Why would anyone do this to an animal??? WTH is wrong with people??? 🤬🤬🤬 

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All I can say about what happened to Tator Tot is 🤬🤬🤬
If it wasn't for our amazing supporters, we couldn't have changed his life from a terrible fate. Thank you so much for donating and helping us change lives every day: www.HopeForPaws.org

Our JoAnn Wiltz here at handled this rescue beautifully and followed him through his recovery. It is really amazing to see him now and with your help, we can find him a home! Please like, share, comment, and help us get the word out.

Thank you CATS Inc for fostering and continuing his rehabilitation... he is so lucky to be cared for by you! If you would like to adopt Tater Tot, please contact them directly: CatsAtTheStudios.com

If you missed our previous video, please check it out here:

We want to make sure your pets are always protected and safe should something terrible happens to you. If you haven't done so yet, please create your own WILL today and we will help you to do it for FREE: www.hopeforpaws.org/who_will_...

We get too many calls about people who passed away and no plans were made for their pets. I would never want your pet to find itself in a terrible situation.



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24 apr 2021



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Juney Shu
Juney Shu 5 timmar sedan
They also shoot children on the way to school, wish I could move somewhere nicer than Calif.
view star
view star 5 timmar sedan
Jesus bless you 🙂🤣☺️
Shiladitya Ganguli
Shiladitya Ganguli 8 timmar sedan
I am watching this video several times everyday and the only reason is the cat! What a dignified animal! Even in such suffering, he has the bearing of an aristocratic gentleman! He seems to respond to Joann's queries just like a human and also starts crying in pain only when she asks about it! Even when lying on the operating table, when they are flushing his system, his demeanor is majestic! I am sure he was a man of high standing in his previous life and I hope he gets a great forever home in this life. In fact, any home will be lucky to have him.
Theresa Griffin Kennedy
Theresa Griffin Kennedy 16 timmar sedan
This is soooo wonderful. Thank you!!
hjander 09
hjander 09 16 timmar sedan
Terri Lyn Claypoole
Terri Lyn Claypoole 19 timmar sedan
We need stiffer penalties for assholes that abuse animals. And award people that turn the jerks in also
manteltje 20 timmar sedan
I am hoping the dislikes on this video are for the people that shot the cat. At times like this I wish I was religious and believed in hell.
Deborah Klingler
Deborah Klingler 21 timme sedan
Such a sweet & loving cat. Tater tot is a beatiful tabby & what a charater!!!! Thank you for the people who saved him, from the woman who called Hope for Paws to the vet team that treated him, and every one involved!!!! I cried watching this video. 😭 🙏
Katia Anjos
Katia Anjos Dag sedan
Lindo demais o trabalho de vocês!
My Realm
My Realm Dag sedan
I was crying in my room and I was hugging my cat
soullxsss Dag sedan
The world is crazy
ThaWordD Dag sedan
До слёз😭
DanteMD 2 dagar sedan
See, this is what makes Earth better. You guys.
Saif Merseysider
Saif Merseysider 2 dagar sedan
May God bless all of you.
D. 2 dagar sedan
He didn’t look like a stray, he probably lived in that neighborhood. I wonder if he has family that looked for him? I hope he was put on lost and found pet sites.
Fran C
Fran C Dag sedan
I thought the same thing. He looked neutered.
Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez
Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez 2 dagar sedan
There is karma but that never seems fast enough. Thank you for saving Tater tots.
magscovers8 2 dagar sedan
Awww he looks like my cat that recently passed of cancer. This is so sad!
carly Dunham
carly Dunham 3 dagar sedan
i swear the cat said no it sounded like it
hee hoo
hee hoo 3 dagar sedan
1:50 tater tot’s cheeks
hee hoo
hee hoo 3 dagar sedan
I wish everyone was complimented as much as this lady called Tater Tot handsome
Leigh Dickerson
Leigh Dickerson 3 dagar sedan
I feel so bad for the poor little kitten why would anyone do that
kay kool
kay kool 3 dagar sedan
people suck
Lisa G
Lisa G 4 dagar sedan
Thanks to the wonderful vet who saved this beautiful kitties life and to all who helped to get Tater Tot walking & running again 🐱❤️🙏👏
Gessica Stancari
Gessica Stancari 4 dagar sedan
Che gioia infinita e che soddisfazione vederlo in forma
Stephen Spears
Stephen Spears 4 dagar sedan
Tater Tot never gave up his love for human touch despite what happened. And he was so adorable even in his pain. His meows said it all. Even tho he couldn't walk at first and laid there in the grass, he didn't even hiss or try to bite. He knew he needed help and JoAnn was there to the rescue. He knew it too. Thank you for saving his little life. And getting that pellet out of his body. Now he can run and play like a normal cat again. :) I hope the person or persons who did that to him get caught and pay for his surgeries and treatments. If not, they'll get it in the end.
first last
first last 4 dagar sedan
Carleigh Gupton
Carleigh Gupton 4 dagar sedan
Who the heck would shoot a such innocent animal I would love to adopt him but sadly I can’t Bc I have 3 dogs maybe my grandma can I’ll ask if she can if he hasn’t already been adopted;)
Gregory Northawax
Gregory Northawax 4 dagar sedan
Thank you guys for doing all this... please continue we really need you !!
Offcial Pakdin
Offcial Pakdin 4 dagar sedan
Who do other animal like this i this they really really very bad compare a very bad devil or satan . They not to know humanity and animal . Cause animal not have mind like a human but animal a very lovely a family compare lovely human . I think i saw a people do something wrong to animal i want to cut they skin overall for they so that they know the pain of the tortured animal who is unable to tell how much the pain is tortured by humans
thealbumcollector 4 dagar sedan
I hate to say it, but while I am normally a very peaceful person, I would react badly if I saw someone do that to an animal. If it were my cat, I would likely go to prison for how I would react.
DrizzleJewels 4 dagar sedan
Poor boy ;-;
mail mail
mail mail 5 dagar sedan
Pakiyu Amash
Pakiyu Amash 5 dagar sedan
Fishy Tree
Fishy Tree 5 dagar sedan
Hears kitty cry. "Noooooo! poor baby!" See's "Tater tot" "That's what I call my dog..." See the words "Shot with pellet gun" Only one possible response: "Hans, Bring Flammenwerfer."
Luke 5 dagar sedan
who will ever do this maybe somebody ther hem or her at the tree 😢
Patte Whitfield
Patte Whitfield 5 dagar sedan
I cant stop coming back to this video, the cruelness people can cause is insane, thank you for helping him feel better!
Berenice Lopes
Berenice Lopes 6 dagar sedan
Haja coração ❤que lindoooo 👏👏🐈💗💗🇧🇷
Terrie Tackett
Terrie Tackett 6 dagar sedan
90 thumbs down?? 90 people with no heart....
kathi Lombardi
kathi Lombardi 6 dagar sedan
Thank you
PANG EE THONG Moe 6 dagar sedan
Awe cute,thanks for helping this little boy
diane bushby
diane bushby 6 dagar sedan
what a beautiful cat...and so grateful for helping him...he didnt even scratch or bite when he was getting a catheter in...he must have been in so much pain...what a cool cat...love him!
AraAra 6 dagar sedan
Poor cat.. my heart mannnn!!
Juliet Davies
Juliet Davies 7 dagar sedan
I hope this sweet baby found a home
Jay McCoy
Jay McCoy 7 dagar sedan
yall trying to keep everything alive but black people
Leia SADEQ 7 dagar sedan
I want to work for hope for Hope for paws when I am older!!
mr castravete
mr castravete 8 dagar sedan
Everytime I am wondering why the actual fuck would you shoot or do something bad to a poor kitten. Like come on WHAT THE HELL IS IN YOUR MIND IDIOTS?!?
IcyGlass SST
IcyGlass SST 8 dagar sedan
why would anyone do this to an animal.peoples need to be more kind with animals.
Otaku Ackerman
Otaku Ackerman 8 dagar sedan
Lady: you have ouchie? 🥺 Cat (in cat): yaaa! 🥺
Just Tim
Just Tim 8 dagar sedan
Omg I cried when I saw the poor kitty walk, and I’m the type of guy that literally isn’t emotional at all
Just Tim
Just Tim 8 dagar sedan
That’s fucking terrible!!! I’d break every bone in someones body if I ever seen them to that to a cat or dog!!!
Beatstreets81 Mount Everest
"Save me" "I need Help!" 9lives Catcarma🐱😽😻...👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍❤️‍👨
Eeveefan gaming
Eeveefan gaming 8 dagar sedan
What is wrong with people that poor cat must have been in a lot of pain i cant believe people do that the people that do that must go the heck
ENBallz 8 dagar sedan
Uneducated and unsupervised kids who parents are clueless about what they are doing is the problem. If the little creeps are found who shot this innocent little cat then both the moronic child and their mentally challenged parents need to be arrested and fined. The entire episode is all unnecessary...
Shannon Elizabeth Kelley
That just broke my heart...but thank God there are good people ln the world to help these poor animals...praying for tater tot to get a home soon..
Romy Hyisbst
Romy Hyisbst 9 dagar sedan
who could do this to him. shame on them! and god bless the people who helped him
ibrahem ibrahem
ibrahem ibrahem 10 dagar sedan
1AvrgJoe 10 dagar sedan
I’m not even gonna watch this video it just popped up in my feed and then I press on it by accident but people are fucking disgusting piece of shit that’s why they can do it
Светлана Казимова
Спасибо огромное Вам, низкий поклон, за спасение 🐈 🤗🙏🙏🙏
brian lucas
brian lucas 10 dagar sedan
some humans disgust me, thanks to these caring souls my faith in humanity is not totally lost ,lets hope God repays the people that do these disgraceful things to the gifts God gave us .
Elizabeth Brandon
Elizabeth Brandon 10 dagar sedan
This is a wonderful cat who deserves a great home.
Good Guy Finki
Good Guy Finki 11 dagar sedan
I live in a small village. Everybody knows everyone really good. One day a stranger tried to kick my cat, he just tried... i fucking pushed him to the ground and was stomping on both on his knees like my life was depending on it. He got into the hospital, he wasn't able to walk for some months. I called my friend, also living in that village and he is working for the police. I told him what happened. He looked at that piece of sh*t laying on the ground just saying "So he attacked you. Clearly. I got this!" My neighbour looking out the window saying "If you need a witness, i saw that he tried to attack you!" - yes - yes we fucking lied, we did self justice - but that's how it goes in our village, you don't fuck with my village or the animals living there - we hold together and will destroy you if you're a stranger to our village and if you try to harm any living creature there. This MF that tried to kick my cat still has problems walking nowadays. Now hate me, i would do the same again if i see someone trying to harm one of my beloved ones.
✨Orange Family✨
✨Orange Family✨ 11 dagar sedan
His crying in the beginning, broke my heart. Poor soul
bjk12385 11 dagar sedan
whoever dislikes this video...sorry, you shouldn't exist. these people do amazing work
Chaitanya Narang
Chaitanya Narang 11 dagar sedan
His meow after the surgery made me cry! Thank you Hope For Paws for saving him. May the person who shot him suffer like hell
Cxld YT
Cxld YT 11 dagar sedan
Thank you guys so much!!! I love you.
Rustic Box
Rustic Box 11 dagar sedan
That is such a beautiful cat! How can anyone be so cruel??? If you don't want it just let it loose, why the need to inflict pain to an animal?
Ayla Tibbetts
Ayla Tibbetts 11 dagar sedan
i lost my dog a few days ago , im broke and i need 90 dollars to get her out, i need help 😭😭
chanterz wickham
chanterz wickham 12 dagar sedan
So much love for Tater Tot and all the people who saved him and helped him recover!!💖💚💙
Calvin Huynh
Calvin Huynh 12 dagar sedan
Cerberus 12 dagar sedan
My cat had something similar to him happen we couldn't keep him inside for anything well one morning when he was supposed to come in for breakfast he didn't well I went looking for him and found him in a similar way unfortunately though he didn't make it people were saying he was hit by a car but ik he wasn't I could tell someone did something to him I wish I had enough time to take him to the vet before he passed but I didn't so ill never know if I'm right
Anakin Erhard
Anakin Erhard 12 dagar sedan
Who ever tried all the animals with respect and don't hurt them
Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin 12 dagar sedan
Oh, bless his beautiful heart.❤️😻❤️ Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping this sweet soul.🥰🥰🥰
JayTheBookwormUwU 12 dagar sedan
god i wish i could donate but im 14 and we cant afford to spend any extra money on anything ;-;
Paulette Stegall
Paulette Stegall 12 dagar sedan
Thanks Jo Anne and ur team Wish I lived there I need kitten or cat
Paulette Stegall
Paulette Stegall 12 dagar sedan
Thanks to MEAN MAN OR CHILD THAT USED UR BIBBY GUN however it's spelled. I know it's deliberately done to animal
Anonymous 13 dagar sedan
thats my cat that went missing omg i know how he got shot one of my neighbors would shoot squirrels of his lawn and maybe he got hit?
Asha Rijo
Asha Rijo 13 dagar sedan
Super bro op
John Doe
John Doe 13 dagar sedan
people who abuse animals deserve to be buried underneath the prison. this crap makes me so angry.
Paddy Arthur Mudd
Paddy Arthur Mudd 13 dagar sedan
I'm in love with this cat wish he could come to me in England
Briana Ramirez
Briana Ramirez 13 dagar sedan
Why are people cruel like I don’t really like cats but that doesn’t give me a right to abuse it or hurt it or do anything to it in general
Deborah Rowe
Deborah Rowe 13 dagar sedan
I have found from having a cat colony, that people really hate cats, they don't care if they were killed, or maimed, they simply would like them to all be obliterated from the Earth...this is the truth, and all because they eat birds, which of course they are ferals, how can they help that, it's what they are, and what they have to eat! People eat animals, but I guess that's fine, cats and other animals are just not allowed! I have nothing against what humans want to eat, but DON'T kill cats because of what they HAVE to eat, they are animals afterall!
Hi This is for just watching videos
Wow thank you for helping just some rescues make big differences
marigurl sup
marigurl sup 14 dagar sedan
Aww so cute and little ewww BBC the blood
marigurl sup
marigurl sup 14 dagar sedan
Burger Mister
Burger Mister 14 dagar sedan
I'm praying for animals around the world
Clifton McMullen
Clifton McMullen 14 dagar sedan
Humans that do this need to rot in hell. Great work Hope For Paws!
lisa burnside
lisa burnside 14 dagar sedan
How dare these people
Naval Infidel
Naval Infidel 15 dagar sedan
Thank God you got to him in time! There are a lot of sick SOB's in this world, how someone could hurt this beautiful animal is beyond me. Thanks for ALL you guys do.
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez 15 dagar sedan
Actually there is good reason for this happening he could've been a street cat who attacked its feeder and they had no choice but to shoot him. This reason is messed up but it's not completely impossible
StickerBoss Creations
StickerBoss Creations 15 dagar sedan
They always have different intro every time
Henry North
Henry North 15 dagar sedan
This disgusts me, as both a cat owner and a shooter, who ever did this should be even more ashamed and appalled. Not only have they demonstrated their irresponsibility with a firearm (yes I know not technically one , but for this cat it may well have been one though) , they have also shown just how much of a an absolute verminous person they are, hurting an innocent animal and tarnishing the name of firearms ownership as a whole.
Synne Frøyland
Synne Frøyland 15 dagar sedan
Sad cat god humen ledy to hjelp him or her to Get better end happy to
Rosie Vicki
Rosie Vicki 15 dagar sedan
Aww this is just sad. His meow was so painful 😢
Mark Wrighton
Mark Wrighton 16 dagar sedan
There is a special corner of Hell awaiting the douchebag(s) who did this to Tater Tot...Bravo to the medical team and caretakers who brought Tater Tot back!!!
Amna Amjad
Amna Amjad 16 dagar sedan
Hey@hope for paws .....i am a muslim and it is really really appreaciable what u r doing .....
Francesca Castiglione
Francesca Castiglione 17 dagar sedan
Oh poor baby. He’s so handsome. Who does such a horrible thing to a sweet animal? I’m so glad he’s better!
Björgvin ùtíheimi
Björgvin ùtíheimi 17 dagar sedan
That horrible painful meow in the start and then that thankful "hi" meow when JoAnn Wilts visits him later is just one example of why Hope For Paws deserves every dollar they get and then some!
Marlene Hess
Marlene Hess 17 dagar sedan
What a beautiful Kitty 🐱 I hope he got a good loving 🏡
Frances Forms
Frances Forms 18 dagar sedan
I hope his or she is okay ✅ I love cats ssoooooo much and I love your vids
Renataamidia 18 dagar sedan
I am very angry when I knew that the cat was shot but now I am very happy cause now the cat is healthy☺️
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