Senior dog lived under a shipping container for 9 YEARS! 

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Josephine / Pheenie was left behind after her owner was deported. It is so sad she lived alone for so many years and I am so happy Persephone Harrington found her and called for help.

Loreta Frankonyte and I headed out early in the morning, and I really hope you will watch this one until the end - this will tell you exactly why we need the support of more and more people... we need to continue changing the lives of these animals.

If you can, please make a small donation here:

Please make sure to set up a plan for your pets should something unexpected happens to you. So many animals are left behind when a simple WILL can be written with instructions that will ensure their future. For that reason, Hope For Paws teamed up with Free Will to enable each and every one of you to write your own WILL for FREE: www.FreeWill.com/HopeForPaws

I understand it's an uncomfortable subject, but Free Will enables you to create your own Will in less than 20 minutes. This legal document will enable you to ensure the future of your pets and loved ones.

1,346 of you already completed your Wills through this partnership and I thank you for that. 20 minutes today will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Thank you so much, L.A. Animals Rescue for taking care of Pheenie. If you are looking to adopt a new family member, please visit their website: www.LAAnimalRescue.org


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17 mar 2021



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Alice Chaplin
Alice Chaplin 2 timmar sedan
oh my gosh
Good People
Good People 3 timmar sedan
Mark Burton
Mark Burton 13 timmar sedan
Heart breaking
Nancy Aylward
Nancy Aylward 16 timmar sedan
RIP Pheenie. There is a wonderful life waiting for you over the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge..
Milinda Chathuranga
Milinda Chathuranga 20 timmar sedan
God bless you and the team❤️🇱🇰 ma man🤝🤜🤛
Rasmus Sørensen
Rasmus Sørensen 21 timme sedan
Josephine/Pheenie run free and be happy upstairs beautiful angel ❤🙏😭😭🙏❤
nutella wolf
nutella wolf Dag sedan
She’s been under there since 2012!!
Dion St. Michael
Nine years surviving on her own. Smh. Poor wee thing. I adore senior pets. They should be pampered and cherished, not abandoned. They’ve earned their right to a happy and nurturing life. You could clearly see she was crying out for love and attention despite her fear. She was beautiful. So sad. RIP Ms Pheenie. God bless and thank you HFP ❤️
Jwilli99 Dag sedan
Okay you just made a grown man cry. At least those 5 months were enough to let her know what it’s like to be loved. RIP sweet girl
kerry Meyrick
kerry Meyrick Dag sedan
So sad she passed away but atleast she passed away peacefully in a warm cosy environment with people who loved her and not in a junk yard ❤❤
Nora Armenta
Nora Armenta Dag sedan
Dang! I'm crying.. this is so sad. I wish somebody could of call before. 🥺💔😭😭😭😭
HJmomd H
HJmomd H Dag sedan
One question why this channel has some dislike what did was wrong Ok because saved the dog Next time don't save All what I can say great job for hope for paws
Unicorn Squad
Unicorn Squad 2 dagar sedan
I cried when she passed away. She was so sweet, and calm.
Dj Boy
Dj Boy 2 dagar sedan
How can dogs living in the street be very calm and kind in your country?
john demoss
john demoss 3 dagar sedan
RIP Pheenie. Thank you HFP for giving her happiness and love at the end of her life!
tengri23 3 dagar sedan
Just give them lil love and the basic necessities of life and they would sacrifice everything for you. No other creature could beat their selfless loyalty. Remembering Hachiko as I type this comment. 🙂🙂
Shelley Parsons
Shelley Parsons 3 dagar sedan
How could people have known she was there all that time & not do anything? So heartbreaking.
tonnymiller123 3 dagar sedan
why is medical care sooooo much expensive in america?
thelastroseofsummer 3 dagar sedan
So glad she at least got to know peace and love for the last few months of her life. RIP sweet girl.
Gofret Show
Gofret Show 4 dagar sedan
Rest in piece Pheenie you didn't desereved a horrible life
adrian prieto
adrian prieto 4 dagar sedan
Daisy Rayton
Daisy Rayton 4 dagar sedan
Can't hold my tears while watching this video, it really breaks my heart..
Carleigh Gupton
Carleigh Gupton 4 dagar sedan
Dude the ending was so surprising I can’t believe I’m happy you guys tried tho I love and support you guys I am a true animal lover I hope you guys can save a bunch more animals from suffering love and appreciate you all!❤️
Ruth Challoner
Ruth Challoner 5 dagar sedan
Thank you for the wonderful love, compassion and care you showed this beautiful senior last few months of her life, thank you.
Liran Arbel
Liran Arbel 5 dagar sedan
This is one of the saddest story I've ever watched. It made me literally cry like a little girl. So sad.... Poor sweetie
Max Wilson
Max Wilson 5 dagar sedan
Thank you so much guys for all you do,for giving her the love she deserves and a warm bed before she passed...R.I.P pheenie ❤️
chizobam Nwaiwu
chizobam Nwaiwu 6 dagar sedan
The poor dog. I love dogs my. Who live I want a dog it's. So cute I wish I can adopt it. And it lost a eye ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐶🐕
Big Dee
Big Dee 6 dagar sedan
I hope Pheenie runs her little cotton socks off up in doggy heaven and rest in peace. Thank you to all the amazing folks who rescues all the doggy children and seniors off the street. You are doing something very kind indeed that we all could learn from. 🙂
xNot_cinnamon rollx
xNot_cinnamon rollx 6 dagar sedan
It just angers me that nobody thought to call sooner not even when she got hit by a truck like what?!
Gabe coyle
Gabe coyle 6 dagar sedan
Is more humane to shot and kill and animal than leave it to suffer. We humans are so bad I am so ashame and sad but thank you to those that help her. You guys make a change. Thank you
Cathy Hunnnicutt
Cathy Hunnnicutt 6 dagar sedan
She is with her creator now happy and free from bad humans and disease. RIP Beautiful Baby.
Sarivette Delarosa
Sarivette Delarosa 7 dagar sedan
That's breaks my heart when I saw the end. R.I.P Pheenie. Thank you for supporting and loving Pheenie hope for paw.
Zaravassem Ahmad
Zaravassem Ahmad 7 dagar sedan
Rest in peace 🙏 my lovely
Zaravassem Ahmad
Zaravassem Ahmad 7 dagar sedan
God bless you good people 🥰
Martha Andrade
Martha Andrade 8 dagar sedan
It was good timing. Her last months of love and peace were just enjoyed, love and compassion can overcome her lonely past... With tears I give all of you thumbs up for such wonderful rescues. I look forward to donating. 🐕🐕🐕👍👍🐕🐕🐕👍👍💕💕💕🌞🌞💕💕💕🌞🌞🌞
yasmin barkho
yasmin barkho 8 dagar sedan
Mere F
Mere F 8 dagar sedan
RIP Pheenie 💔😭🙏
Charlotte Rowe
Charlotte Rowe 8 dagar sedan
I'm crying. Poor baby.
MANOJ kumar
MANOJ kumar 9 dagar sedan
Cima N.
Cima N. 10 dagar sedan
Thank you for rescuing her, she's such a lovely dog 💞 and it's also so sad for her owner who had to leave everything behind :(
Alistair Marshall
Alistair Marshall 10 dagar sedan
So very sad to know she suffered for 9yrs But truly wonderful how she enjoyed life in the the end .Cuddllng up in front of the fire.Sincere thanks for the incredible job you guys perform god bless you all .Take care ✌️
Alph12 10 dagar sedan
Sucks you did not get to her sooner, BUT you helped Pheenie have a peaceful and stress free end God bless you guys for everything you do and sucks that people around Pheenie did not help her sooner I mean nine years as people we have to do better and help out when you see a dog or cat in need of help.
Jose Dias araujo
Jose Dias araujo 10 dagar sedan
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay 11 dagar sedan
The system really needs to take care of animals when their owners get deported, jailed, pass away, etc.... The least an officer could do is call a shelter or an animal rescue service. One call is not that hard, since people call the same officers every single day.
Observer Observer
Observer Observer 11 dagar sedan
This is the last time she'll be sleeping eating everything of a dirty floor. All she knew in the end was love, comfort of a beautiful warm fire place. Being at peace to leave this earth. Thank you for doing this for her.💔🐕❤👍
Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin 12 dagar sedan
I'm so glad she experienced love before she passed. RIP 🌈 sweet lady Pheenie. 😭❤️❤️❤️
Ramiro Lasala ®
Ramiro Lasala ® 12 dagar sedan
Heartbreaking, when you take a dog with you take a life, you are responsible for that life.
preet kr
preet kr 14 dagar sedan
It's so heart breaking..💔💔
Clifton McMullen
Clifton McMullen 14 dagar sedan
RIP Pheenie. You deserved so much more!
Wendi Heaton
Wendi Heaton 14 dagar sedan
Having rescued six cats and two dogs they've all left me. I have one cat with me that my daughter rescued. I cried when this started and I cried at the end. I'm so thankful she passed with love and peace in her heart. Thank you all so very much for letting her know that she wasn't alone.
Yuuki Sailors
Yuuki Sailors 14 dagar sedan
You gave her a memory of hope...5 months of love is better than nothing ...thank you
battz99 ultralights and quadcopters
That's how my old boy left me. He woke me up in the early hours and couldn't stand up so I carried him over to his bed and re-lit the woodburner. I knew his time had come and I held him in my arms until he passed his last breath at about 11.00 am. Just before, he turned to look at me one last time and licked my hand. That was nearly eight years ago. He was my pal, my best mate, my constant companion and my closest friend. I still miss him so much but I'm glad that when the time came we were together and he passed peacefully in his own house, his own bed and in front of his own fire.
The Blue Hotel
The Blue Hotel 15 dagar sedan
Oh God this just tears me up. You ended her life of pain and gave her comfort and safety in her last months. Thank you so much!
Brielle Cruz
Brielle Cruz 15 dagar sedan
I’m sad pheenie died but I’m glad she died in a happy place and she was loved but I miss her I cry in every video :(
Culbertson Clan
Culbertson Clan 15 dagar sedan
Thank you very much for this program for this close captions on this program.
Culbertson Clan
Culbertson Clan 15 dagar sedan
Thank you very much for this program for close captions on this program.
Culbertson Clan
Culbertson Clan 15 dagar sedan
Thank you very much for this program in close captions on this program.
Wade Buck
Wade Buck 16 dagar sedan
I'm bawling from thinking about what Pheenie endured and from the joy that you were able to give 5 months of love and affection before she passed away. My dogs are looking at me funny all confused about my tears I got to reassure them I'm ok
Mich T
Mich T 16 dagar sedan
You people are beautiful.
Abbigail Barrandey
Abbigail Barrandey 16 dagar sedan
don't worry Hope for paws for Pheenie passed away, you should be proud of yourself to help her to spend her last months happy with friends and lots of love =')
Rachel Leon
Rachel Leon 17 dagar sedan
Lynn Frost
Lynn Frost 17 dagar sedan
RIP...she knew love in the end
Maryam El Oweini
Maryam El Oweini 18 dagar sedan
5 loving months she’ll remember forever. Rest in heaven Pheenie ⛅️
bxrrvtt 19 dagar sedan
rest in peace, pheenie. so many people love you 🥰😭 i just wish that the old owner knew what happened to pheenie, im sure he didn’t mean to leave her there. imagine all the time he might have spent wondering what happened to her
RICK LANDRIO 19 dagar sedan
This made my eyes leak ..glad she's with jesus ..where all the gentle and loving souls go ..ty for giving her some loving months..😉😇🥰😢rip pheenie..baby girl..
anthares96 19 dagar sedan
thank you for showing some love to this old girl. now she's in heaven, playing with dennis, and they both will never feel pain again
Alan Deans
Alan Deans 19 dagar sedan
Aw, sad ending but at least she got to experience 'the good life' before she went even if it was only for a short while !
Chí Văn Lý
Chí Văn Lý 21 dag sedan
Libertarian Goth
Libertarian Goth 21 dag sedan
At least she got to know love and happiness before passing. You people are truly angels.
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear 21 dag sedan
Christine Lanterme
Christine Lanterme 22 dagar sedan
I have just watched the clip on Pheenie...thank you for rescuing this suffering creature and giving her the opportunity to experience love and care near the end of her life. May the truly LORD bless you for saving His creatures. Christine, South Africa.
pspcraft 22 dagar sedan
I can't stop the ocean of tears... Pheenie deserved the wonderful care she got after her rescue (Thank you).... wish it was years earlier.
americanbeauty dallas
americanbeauty dallas 23 dagar sedan
these stories make me cry so hard, and I always donate where and when I can
Anderson Matos
Anderson Matos 23 dagar sedan
God bless you guys.
TRL 24 dagar sedan
A truly sweet and sad story. We all cried when she passed away..... May she rest in peace!
Mariolina De albertis
Mariolina De albertis 24 dagar sedan
Resto in peace lovely angel. God bless you all. Thank you
famous brillance
famous brillance 24 dagar sedan
Her end was full.
Shae Fitzpatrick
Shae Fitzpatrick 25 dagar sedan
When I saw her asleep I couldnt stop thinking what an angel, she didnt deserve any of those 9 years but im happy she lived her last days loved. Rest in peace pheenie❤️💔
Ristaaa 25 dagar sedan
At least she died with much love around her. But I still cry 😭
Ita S Pranoto
Ita S Pranoto 26 dagar sedan
At least she felt to be loved before she passed away
Carolyn Sanner
Carolyn Sanner 26 dagar sedan
This one broke my heart. Nine years under a cargo container.
FELIX RAMIREZ 26 dagar sedan
May her soul Rest In Peace
Возможно Все
Эх..хоть немного пожила в любви и заботе🙏😥😥
Barky Von Schnauzer
Barky Von Schnauzer 26 dagar sedan
RIP Pheenie
Ava B
Ava B 26 dagar sedan
Pheenie 😭
Charlie Colquhoun
Charlie Colquhoun 26 dagar sedan
At least in the last small time she had left, this poor lady was shown love, affection and learnt to trust a human person even if only for a short period. YEAH, I cried too.
Daryl wolfe
Daryl wolfe 27 dagar sedan
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez 27 dagar sedan
Covic19 humanidad
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez 27 dagar sedan
Mierdas humanas 9 años
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez 27 dagar sedan
Porque tantos años y nadie ayudaba por eso el ser humano no me gusta
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez 27 dagar sedan
Thank you
Muffs 55mercury
Muffs 55mercury 27 dagar sedan
I don't think Josephine was getting aggressive when out from under the container. She was letting out an exclamation of joy for finally being out of there in that prison. Thank goodness she lived out those last months of her life in much better conditions and with lots of love.
Prashant P Kalekar
Prashant P Kalekar 27 dagar sedan
God bless you all 🙏🙏
Kai River
Kai River 27 dagar sedan
This was heartbreaking.
Denise Ross
Denise Ross 27 dagar sedan
how could people feeding this animal for nine years leave her alone? at least call the agencies for help. nine years of rain and storms and hunger. Come on, people.
Mathews Silva
Mathews Silva 27 dagar sedan
Nuria de la Vega
Nuria de la Vega 27 dagar sedan
Thank you so much for rescuing Pheenie, and giving her love and good care. God bless you 🙏 Pheenie, now you are in the Glory of God, eternally loved and happy as you deserve, little angel ❤️🙏 I love you, sweet, innocent heart, Pheenie ❤️🙏❤️
Meli Jem
Meli Jem 28 dagar sedan
Oh no......😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 Rest in peace baby.....❤
Rekha Ammu
Rekha Ammu 28 dagar sedan
😓😓😓 anyway thanks a lot to hope for paws team.. her last days definitely gud days
Autchanat Sirikulkhemsopon
I watched the clip and cried sad that the dog had passed away.