This rescue video begins on the streets and ends in the pacific ocean! 

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We couldn't get this injured dog, but then unexpected help arrived! It was so cool to see this amazing turn of events on this rescue. Rene Valencia, the young hero, made all the difference here! :-)

Leslie suffered from a terrible fracture to her leg, but luckily, we have Dr. Antonio Pedraza and the amazing team at CARES to make miracles happen.

If you can, please join us with a small donation and help us save more lives: www.HopeForPaws.org - The average donation we receive is $12 and so many of our donations are monthly $5 contributions that all add up and make all these rescues happen.

It's Thanksgiving tomorrow and I wanted to say THANK YOU for donating, sharing, watching the ads on our videos, liking the video, and subscribing to our channel - all these things help us so much!

Over the weekend I'll do another LIVE STREAM where I'll be happy to answer your questions. Please make sure to subscribe and click the notification bell so you'll know when we're on ;-)



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25 nov 2020



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mizgina522 6 månader sedan
For the life of me, I can't ever understand why anyone would thumb down these rescue videos. Your work is showing the best of humanity and should be applauded. Whoever isn't content to see these rescues should focus their attention elsewhere.
Joan Lockwood
Joan Lockwood 5 timmar sedan
These sort of people have a heavy black heart... They must've been hated and bullied in life... Parents never showed any affection for that person..
Just Me
Just Me Månad sedan
@Adrian Blakely Exactly my thoughts they should had life preservers on! I did NOT thumbs down this video but that might be why some did. I don't think every thumbs down means it's from someone cruel although there are a lot of people that think it's just a dog that neglects and abuses them 😒 so some of the thumbs down could be from people like that, too. Accidents can happen so fast as I WITNESSED when a neighbor's beautiful dog accidentally got let out of their fenced in yard got hit by a car and as she tried to get out of the way they hit her again on purpose 😤😤😤 She let out a LOUD YELP dying seconds later. It was not even off a main road but in a residential area. That really affected me seeing that and always felt bad that I didn't try to get to her before that car did. After that I am really hard on people that don't have their dogs on leashes outside of their home and/or outside of a fenced in yard. So, I don't always judge every thumbs down as coming from a bad person although some videos there is just nothing at all in it to give cause for a thumbs down.
Marianne Johnson
Marianne Johnson Månad sedan
That’s exactly why.......attention. They want it. I guess it’s possible some of them truly don’t understand? Perhaps they just are seeing hurting animals and push the thumbs down? I mean there’s tons of kids on the channel so who knows
Heidrun Schwartz
Heidrun Schwartz Månad sedan
sometimes people just don't want it in their recommendations. so just ignore it.
Ildikó Ridley
Ildikó Ridley Månad sedan
I wonder if people sometimes indicate that they didn't like something in the video, like feeling sad when seeing animals in need, or that the family couldn't keep the dog. Maybe there is confusion as to what the thumbs up and down mean. Also, what is the point of a 2-point system if you're only meant to/allowed to use one of the points? 😳
Kapil Sharma
Kapil Sharma 8 timmar sedan
You all Have Convinced me for becomeing an animal Rescuer in the future
Anne Horner
Anne Horner 4 dagar sedan
Sad that family couldn't adopt her. She obviously loved them, especially the one boy she would jump on.
Steve 5 dagar sedan
She loved that family such a shame they couldn’t take her, but they did good by her
Robyn Salaver
Robyn Salaver 6 dagar sedan
You BOTH need to be wearing lifejackets while kayaking. Wouldn't dream of taking my dog on the water without one.
Mary-Ruth Flores
Mary-Ruth Flores 6 dagar sedan
Wonderful! But dog on the water needs a life vest just like the human does!
Observer Observer
Observer Observer 10 dagar sedan
The family awsome doing the best they could in giving her a great new chance in life. By contacting hope for paws. The family must be so happy with Leslie new life that more than they could of hope for her. Credit were credit due.🐕❤
The Cookinest Kid
The Cookinest Kid 11 dagar sedan
This was 6 months ago but I only got to see it today......on my birthday.....with MY name attached. 😂😂😂😂
Yuuki Sailors
Yuuki Sailors 14 dagar sedan
Leslie chose that family, but they rejected her...how sad
Deanne Kroeger
Deanne Kroeger 16 dagar sedan
Keep up the good work 👍❤
Deanne Kroeger
Deanne Kroeger 16 dagar sedan
Tell the family good job getting the dog and God bless you guys always for caring ❤
Miss Binks
Miss Binks 16 dagar sedan
Thanks to not just Hope for Paws & Dr Padraza but also THE VALENCIAS!!!
Rekha Ammu
Rekha Ammu 21 dag sedan
Beautiful girl baby... Thanks a lot for adoption 😍😍😍
Rach 21 dag sedan
Rene you & your family are amazing, kind, wonderful people for helping keep this beautiful girl safe I am sorry you couldn't keep her but I'm so pleased she found her furever home. Which is because of kind people like you & the incredible people at Hope For Paws, also the kind lady who Leslie chose as her furever Mumma another fantastic rescue 💛
TARS, CASE, & JuJu 23 dagar sedan
If no one chose to "adopt" lasli (the dog), the Los Angeles county euthanize ?! and they tell us it is "rescue" !
lisawatson1982 25 dagar sedan
Why don’t everyone wear a lead or two like tia from pitbulls and paroles it’s really the best way as don’t always have time to get one if you have to be so fast there’s no time to grab anything AS I ALWAYS SAY ITS BETTER TO HAVE IT AND NOT NEED IT THAN NEED IT AND NOT HAVING IT this dog is beautiful
Rosa Wallys
Rosa Wallys Månad sedan
amazing girls!
Candace Hagan
Candace Hagan Månad sedan
Awww, I wish she could have stayed with them!! She clearly loved that boy! 😍
David Cho
David Cho Månad sedan
3:47 Props to the Mushroomhead fan 🤘
Елена Шагунова
Thank HOP❤
Marianne Johnson
Marianne Johnson Månad sedan
Australian shepherd? Beautiful!
IM CS Månad sedan
Estos vídeos me hacen feliz. Ver todo lo bonito que hacéis consigue que un día triste sea feliz, gracias por estar ahí siempre haciendo lo que hacéis. Es precioso. Adoro a los animales (en especial a los perros), no puedo con tanto amor se me escapa de las manos🥺❤️
Ankita Negi
Ankita Negi Månad sedan
The dog is so beautiful
Gysela Pacheco
Gysela Pacheco Månad sedan
Australian shepherd
Alex Cabello
Alex Cabello Månad sedan
I'll hope some nice family adopt her❤
IDCL Månad sedan
The cheeseburger of friendship, the bubble bath of life, the towel of Love. That's Hope for Paws. Great rescue, loved the trip in the canoe.
nogoodwolf Månad sedan
That is a beautiful dog!
Drifting Fox
Drifting Fox Månad sedan
OMG this dog just slaps you with cuteness the moment she looks at you! Lucky forever owner.
evas nal
evas nal Månad sedan
👍 girls
Gessica Stancari
Gessica Stancari Månad sedan
Ma quanto è dolce questa cagnolina
prashantjm Månad sedan
Best part 2:49
Alison Mason
Alison Mason Månad sedan
Well done Leslie you got an amazing new life thank you
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Månad sedan
Much love ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Edie Baxter
Edie Baxter Månad sedan
Maybe family was not able to provide for her and her hurt paw. So, they knew Hope For Paws would take care of her.
张无忌 2 månader sedan
god bless you
Kim Langston
Kim Langston 2 månader sedan
She got a great home!!✝️✝️✝️✝️🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️😃
wasanp proswang
wasanp proswang 2 månader sedan
I Love Hope For Paws.💕
Felnik1990 P.
Felnik1990 P. 2 månader sedan
I thank God for Hope For Paws, their team and the doctors that heals them.
Heer Syal
Heer Syal 2 månader sedan
SO happy for her - what a lovely life she is leading now! And what a lovely family, who helped her when she needed to be taken care of, and rescued her
Shirley Rice
Shirley Rice 2 månader sedan
She is so sweet.
Eamon Hunt
Eamon Hunt 2 månader sedan
No, I want to be part of this pack. Hey man, you and me right?
Brenda Bodwin
Brenda Bodwin 2 månader sedan
I get it. A year of foster, would emotionally be impossible to let go after a year. ❤
Sheetal Israni
Sheetal Israni 2 månader sedan
Maisie Dunsmore
Maisie Dunsmore 2 månader sedan
153 thumbs down I am disappointed 😔
Maisie Dunsmore
Maisie Dunsmore 2 månader sedan
McDonalds are going to run out of cheese burgers bc some people are to kind rescuing animals with cheese 🍔
5 min Gospel
5 min Gospel 2 månader sedan
I am going to save up my allowance to donate to you guys.
5 min Gospel
5 min Gospel 2 månader sedan
I completely support you guys. Dogs and cats are everything to me. What you guys do inspires me so much and I want to adopt a rescue animal when I’m older.
Chaplin 2 månader sedan
Dog had street smarts to flee people trying to get him and head straight for his family
Cheri Green
Cheri Green 2 månader sedan
Beautiful ending! So happy for Leslie and her wonderful new mom!
Jaime Letelier
Jaime Letelier 2 månader sedan
Targeted For Death
Targeted For Death 2 månader sedan
Leslie should have a life vest on her while in that canoe
Daisy Olivar
Daisy Olivar 2 månader sedan
This cute dog will be missed by this loving BEAUTIFUL family. SHES SO SWEET., VERY PRETTY.
정성운 2 månader sedan
what's the pure angels......only child can have........
ParArdua 2 månader sedan
Lovely family. Bravo René.
Nana Seo
Nana Seo 2 månader sedan
Huge thanks for whom concerns.
吉田和子 2 månader sedan
thomas firtel
thomas firtel 2 månader sedan
Chris Swin
Chris Swin 2 månader sedan
Why would they give her up all they got to do is give her some vet care she's got a family.
Carly Becker
Carly Becker 2 månader sedan
Renea is my middle name
IVONE NOGUEIRA 3 månader sedan
Pete Tong
Pete Tong 3 månader sedan
Beautiful and beautiful foster mum/ owner
Sue J
Sue J 3 månader sedan
What a beautiful dog. I wonder if the boy in blue was upset not to keep her as they obviously had a bond. But it was a nice result anyway :)
Tony Dambrauskas
Tony Dambrauskas 3 månader sedan
We have 2 rescue Dogs, one a Newfoundland, the rescue centre kept asking us are you sure you know how big they get?, We assured them over the following two weeks that we did, we finally got him, he's a gentle giant, the other a Border Collie, the owner actually posted a statement on FB that if he wasn't gone that weekend, she would have him shot by a farmer local to her on the Monday, we went to see him, he was 5 months old, scared of absolutely everything & every-one, we ended up taking him hom that night, he is now a very happy 4 year old, still nervous of strangers, but great with us & gets on very well with Happy, the Newfoundland very well 😊
The Gohan Dog And Cats
The Gohan Dog And Cats 3 månader sedan
so amazing video
mary11976 3 månader sedan
I always smile when a dog stays put in a boat, or a snow sled or whatever. My 22 lb demon wouldn't even sit in the cart at the pet store, jumped right out like a frog. 🐸 😄
T Brooks
T Brooks 3 månader sedan
She definitely loved those kids but wow what a life she has now!!! Th foster mom💜
Candida p
Candida p 3 månader sedan
What kind of moron takes a dog in the water without a life vest?
Angry Doggy
Angry Doggy 3 månader sedan
I can understand how people can dislike dogs, but putting in the effort to dislike this video? That’s on another level.
Zane 3 månader sedan
shes so cute disney could make a movie about her.
Zane 3 månader sedan
Like how many open spots can jeans have...
Jeanice Graves
Jeanice Graves 3 månader sedan
Someone needs to make a doggy life jacket.
Denise Jeronimo
Denise Jeronimo 3 månader sedan
Love guys
Jen H
Jen H 3 månader sedan
Rene Valencia and family are amazing. I know they would love to adopt her but they knew it'll cost money. At least they helped her out. What kind of Dog is Leslie? So beautiful
Sonja R
Sonja R 3 månader sedan
These happy ending videos warm the heart!
Dung Nguyen
Dung Nguyen 3 månader sedan
Jim Perry
Jim Perry 3 månader sedan
she needs to be dressed like a superhero with that mask. Great ending!
Vanderleia Arruda Torres
Vanderleia Arruda Torres 4 månader sedan
Polica polica polica não polica não
Megann Juliee
Megann Juliee 4 månader sedan
I'm feeling this veryyy fishyy THOSE PEOPLE are the owners they didn't want leslie any more and leslies bond with them tells it all :( but glad hope for paws got her
catloverlady1961 Brown
catloverlady1961 Brown 4 månader sedan
What a wonderful dog God wanted this baby to have a wonderful life people that loved her that could help her get off the street. A wonderful organization to Foster and do all the medical needs and then to find her a terrific family. This dog's life has been transformed and her mommy's too. I know I did dog rescues kept them my world was blessed by them now I do cat rescues136+ counting new homes 4 in my home and feed 13 everyday what a blessing I live a purposeful life.yeah
MOHITA RAWAT 4 månader sedan
Many blessings for my angles “ hope for paws”
Fulcrum 4 månader sedan
She literally just wanted to say goodbye to the kids.
christy rickets
christy rickets 4 månader sedan
Plus that doggy hart hope you get a amazing home 🏡🏡🏡☹️
Anita bakker
Anita bakker 4 månader sedan
So happy Leslie is safe❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗
Alba Maria
Alba Maria 4 månader sedan
Esa pequeñita aún sigue triste, necesita mucho más cariño.
Dave Bielke
Dave Bielke 4 månader sedan
1 beautiful baby rescued = a whole lot of Happy people, we all Love her
jjf609 4 månader sedan
Your doctor at CARES is amazing. Not so much in this case but others, when most doctors would amputate, your doctor can repair difficult cases. I am really impressed with Dr. P and the HFP rescue team.
Valerie C.
Valerie C. 4 månader sedan
LunaMoon 4 månader sedan
This was posted on my birthday, and im happy it was,
Sophia Wiltshire
Sophia Wiltshire 4 månader sedan
Me:smiles Rescuer: I like this trap Me:what did you just say?😡😡😡😡😠😠😠
Eileen Shea
Eileen Shea 4 månader sedan
Look how fast that car was driven!!!! Leslie is lucky and so are all the dogs rescued from that neighborhood.
Bob 4 månader sedan
It would be nice to add to the video by taking her back to the family that initially cared for her
Shelley Twigg
Shelley Twigg 4 månader sedan
i love your vids
Kenma_kinnie_on_drugs 4 månader sedan
She is beautiful
Ninjalette 4 månader sedan
the person filming at the end coulda made the dog jump out of the kayak, whistling and talking to a dog like that will get most dogs to move..... anyone speaks to my dog in a high pitched tone like that and he gets deadly excited and turns into an idiot, maybe try not talking to all dogs like they are 2yr olds....
The Unicornwhoisapuddle
The Unicornwhoisapuddle 4 månader sedan
I love you guys I appreciate you a lot I would love to work with you one day you have inspired me to carry on with my dream job which is saving animals and giving them a better home so thank you keep up the great work
Gogogirl 5 månader sedan
No thumbs down but it would be good to see a life vest on the doggie. You never know...
liana tobias
liana tobias 5 månader sedan
I could read in He's eyes: happiness
JOANNE ELEANOR 5 månader sedan
The evanescent wilderness alternately copy because tadpole endogenously jog per a alleged cord. gaping, drunk trapezoid
JustBe 5 månader sedan
What a beautiful, gentle dog - thank you for helping her.
Tojo Melville
Tojo Melville 5 månader sedan
Lovely dog. Shame family wouldn’t keep her . (Leslie is the male spelling and Lesley is the female)
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