Scared dog left behind after his owner died - please read below (important!) 

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So many pets are left behind after their owners pass away, and too many times, no plans are made for these pets who are left behind, scared, confused, and with family members who just don't care.

To solve this problem, here at Hope For Paws we found a solution and we will give it to you as a gift. We partnered with FREE WILL - an online legal service that will enable you to write your own WILL (in less than 20 minutes) for FREE!

Please visit our blog, and in there you will find a link to writing your own will: www.HopeForPaws.org/who_will_...

Magic was lucky that Hope For Paws got the call to come and save her. JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick secured her, got her to the hospital, and slowly she started coming out of her shell. Our friends at The Little Red Dog fostered her, and just found her a loving forever home!!!

I hope her owner is looking from above and is at peace watching this video.

Please, please, please, don't let this happen to your pets. Life is so fragile and they count on you to ensure their safety. Please take 20 minutes now to complete your will and I promise you it will give you the peace of mind you deserve now: www.freewill.com/HopeForPaws

Thank you so much!!!


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11 feb 2021



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Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
Free Will provides you with an easy way to write a legally valid will online in just 20 minutes. I know this can be a scary thing to think about, but life is so fragile, and dealing with it for 20 minutes right now will give you peace of mind. I completed my own will about a month ago, and it was really easy. The service is 100% FREE for everyone, so please share the link with family and friends: www.freewill.com/HopeForPaws
My grandmother died 5 years ago and we still have her old cat (with our 12 cats and my dog) peace from France 🥰
Angel Juarez
Angel Juarez 3 månader sedan
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Angel Juarez 3 månader sedan
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Angel Juarez 3 månader sedan
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Alice Burk
Alice Burk 3 månader sedan
Thank you poor sweet dear
P Taylor
P Taylor 5 dagar sedan
That's so sad. Loose your person and then have to spend 11 months alone 😭
Paul Sargeant
Paul Sargeant 5 dagar sedan
Cooll dog huh?
Nicholas taylor
Nicholas taylor 6 dagar sedan
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Zaravassem Ahmad
Zaravassem Ahmad 7 dagar sedan
God bless you good people 🥰
Jane Kehoe
Jane Kehoe 7 dagar sedan
Gosh, So wonderful to see. Great work, as always!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Nicholas taylor
Nicholas taylor 7 dagar sedan
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Berenice Lopes
Berenice Lopes 10 dagar sedan
Vocês são fantásticas 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🦮🦮💗💗
Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin 12 dagar sedan
Home sweet home, girl.❤️🥰❤️
Muffs 55mercury
Muffs 55mercury 27 dagar sedan
Scared and probably still in mourning for his owner. My will states that any pets I have will go to my brother which he has agreed to take in.
Dung Đó Thị
Dung Đó Thị Månad sedan
Thank you than
Joshua Carvalho
Joshua Carvalho Månad sedan
I like the ass shots just as much as i like the dog rescues when I watch these vids, (Eldad your full of shit if you tell me otherwise you're the ONLY male in any vid from hope for paws that shows up at all....)
Leila Annabella
Leila Annabella Månad sedan
Thanks God bless you for your work 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
giovanni perretta
giovanni perretta Månad sedan
Special place in heaven for people like this....they say thanks😘
Dianna Juniper
Dianna Juniper Månad sedan
She is so happy" 💜🙏
BOBBY BATES Månad sedan
I was nearly in tears to see this dog being rescued but thank you hope for paws for the good work you are doing
Lorraine Callahan
Lorraine Callahan Månad sedan
Poor baby. So glad you got her!
Debbie Stephens
Debbie Stephens Månad sedan
Those eyes 👀 in
S Adams
S Adams Månad sedan
OR leave a percentage in your will to a trusted charity that can take them if your family sucks - Don't forget them
Linda Sulla
Linda Sulla Månad sedan
I made my son promise to find my guy a responsibe home if I dont outlive him.
Denis Lessard
Denis Lessard Månad sedan
eldad and his people need to make a low wheeled cart so they don't have to carry the cage so far.
Sandra Månad sedan
it makes me so happy when pets get adopted so quick!!! yay magic! i hope you'll love your forever home
in style
in style Månad sedan
Who are the 98 people ,who dislike this video
Irene Morris
Irene Morris Månad sedan
Admiral dedication rescuing “Magic Mummy” to watch her transformation is great .. 🥲💔then ❤️❤️❤️please donate to great organisations like this.. if this video brings love to us all... thank you for sharing 😇
Rosie Conte
Rosie Conte Månad sedan
What a beautiful dog sooooooooo cute
Vedika chavan
Vedika chavan Månad sedan
It was lovely
Nduting FC
Nduting FC 2 månader sedan
God bless you all
The Crazy World Of Cherry
The Crazy World Of Cherry 2 månader sedan
What was that gold and blue butterfly wand thing that the person in the thumbnail was holding???
Hope Devine
Hope Devine 2 månader sedan
Keep making more and more hopeforpaws rescue videos on your youtube channel love you hopeforpaws team ❤ 😘 💙 💖 ♥ 💕 ❤
Marilda Alexandre Marques delavie
Spark Vijay
Spark Vijay 2 månader sedan
Brenda Bodwin
Brenda Bodwin 2 månader sedan
Really?!?! 11 months, the "new owner" of the house left her there as a "guard dog", then, decides to sell the house, so, now she's trash. New owner is an asshole! I hope you sent him/her a bill!
Joanne Murdock
Joanne Murdock 2 månader sedan
Hope for Paws Thank u Little Red Dog Thank u to the people who adopted this gourgous dog ! THANK YOU BLESS YOU ALL 💜💙🐶💜🐕
mourad redha
mourad redha 2 månader sedan
well done I am very happy
frances chew
frances chew 2 månader sedan
Thank you.
Sage 2 månader sedan
the dog seemed well fed, they said it will be heavy
mr. heartbeat
mr. heartbeat 2 månader sedan
11 months all on her own 😞😭😭 I love you guys so much
Maeve Reynolds
Maeve Reynolds 2 månader sedan
Oh gosh, the deep deep sadness in her eyes was so palpable when she first got to the facility 💔 Then she got the Hope for Paws treatment 😏🥰
Kenneth Grzegorzewski
Kenneth Grzegorzewski 2 månader sedan
God bless you All!
Julissa S
Julissa S 2 månader sedan
Thank you 🙏
Greg 2 månader sedan
I feel this dog's energy. Alone, waiting and watching, surrounded by so much death, looking out on a world that seems like no one cares. I also haven't been hugged in over a year, but -- like Magic -- I have strength and hope.
Rosa A
Rosa A 2 månader sedan
So many people have died since this pandemic started and I often think how awful it must be for any animals which they may have had,living relatives if they have any,don’t always want the responsibility of caring for the animals so they leave the animals to fend for themselves,please don’t be one of those people if you cannot for whatever reason take the animal or you just don’t want it ,please do right for that animal that was once much loved by the person who’s just lost his life and phone an animal shelter ,the poor animal can’t ask for help. But you can.
TGA TGA 2 månader sedan
This so heartbreaking, thank you guys for doing this for this dog. It must be terrible for this dog to face hunger and neglect. ANGELS in our mist. Beautiful dog.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼💕
Laurent Reid
Laurent Reid 2 månader sedan
My family still has 2 cats that belonged to my nana who passed away 7 years ago. I feel like they are a part of her and feel blessed to have them
Ronnie Arciga
Ronnie Arciga 2 månader sedan
Hope there is Hope For Paws in the Philippines and I'm willing to work with you... because I love dogs and animals, too ❤️❤️❤️🇵🇭🇺🇸👍
Yolanda Rodriguez
Yolanda Rodriguez 2 månader sedan
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 2 månader sedan
Cavella Taylor
Cavella Taylor 2 månader sedan
You all are just too much they are only dogs maybe their family doesn't like dogs
lololo lalala
lololo lalala 2 månader sedan
Dogs > humans..
Teresa Moreno y'all look like robots!!!
Yay they got her!!!🥰
Earle Daniels
Earle Daniels 2 månader sedan
These videos are so heart warming
blair daveries
blair daveries 2 månader sedan
if theres no one to take care of your beloved pets when you croak...,' TAKE them wd you.
Hope Devine
Hope Devine 2 månader sedan
Keep making more and more Hope forpaws rescue videos love you guys you doing amazing rescuing all these animals love you
ARAN020412 2 månader sedan
CallMe Sunah
CallMe Sunah 2 månader sedan
It’s so sweet :c and kind!
Edie Baxter
Edie Baxter 3 månader sedan
Glad Magic got a forever home. You can tell she is happy and on cloud nine.
Aga K
Aga K 3 månader sedan
Thank you
Archana Mali
Archana Mali 3 månader sedan
Congratulations on 5 million subscribers
Niff Lofair
Niff Lofair 3 månader sedan
The family better make huge donation once they sell! They ought to be ashamed.
Refinnej 3 månader sedan
Years ago a man traveling through the state had a car accident and died. His dog was with him and took off after the accident so emergency workers weren't even aware that there was a dog. His family immediately contacted local rescues to help them find this dog. 3 weeks later, he was found and went back to live with family. That situation made me really think about things and I asked my parents if they would have looked for my dog. They said they absolutely would have. My dog goes to them if something happens to me. If they pass before me or later cannot take care of her, my friend who runs a rescue gets her and will find her a good home. I have money set aside to go with my dog. She's getting old and I want to make sure she is well taken care of.
Alexander Alexander
Alexander Alexander 3 månader sedan
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Enrico Remondini
Enrico Remondini 3 månader sedan
I'm afraid that blue hair would scare the dog off, what do you think ?
Senga Sengana
Senga Sengana 3 månader sedan
This just doesn't happen in Germany. Here, dogs are of high value. You barely find a mixed breed for less than €300. Most landlords don't allow dogs, so you usualy need to own property to be able to have a dog, and property is _very_ expensive. Every dog is registered and the owner has to pay a dog tax every month. Not registering a dog can cost up to €1000. Dogs have to wear a collar with a visible tag all the time when outside. The Ordnungsamt (code enforcement?) even patrols parks and checks whether all rules concerning dogs are being followed. And there are quite a few rules. Each violation costs a fine if you get caught. Abandoning an animal is a criminal offense and is punishable by a fine of up to €25000 (~$30 000). You are required by law to have your dog treated by a veterinarian if it is sick or injured. In extreme cases of violations of the Animal Welfare Act, prison sentences of up to three years are possible and the person concerned may be banned from keeping animals. I'm libertarian, but the dogs obviously benefit from the strict laws and the state's greed for money, as there are exactly zero stray dogs in Germany, killings shelters are unthinkable, and our dogs are well behaved and are very well taken care of.
blue4uable 3 månader sedan
A very big thumbs up for this video beautiful dog I hope she finds her forever home thank you for helping her god bless you.
Silvia Carroll
Silvia Carroll 3 månader sedan
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Buckin Bonkers
Buckin Bonkers 3 månader sedan
In 2019, my Aunt passed away suddenly. She had 3 dogs; 2 Newfoundlands and 1 Sheltie. A neighbor, whose 10 year old daughter had developed a relationship with the Sheltie, asked if they could take him. My husband and I took the 2 Newfies. From time to time, I ponder what would have happened to her dogs if not for the neighbor and us as my Aunt’s Last Will and Testament failed to mention her fur babies. PLEASE, take the time to leave a will that includes your pets. They need and deserve it!!
Patrick Charles
Patrick Charles 3 månader sedan
Thanks, Guys, for taking the time to film the follow up. These videos wouldn't be complete without it. It's important. Thanks
Legible Tiger
Legible Tiger 3 månader sedan
Written in to my will is that I want my cats cared for and that I leave an amount per animal to help with their up keep. I'm in my early 30s and fully expect to outlive them, but damned if I'm going to leave them uncared for!
maydanlex 3 månader sedan
You can see the calm come over the dog in its eyes...gradually. You people do a great job. Thanks from Canada.
дмитрий рейсфельд
Спасибо добрые люди.
Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist
is that the same punk girl in the other rescue that had purple hair?😊
DJ 3 månader sedan
My furry friends are in my Will and will be left with a trusted friend. Financial assistance will also be arranged for their keep.
star Light
star Light 3 månader sedan
I'm so happy the baby got a happy ending❤️
K Tr
K Tr 3 månader sedan
So the dog was good enough to guard the house for 11 month and was fed I guess, but making sure the dog gets a new home was what... too complicated...
Scruffy 3 månader sedan
I wouldn't trust anyone with my dog. Dying and leaving her was an eternal fear.
Rajput Komal
Rajput Komal 3 månader sedan
Auspicious Cloud
Auspicious Cloud 3 månader sedan
Bev Boyle
Bev Boyle 3 månader sedan
Chris M
Chris M 3 månader sedan
They just need to feel safe and cared for.
Rebecca C.
Rebecca C. 3 månader sedan
Anders 3 månader sedan
We have 7 dogs and one passed away when we were on a trip and it was so so so sad but he is always going to be in our hearts forever R.I.P Grady (our dog that passed away)All animals matter it so it should be AAM. (awesome animals matter)
Angel Juarez
Angel Juarez 3 månader sedan
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Angel Juarez 3 månader sedan
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RealWarDog 3 månader sedan
what time of dog is it, Is it a California dog/ American dingo
Christiane Driesen
Christiane Driesen 3 månader sedan
grE68 3 månader sedan
I will not sleep until we have at least 8 billion subscribers. So Martians, click that sub-button!
Olofote Titanic
Olofote Titanic 3 månader sedan
Tão fofo lindo🦮💯❤👏
follow me !
follow me ! 3 månader sedan
Thank you!!!!
Mari Va
Mari Va 3 månader sedan
Tara Walsh-Arpaia
Tara Walsh-Arpaia 3 månader sedan
I rescued a dog last week. I kept calling myself Loretta (from your vids). It was caked in faeces, like tar and it took many hours to remove it all. It was a pure white dog. I fed him Royal Canin since, alas, I had no cheeseburger. He has a home now.
David Somethingorother
David Somethingorother 3 månader sedan
Could I offer a suggestion for one part of the description? The "and with family members who just don't care" part? It reads like you're trying to shame people, and could certainly be worded with a bit more neutrality, while still getting the need across to viewers. Not disputing that there are situations where surviving family members don't care--it's just the whole "flies/honey" analogy seems really appropriate here.
Denise Jeronimo
Denise Jeronimo 3 månader sedan
Love you guys
ruth payot
ruth payot 3 månader sedan
Thank you for saving 💕 ves
Scott Hummel
Scott Hummel 3 månader sedan
Owner died 11 months prior to this video? Someone been feeding that dog.
Tenerife Horse Rescue
Tenerife Horse Rescue 3 månader sedan
so sad but this is such a common story. you guys did an amazing job!
Adam Helmen
Adam Helmen 3 månader sedan
Eldad for president! (Sorry if I murdered the spelling off your name 🤣)
Marie Coady
Marie Coady 3 månader sedan
Bless you ❤
Brayden Mitchell
Brayden Mitchell 3 månader sedan
That's sad that the dog owner died
Dear Ace
Dear Ace 3 månader sedan
I’ve been here in Canada for 26yrs I never see a stray dogs thank God.,.God bless hope for paws..I pray no more animal abuse..
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