stray dogs in my country India, they will bark at you and even bite you. They are not calm like this. I'm surprise to see how sweet they actually are
Людмила Баженина
Хорошенькие собачки
Purimta 7 dagar sedan
Great.. 🙋
Karren Gill
Karren Gill 7 dagar sedan
Precious babies , mom and dad,💕
allan churm
allan churm 7 dagar sedan
lovely family ...
Kristen Nielsen
Kristen Nielsen 8 dagar sedan
What an amazing momma and poppa. Humans can learn so much from them. And we can do sooooo much for them too. We are obligated to speak for those who can't speak for themselves.
Moises Cruz
Moises Cruz 8 dagar sedan
Good job guys you save other life
Lisa Cummings
Lisa Cummings 8 dagar sedan
What a precious family. Mr Big and Carrie aeem to have a ture bond. They cant be spared. Hope all 4 puppies will grow and thrive.
Paula Lovett
Paula Lovett 8 dagar sedan
They are most beautiful family I have ever seen.
Батзаяа Батжаргал
Hoorhon ymaa
Daniele Gay
Daniele Gay 9 dagar sedan
Ce sont deux personnes formidables
ricardo alves
ricardo alves 9 dagar sedan
Lal Remruati
Lal Remruati 9 dagar sedan
PhreakOutBigTime 10 dagar sedan
Mr Big is more loyal than my dad.
Michael Henderson
Michael Henderson 10 dagar sedan
Greetings from Maryland. Just made a donation. Thank you for what you do. Saving innocent lives
Pas Go7
Pas Go7 10 dagar sedan
Pas Go7
Pas Go7 10 dagar sedan
Very high vet bills! And you say that! Shame! You should help poor children especially now in the pandemic! Very high vet bills for stray dogs full of diseases dangerous and dirty! I send money to save the children not for pay bet bills I'm sure makes bigger for make extra money! Should be banned and killed sray dogs!
Earthling Here
Earthling Here 10 dagar sedan
Alodie Vichy
Alodie Vichy 11 dagar sedan
Such brilliant parents! Daddy is helping, too!😍
minica beatriz
minica beatriz 11 dagar sedan
It seems good to me that they help these nor milestones? but I think that in the world there are many children who are abandoned, going hungry, cold and without anyone to protect them, dedicate yourself to helping children are human beings,
minica beatriz
minica beatriz 10 dagar sedan
@Alodie Vichy Yes, I help human beings, it is the main thing! I respect the animals, I do not harm them either on the grain, not only do they feed animals now they give them balanced food, with the grain they make different types of flours, and I do not eat anything animal
Alodie Vichy
Alodie Vichy 10 dagar sedan
@minica beatriz Did you know that in "poor countries" grain is grown for animals, that ANIMALS are eating, that WE eat and the poor population has to STARVE?? The children too! It's easy to complain, we must ALL change! Anyone can complain ... I'm doing something against hunger in the world AND help animals - you too?
minica beatriz
minica beatriz 10 dagar sedan
@Alodie Vichy from what is seen in the world, they help animals more than children; Children are first an example how many times I see that they spend a lot of money on a dog that they want to keep alive, without a solution and in a few days it dies, they have to do euthanasia, because they make the animal suffer, they throw that money away, now that did not work, and there is a child somewhere in the world who is sick, has no remedies, others who die of hunger and spend money on an animal I am not in love, I reason, I am fair
Alodie Vichy
Alodie Vichy 11 dagar sedan
Nobody says, that we just have to help the animals... We have to help both - children AND animals! We are human, we are capable of it.
Rodrigo Arruda
Rodrigo Arruda 11 dagar sedan
Let's help projects that protect and help animals with what each one can for the animal cause
Marian Hernández
Marian Hernández 11 dagar sedan
Qué papás tan adorables. Gracias por rescatar a esta hermosa familia.
Art Teacher
Art Teacher 12 dagar sedan
God Bless+
Sandra Hickernell
Sandra Hickernell 12 dagar sedan
MrSaackz 12 dagar sedan
This dog is a better dad than most human dads would ever be
Luz amanda Castillo
Luz amanda Castillo 12 dagar sedan
Son unos ángeles las personas que rescataron a esta familia de perritos pero los que los botaron, cuando les llegue el karma que caro lo van a pagar..
Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin 12 dagar sedan
It is sad to see man's best friend so afraid of man.😪 I'm glad this family is safe.❤️🥰❤️
Marina Annichni
Marina Annichni 12 dagar sedan
Starlight 13 dagar sedan
the mom and dad bond is so big mr.big loves carrie to much to leave her it melts my heart:)
Starlight 13 dagar sedan
Ya'll are so awsome keep doing what you are doing
CLASSIC NEGAN!!! Johansson
aaaaw so cute dogs!!they are adorable
Chaos King26
Chaos King26 13 dagar sedan
angels without halos
髙山美恵 13 dagar sedan
ワンちゃん親子を、保護して頂き本当にどうも有り難うございます。 お母さんワンちゃんも保護して貰えて安心だと思います。ワンちゃん親子の事を、どうぞ宜しくお願いいたします。
Gina Smith
Gina Smith 13 dagar sedan
Bro this the first time I’ve seen the dad with the mom and the kids . So cute
Friends of Nature
Friends of Nature 13 dagar sedan
Poor homeless Dogs - all Dog Lovers cry with You - what will happen with all these Dogs after this rescue ? Love Dogs like You love Yourself, comfort them, understand them, and always help Dogs. * Place human-dog friendship and great love above everything, in first place. STOP KILLING DOGS. * BAN breeding Dogs. Forbid Dogs euthanasia. BAN poisoning Dogs. STOP HIGH KILL SHELTERS. STOP KILL SHELTERS COMPLETELY. Animals must be with only those, that can provide them with the best care and real love. Dogs are the most tortured animals in the world. Every year, millions of dogs are thrown out into homelessness. They are needlessly bred, mistreated, tortured, killed through homelessness and by pervert caretakers who breed dogs for sale or for food, leather, fur. BAN CRUELTY TO ALL DOGS. THE LAW MUST BE CHANGED. Ban using Dogs to fight. Stop chaining Dogs. Ban leaving Dogs outside in Winter and bad weather - Dogs must be with the best Caretakers in loving homes. Dog Lovers must do more, even with giving opinion. Dogs that are not wanted should be put down with morphine, if they cannot be put for adoption and taken by very loving persons. Ban dog breeding. Dogs should live up to 100 years, like the Dingo's in ecological and clean nature, where soil, water, air and food were pure. Almost all shelters should be closed, except a few that are government approved and sponsored to preserve the species, and where the dogs will be bred in very small amounts for the pure love of the species - not through rape that is done by most breeders, or even forcing dogs to mate, or in-vitro which is also forcing to breed. A loving owner does not have to sterilize his pets because his/her care is so good that mating is not allowed. Sterilization is against nature, it's very painful, deprives the body of needed physiology, hormones, deprives the body of a natural way of cleansing itself and accelerated aging, also causes psychological changes that are unnatural. Dogs were since thousands of years humanity's friends around the world, among all the other animals. Within the last decades, in literature, within scientific circles, among artists and also among common folks - dogs are being treated as best friends and loved the most. Stop using Dogs and all other animals for testing in labs. * What happened with this sweet mother Dog, father Dog - and their all babies, and what will happen ? OUR DOGS ARE OUR CHILDREN, OUR MOST BELOVED FAMILY ! All channels, organizations, should check on their Dogs ( rescued, adopted, having, showed...). Wishing You sweet mothe Dog, father Dog, and all your babies, loving forever hearts, good homes and the best Caretakers. WE LOVE OUR DOGS MORE AND MORE EVERY DAY, ALSO THE OLDEST SENIORS ! Every dog at home, must have a litter box accessible at all times, because this is the animals health, it suffers without it, and this is a cause of pains and ailments which become more severe over time. Almost all owners mistreat their dogs, ordering them to hold their needs and relieving themselves only when it is convenient for them. The dog is the only animal in the world, that man forces to relieve itself only when it is proper for him/her, which is unacceptable abuse. A dog must clean its body as often as it needs, by itself and whenever it needs it. A dog is the only pet friend kept at home that cannot - is not allowed to - relieve itself at home. When we take a dog home to be our friend - and all dogs should be treated as such - it needs, close to its bed, a litter box. Especially when it is older or sick, because it can have more than one bed at home, depending on the apartment/house size. These places must be dry, warm and clean, but not hot or cold, not where there are chemicals. The bed must be well washed and very well rinsed to not leave any chemicals, like for small babies. It is not understandable, and not forgivable, that people keep dogs at home without a litter box, and they say that they love dogs and that dogs are their friends. Many people abuse dogs and even throw them out on the street (make them homeless), because dogs can't keep their needs and relieve themselves at home at some point. Some even have their dogs put down for this. That's why many dogs that suffer, because they cannot relieve themselves at home, and suffer pains, have difficulties with breathing, and increasing ailments - can sometimes vandalize things at home, are restless, howl, cry or lie and cannot move. A doggie toilet can also be a canalized shower tray/shower base. Dogs should never use a human toilet, because it is dangerous for them, not only difficult. Respect all Dog's needs ! Remember that a dog feels like a person - suffering, pain, the need to relieve itself, it needs to go out and get fresh air and movement. It needs to be able to move at home and outside, and be safe. People are responsible for their safety. A dog must have drink as much clean water, as it needs. A dog cannot eat only food that is made specifically for dogs, especially low quality, because it will get very sick. No irradiated foods. Avoid artificial preservatives, flavoring, colorants. A dog owner eats more than one meal per day, and they are balanced for nutrition and taste. Everyone needs a balanced diet for health and taste, no one can withstand the same kind of food, all the time, which not only is disgusting, but also causes ailments. The dog is forced to eat what it is given by its owner, but it should be able to always pick, to always have a choice of variety. Love dogs, because they deserve it. Take care of them very well. Remember, that dogs are dogs, that they have their specific needs and their ways of being, of their species. Since hundreds of thousands of years, people all around the world, treated Dogs as their best friends and dearest household members. Never use dogs for sex, it must be forbidden. Scientists talk about growing meat on shelves (production for testing purposes has successfully begun) - of many animals - which would be the best for our world today, because there won't be animal killing, which is barbarian and very painful. This would be most humane. The world needs such technology, which would be not only most humane but also ecological. 🐕🐾 🌷🌷🌷 People who rescue dogs and other animals are really great. We appreciate your sacrifice. Many people love a dog like a dearest person, like a best friend. Best Wishes! 🐕🐾 🌷🌷🌷
Linda Nathan
Linda Nathan 13 dagar sedan
What a good dad mr big is
Kristina C
Kristina C 14 dagar sedan
I hope the mom and dad get adopted together.
Living4Him 14 dagar sedan
The whole family looks so cute together it’s amazing how this dad dog does not hurt any of them.
Siliana Zdravkova
Siliana Zdravkova 14 dagar sedan
Orby Jett
Orby Jett 14 dagar sedan
Hope parents can be adopted together, such a bond
Elizabeth Silang
Elizabeth Silang 14 dagar sedan
Wow your n good people .stay with them become huppy
Adrian H
Adrian H 15 dagar sedan
I hope that both parents get adopted together they seem so connected that even the dad after seeing her get into the cage he rushed after her thinking something bad was happening to her so sweet!!
Richard Taihitu
Richard Taihitu 15 dagar sedan
Elsie Sharpley
Elsie Sharpley 15 dagar sedan
Thank you for saving them all they deserve a happy life together as well. The mom and dad need to be kept together they both went through some traumatic experiences and deserve that much. God bless and take care
ZlautyZ -
ZlautyZ - 15 dagar sedan
Sandra Taveras
Sandra Taveras 15 dagar sedan
Muy bonita y adorable historia
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