We almost lost hope after many hours with no signs of life!!! 😰😰 

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Amanda H
Amanda H 3 dagar sedan
So cute! It's awesome how many people let you cut holes in their property to save animals.
cartoon cat
cartoon cat 3 dagar sedan
Sueli Aquino
Sueli Aquino 4 dagar sedan
Wee Dee
Wee Dee 5 dagar sedan
the team at Hope For Paws are the real life Ace Ventura's of LA (and beyond...sometimes) heartbreaking that you have to do your job but, heartwarming that you do
Liekki 7 dagar sedan
it never ceases to amaze me how in the US you can just... make a hole in the wall like that
Crystal Green
Crystal Green 10 dagar sedan
The stupendous quarter unfortunatly report because cheek repressingly type of a tawdry yogurt. parched, careless jeans
Good Guy Finki
Good Guy Finki 11 dagar sedan
That's the problem with american wood houses. Start building your houses with bricks so there is no place BETWEEN the walls where animals can get stuck. Also, bricks are better than wood, with all your tornadoes you guys have.
Starlight 12 dagar sedan
I hate to her the word sugar water my bunny passed just minutes after i feed her sugar waterD:
Mohammed Rahil
Mohammed Rahil 12 dagar sedan
The white one looks like stevia
cynthia180msncom 12 dagar sedan
Poor mama cat...surely she return and doesnt find her kitteens... :(
Peter T
Peter T 12 dagar sedan
Guys... Get yourself a plaster board saw. Makes a hole just as easy as the drill, but the plug you remove can then be used to repair the hole easier. Wooden batton across plaster board plug, screws either side, then tape and filler. Easy as. And as cheap as possible.
Catherine ferguson
Catherine ferguson 12 dagar sedan
So sweet, well done guys. 💕💕❤️💕❤️
Susan Musser
Susan Musser 14 dagar sedan
What about the momma cat? Did y'all look for her?
meetu paul
meetu paul 14 dagar sedan
Awesome thanks to save them
meetu paul
meetu paul 14 dagar sedan
So cute
Pablo668 14 dagar sedan
Wonderful work guys.
Tanja K
Tanja K 14 dagar sedan
American homes seems to be constructed only from dry walls. The owner probably could have resued them by himself instead of waiting who knows how long to call Eldad. Thank you hope4paws.
Janet Martinez
Janet Martinez 14 dagar sedan
jason335777 14 dagar sedan
someone get that guy a proper saw
Chepepon Carlos
Chepepon Carlos 14 dagar sedan
It's weird that you wash kittens so small. I mean if not done properly you can kill them (because they lose body heat FAST) I KNOW that you know what you are doing, but people might see this channel and think that this as easy as washing a dog.
laus lora
laus lora 14 dagar sedan
it worries me that they didnt look/find a mum. kittens dont just randomly get in a wall.
Z Song
Z Song 14 dagar sedan
Bless the rescuers of the innocent.
Mar Tina
Mar Tina 15 dagar sedan
drone trunks
drone trunks 15 dagar sedan
The dedication of everyone at Hope for Paws is astonishing and all who donate are just as commendable!
Mohammad.Najmadin. AMIRASHAYERI
wordreet 15 dagar sedan
Great job you guys! And I have to ask, what on earth is so much space doing in that wall? Loretta almost had all her arm in there! If that were my place, I would take down the plaster board and re build it all an arms length further in! Get a bigger room almost for free!
Domi Nion
Domi Nion 15 dagar sedan
Great people to allow them to make a hole in their wall.
Eli G
Eli G 15 dagar sedan
OK did anyone else watch the time lapse of Eldad trying to cut a square patch with a drill and think "we need to donate a sawzall to HFP?" :)
Sally Bentley
Sally Bentley 15 dagar sedan
Time to invest in a sheetrock saw!
TheStevenB 15 dagar sedan
5:10 The more you know...
dave 15 dagar sedan
A good video to go with my ramen, finally. Also what you guys do is fantastic.
Medo Fawaz
Medo Fawaz 15 dagar sedan
MissSmudge78 15 dagar sedan
I hope these munchkins get adopted together
Lavoris Robinson
Lavoris Robinson 15 dagar sedan
Carmen Crespo
Carmen Crespo 15 dagar sedan
Me los como 😻😻😻
Frank Hall
Frank Hall 16 dagar sedan
How did they get into the wall?
tigger in the woods
tigger in the woods 16 dagar sedan
You guys do such amazing work!! For the animals you save, and for those you will save, THANK YOU, for all that you do!!
László Veres
László Veres 16 dagar sedan
WTF does that newpaper do inside the wall?
Shannon Marie
Shannon Marie 16 dagar sedan
Is Joanne a vet tech? I love her shes so compassionate! 💜💚💛
Shannon Marie
Shannon Marie 16 dagar sedan
Homeowners are great, beautiful home! Thanks to everyone that cares! 💙💜💚🤍
Arshnoor Sidhu
Arshnoor Sidhu 16 dagar sedan
The best things in life are rescued
dreamer beautiful
dreamer beautiful 16 dagar sedan
The teamwork among Eldad, Loreta and JoAnn is amazing! JoAnn is an really expert to help cats. She is excellent. This is nothing to do with their worshipped activities, but in my personal opinion, JoAnn looks more beautiful if she changes her hair color. This video is so wonderful! I hope two kittens will meet nice owners in the near future so that they live comfortably until the end.
Rex Janko
Rex Janko 16 dagar sedan
Dziękuję za przybycie i uratowanie tych kotków.Oby trafiły do dobrego domu.Dzieki jeszcze raz.
дмитрий рейсфельд
Erica Aubie
Erica Aubie 16 dagar sedan
How cute!!!
Rita Phillips
Rita Phillips 16 dagar sedan
I wonder where the mommy kitty is. And how did they get in there?
snowy the bun
snowy the bun 16 dagar sedan
Isn't kinda creepy that they had newspaper in the wall lol
weskenm ejdjdjjd
weskenm ejdjdjjd 16 dagar sedan
they are have fun ^_^
weskenm ejdjdjjd
weskenm ejdjdjjd 16 dagar sedan
there cat are so cute they wont be alone for a all
Karen Carbone
Karen Carbone 16 dagar sedan
God bless you rescurer,s! Love that shirt! Have to have it!🙃😁🥰💚💖
Karen Carbone
Karen Carbone 16 dagar sedan
Thanks so much to the homeowner for allowing this rescue to happen! Two little babies were just saved. Hallelujah! to God,s creatures.😊😚🥰💖💚
gigi schultz
gigi schultz 16 dagar sedan
wow i have been subscribed to you guys for ages, and never see any of your videos, had to look you up and see if i was still subscribed
These people that heard them are idiotic - it's just drywall - which costs almost nothing. Just start breaking open the wall and get them OUT. Also - there are very inexpensive borescopes that work with smartphones as well - ( ios / android ) Although he does have the "real deal" there - a plumbing scope on a reel - but that thing costs like $ 1000 or more whereas an android borescope costs $ 20 I also want to know - where is the mom - and how did they get into the wall and survive ? There has GOT to be a fairly large opening that the mom uses or used. Or maybe the mom was killed and they went into the wall themselves - but that seems odd / unlikely.
SFlorida Patriot
SFlorida Patriot 16 dagar sedan
God Bless them, drywall repair is nothing !
Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin 16 dagar sedan
They are sooo precious 💞😍💞
Vickie Tracy
Vickie Tracy 16 dagar sedan
Dry wall can be fixed..babies need rescued!..Please check for other signs of kittens..Sometimes if mom feels threatened she grabs one and leaves..Seal the entrance so none get in there again
Killers Eddie
Killers Eddie 16 dagar sedan
Angels among us.
Arlene Olson
Arlene Olson 16 dagar sedan
What happened with the mother cat???
Marie 16 dagar sedan
Where was the mother cat?
Anthony Brownlow
Anthony Brownlow 16 dagar sedan
I better pause the video before i have happy tears when the kittens meow its soooooo cute
daban yaseen
daban yaseen 16 dagar sedan
We should all care and love our innocent animals.
Rena Fagel
Rena Fagel 17 dagar sedan
Amazing work! Truly. The one question I have though, given that they were in relatively good condition, where is the momma cat? It would be great to go back and try to trap her and get her fixed so this doesn’t happen again.
Marako Reh
Marako Reh 17 dagar sedan
We have a dog at my house and we want to give it away but nobody wants him. Can u come and get him? No one barely takes care of him anymore, so please come and get him.
Kibbo03 17 dagar sedan
So glad everything ended well! ❤️😭
Ryan Dalton
Ryan Dalton 17 dagar sedan
I can't believe fake rescue channels are something you guys are having to deal with. I can't believe people put pets in harms way on purpose
Rosana Machado
Rosana Machado 17 dagar sedan
Nadia Vinco
Nadia Vinco 17 dagar sedan
Thank you so much very heartfull guys💟💟💟💟🌻🌻🌻🌻😙😙😙😙
TheHandymanQld 17 dagar sedan
I'd be wanting the newspapers.
ANURAG PRASAD 17 dagar sedan
Thank You !!!! God Bless you :):):)
Stephanie Dougherty
Stephanie Dougherty 17 dagar sedan
did you guys even try to look for the mom? there's obviously a cat getting into that wall and however the cat is getting into the wall needs to be closed up if you can find it otherwise it'll just happen again!
yvonne mclaughlin
yvonne mclaughlin 17 dagar sedan
ItzWaterWheelz 17 dagar sedan
They better be adopted together, I don't think anyone has the heart to separate them.
Terri Barnes
Terri Barnes 17 dagar sedan
How did they get in there. Where's the mama,
Rocky Wright
Rocky Wright 17 dagar sedan
love you guys and what you do.but could you grow up and get rid of the face diapers? so stupid!
mboss 74
mboss 74 17 dagar sedan
Thank you for saving these little angels
dawn boudreau
dawn boudreau 17 dagar sedan
What happened to the mother?
May May
May May 17 dagar sedan
I love Joan 💞💞
Plantfriendly 17 dagar sedan
How did they get in the wall???
Deanne Kroeger
Deanne Kroeger 17 dagar sedan
Thanks for the homeowners for letting them rescue the kittens 😸and God bless you guys 😀👍❤🙏
caa1000 - Carol Alfonso
Love their names, taken from a 1930's comic strip named "Blondie".
Jane Bendewald
Jane Bendewald 17 dagar sedan
Thank you for another heartwarming rescue!
Ashwani Verma
Ashwani Verma 17 dagar sedan
Well done 👍👍
Anne Bialecki
Anne Bialecki 17 dagar sedan
So the Mum didn’t come back? Must have missed that bit. Love these furry bundles of joy. Thx for sharing. 🥰
Angela Rodríguez
Angela Rodríguez 17 dagar sedan
Gracias por lo que hacéis.... lindos gatitos..... besitos desde España
TheDevil'sAdvocate 17 dagar sedan
Kitties getting blow dried 😂😂😂❤
Rick G
Rick G 17 dagar sedan
Major question.....How did they get in the wall? Where's the mother and how did she get inside the wall? Where's the opening? And did she place other of her kittens in other walls in other areas of the house?
Judy Braviere
Judy Braviere 17 dagar sedan
Ravenous Ruby
Ravenous Ruby 17 dagar sedan
Nati xxx
Nati xxx 17 dagar sedan
🙏🙏❤️God bless all these ppl!!!
Rathna R.B
Rathna R.B 17 dagar sedan
Samantha mother of cats
Hope they went back for the mom and to block off whatever entry she used to get in!
Karen D
Karen D 17 dagar sedan
THis looks like the BEST office ever!
tooshay 17 dagar sedan
So Adorable. Thank you. But these little guys don't need CincoG'z radiation around their little bodies.
I see you
I see you 17 dagar sedan
How do these poor little guys get stuck in the walls to begin with
Me Joe
Me Joe 18 dagar sedan
Once again, my heroes triumph!
Jacqueline Davy
Jacqueline Davy 18 dagar sedan
Thank you for saving those beautiful babies if you don't mind I have two beautiful names for them Penelope and Sasha I think that the names fit them but if you want to name them something else it's okay you take care of those beautiful babies God bless
Non Available
Non Available 18 dagar sedan
And what about their poor mother ???!!! :(, it's not fair to just steal her babies away from her , why you didn't you guys try to find her later and reunite them together ???!!!, if those kitties were only two weeks then she should've been with them for at last another month & half :(
Ieda Oliveira
Ieda Oliveira 18 dagar sedan
They are so cute 😍
Terry Holland
Terry Holland 18 dagar sedan
They are so cute. But whatever happen to the Mom? Did you guys find the Mom?